Korea to Remake Taiwan Time Travel Music Romance Movie Secret

When I heard of this remake it was the rare instances where I think it’s a good idea. Korean has bought the rights to hit 2007 Taiwanese time-travel high school romance movie Secret starring Jay Chou and Gwei Lun Mei. The remake will hit the theaters in 2018 with the setting changed from high school to college. The movie not only starred Jay bit he also directed and wrote all the music, and reportedly it was based on his own high school romance but with no time-traveling coolness of course. Jay joked that he was still young enough to star in the K-remake, lol, but K-netizens have long loved this movie and the current groundswell of interest is for Park Bo Gum to play the male lead. Jay’s acting wasn’t the best and he got more accolades for his directorial and music composition for this movie but I hope K-ent finds someone who is really good at playing the piano.


Korea to Remake Taiwan Time Travel Music Romance Movie Secret — 28 Comments

    • Park Bo-Gum might be good in playing the piano but is he at Jay Chou’s level who can play classics and mix them with contemporary music. The best thing about the Secret is the realness with music because we all know that Jay Chou played every piece of music, no double whatsoever. If Koreans would be remaking this, they should go with someone who legit knows his piano and not just some instrumentals.

  1. I loved the original movie. The movie haunted me for a very long time. I didn’t mind the acting or find anything wrong with the lead actors. It’s one of the few Taiwanese movies I truly enjoyed. As with all risks with remakes, it will be difficult to replicate the feeling of melancholy, haunting and mystery of the original movie. It needs to be handled by a PD with sensitivity.

  2. I a frequent visitor of your website and when I stumble this news I nearly sreams NO!!!!!!!!
    This was my ultimate fav movies in highschool(~ 8 years ago) and it still really my favs. If they cant someone who can play piano and act as good as jay chou then dont. They r going to faking it then like most movies do.

    But I still hope the remake does well

  3. I just hope they wont cast random idol from big company to play this role. I dont mind with K-movie. But i will be speechless if they make kdrama version.

    I liked this movie and was my fave. The romance and heartbreaking… Aaahh… The music was really great. Will they compose new music or just ‘remake’ it? Jay’s music ability is no joke.

  4. For some reason I thought the original film was set in a college not high school. Anyway, I just love, love this movie. The fact that Jay Chou can play the piano made it more realistic.

  5. Yes. the taiwanese movie was fantastic although Jay’s acting left much to be desired. I’m afraid the korean version may not follow it faithfully, and end up butchering it. Park Bo Gum is a good choice, just no female idols please….

  6. Koreans sure do love foreign music films. I’m surprise that there’s barely any in Korean films. I think rather than finding actors, I hope that they find a good soundtrack composer.

  7. yes, park bo gum’s piano skill is a guarantee. Like above, I am more concerned about the female lead… kim so hyun will be good… hee hee… 🙂

  8. I liked the movie and the music. Jay is a good composer and plays the piano well while Lun Mei is a good actress so they made a nice combo. Hopefully the Korean remake would do them justice.

  9. I haven’t watch this movie yet despite it being raved everywhere. I think its time to watch it now.

    Before that, can someone enlighten me about the female lead in the movie, was she also a music student and could play instruments?

  10. oh my.. this movie was very memorable to me. The story, the songs … beautifull …
    Jay Chou’s acting wasnt bad, as far as I remember,
    But Jay composed the songs, so it felt intimate and personal and we all know how good he is as musician..
    I just hope Korean do justice to this movie

  11. I thk the key part was jay ‘s ability to compose moving music. The soundtrack was one of the highlight of the movie as is his piano skills. Even after so many years the film still feels fresh. I hope the k version would thoughtfully think it through with the casting.

    • Same. I’m wondering if the K version would have their own music… the original soundtrack was so great gives me shivers.
      One of my favourite songs from Jay Chou (and of all times) is “Secret” and “A dandelions promise” which is from the music of the movie.

  12. I really hope Park Bogum won’t be cast in this role. This was such a beautiful movie. Google “Park Bogum cult” and you won’t see him the same ever again.

    • Yes, he being a cult member + his overhyped acting is a turn off. Kinda like Tom Cruise. If you look at the history of Scientology, you will see that the psycho mass murderer helter skelter cult leader Charles Manson was an important figure in the early days of forming Scientology cult

    • Your comment lacks logic and is more cultish…have you personally live alongside Park Bogum to make that judgment? Any sane person would believe more the testimonials of those who know him and worked with him.And these are consistently positive even glowing accounts about him.

    • Henry is definitely a music prodigy… but unfortunately he is not a male lead material… I enjoy watching him as a side character in Oh My Venus, but I don’t think anyone will cast him as a movie lead anytime soon… And I don’t think the male lead in this K-remake needs to be a composer like Jay as long as he can play the piano, correct??

  13. I like PBG as an actor. But tbh his piano skills aren’t really at par with Jay Chou. Just looking at PBG’s fingering and position, I doubt he can play at that level of the original movie. They may have to find someone else to stunt double keyboard scenes. Super Junior Henry is the only K celebrity I know who are capable of playing classical piano.

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