Star-studded Cast of Fantasy Death K-movie Along With the Gods Holds Press Conference

The year end holiday season will have a star-studded big-budget K-movie to look forward to, and hopefully end the Korean box office for 2017 on a high note. Fantasy death movie Along With the Gods (Two Worlds) is adapted from the same name webtoon about the death trials of a firefighter played by Cha Tae Hyun who experiences the trials of death in the underworld as often written about in Buddhist scripture. Ha Jung Woo plays the grim reaper escorting Cha Tae Hyun’s character through the 7 trials in 49 days to determine is guilt or innocence in various human transgression, which will determine where he ends up in the afterlife. Joo Ji Hoon is another reaper along with cutie pie Kim Hyang Gi, with Lee Jung Jae going full crazy hair and beard as the King of the Underworld. The movie is split into two parts with the first part arriving on December 20th with wide release in all the major Asian markets. The trailer looks pretty darn awesome and with this cast and a solid source material it would be a easy ball to hit a box office home run.

Trailer for Along With the Gods:


Star-studded Cast of Fantasy Death K-movie Along With the Gods Holds Press Conference — 6 Comments

  1. Woww.. This is like paradise meet paradise.. Gosh I’m so hyped.. My favorite ha Jung woo,freaking Lee Jung jae,holy shit joo ji hoon,cha tae hyun and the badass amount of cameos.. Count me tf in

  2. Loll at the interview HJW was gonna give spoilers but wasnt sure how far he should give so he ended up saying ‘Kyungsoo will appear (too)’ lol

    Hope it gets played at my local cinemas~ ><

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