KBS Weekend Drama My Golden Life with Park Shi Hoo and Shin Hye Sun Break 40% Ratings

Congrats to KBS weekend drama My Golden Life for just breaking the 40% AGB ratings threshold with this weekend’s episode 30, hitting 41.8% nationwide and cementing it as the highest rated drama of 2017. The drama still has another 20-episodes left and could break 50% if it keeps increasing, with viewer stickiness very high with this drama and also the feedback all positive. Starring Chun Ho Jin and Kim Hye Ok as the parents, the younger leads consist of Park Shi Hoo, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Tae Hwan, Seo Eun Soo, and Lee Tae Sang, this drama will go down in the gossip side as resurrecting Park Shi Hoo’s career and returning him to the big network small screen 5 years after his rape allegation scandal, and also this was the drama UEE turned down the leading lady role and doing the lowest rated drama of the year Manhole instead. For those watching along, any Park Shi Hoo ickiness aside, is the drama worth checking out?


KBS Weekend Drama My Golden Life with Park Shi Hoo and Shin Hye Sun Break 40% Ratings — 56 Comments

  1. I’ve seen through episode 28 and find it to be a solid drama. The writer is a favorite of mine and has a way of pacing her dramas well, drawing in cultural issues and throwing in some of the regular makjang but still putting her mark on it.

    Like most family dramas, there is a storyline or two that don’t do that much for me, but I’m in it til the end. PSH oddly looks unwell in the first several episodes but looks better as the drama goes on. I mean this as in he looks tired and stressed in episode one but more healthy and relaxed as the drama goes on. Drama shoots are a tough business so one would think it would be the other way around but the ratings have to take a load off because I imagine this writer took a chance on him as they’ve worked together before.

    • She’s the same writer of “Two Weeks” and “Twenty Again”, right? I also love most of her works.
      I know she has worked with PSH before, having him in “Prosecutor Princess” so I guess they must have really good relationship to have her willing to take the risk and cast him.
      But in Korea, the double standard on gender is obvious. PSH is still a creep regardless of what. I am not a fan of YEH (I don’t even like any of her work) but the public vilified on her but welcoming PSH, the creep’s return. I tried watching the drama but whenever I see PSH on screen, the word “creep” simply plastered on his forehead, I just had to switch to another channel.

      • Same. Can’t stand that creep -PSH. Tried the first few episodes but once he comes on with that cheesy smile. I turn off.

      • I agree with most of what you have said.But YEH isnt exactly the best person to argue about gender double standard.Her fellow women counterpart, IU and SHK had arguably “graver” scandals than her.Their images alao get polarising reactions.Like they have very passionate fans, but also very strong dedicated antis.But they managed to bounce back and somehow get the Korean public fawning over them again.Even singers like Ailee and Baek Ji Young had some really compromising photos released to the public and almost destroyed their career, but they bounce back.

        So why is Eun Hye having such a hard time bouncing back?Why is the reaction so hostile when she didnt even commit a crime?According to both K-Nets/I-Nets:

        1. Her and her PR team have never really confronted the problem head on.Its either they offered explanations that clarify nothing.or they released apologies (which to the public)think were half-assed and only because she needed to promote, and werent really apologies because they still insist that; she did nothing wrong.Or two, they had numerous opportunities to resolve the matter in Korea but kept quiet; or ran away to China when the public sentiment had turned.

        My opinion:

        2.It seems like her Korean fanbase is weak or should I say small/not vocal enough. While she has loads of international fans who I think have dwindled because she has taken so long for a comeback.In this case; it helps when the artist has outstanding talent or jaw dropping beauty(sad but it is what it is).Thats how the scandal-ridden female artists have bounced back or remain in the business.

        3.Most importantly, maybe she really just need to be lucky and land a fool proof high profile offer.As well as develop really thick skin and just screw off the netizen hate; sign on whichever acting offer she gets and hope for the best.I still believe what is really holding her back is her own mentality. Her passion for acting isnt as strong as it was when she just started.

  2. Its good. I really enjoy it. After watching the first 2 episodes I got more curious for the next episode. Park Shi Hoo is back. All cast are doing well. Keep up the good work My Golden Life! Thank you!More please!

  3. Drama is solid. I watched first 30 episodes in a day fast forwarding some boring scenes of big brother and Ji Soo the real lost sister. Park Shi Hoo aged a lot. Doesnt seem that handsome like he was in Prosecutor princess. So far only one small kiss has happened between leads.

  4. It was quite a solid drama but park shi hoo’s image as a creep are still stuck in my mind so I tend to just skip away his scenes or blanked out his face whenever he’s on with other characters.I just can’t.

  5. I love this drama. I wait for it every Sat/Sun along with Black which has ended..sad..Song Seunghoon was uugghhAMAZING in this one.

    Anyway, I wonder what would have been if Uee took it. The lead actress is really good, though, but her nasally voice sometimes annoys me lol.

    Overall, very good drama and yeah..Park Shihoo…sometimes I like him, sometimes his face reminds me of his scandal…

    Anyway, very solid drama and Koala, you should check it out!

  6. Its a good drama and has solid pacing. Park Shi Hoo doesn’t bother you if you can put the unproven allegations aside. Shin Hye Sun and PSH have good rapport and the acting is great especially Shin Hye Sun. UEE would never be able to pull Ji An off. Not with her limited range. Glad Shin Hye Sun is leading here….this drama is being carried 80% by her.

    • Having sex with a girl when she was unconscious already proven that it was never consented, thus equal to rape. No matter how much amount of money he paid off to silent the girl or so that he won’t be prosecuted…he is still a rapist.

      • No it wasn’t, what there was a big he said she said. The video of him carry her while she was passed out was the biggest evidence he might have done it. Her text messages to her friend planning to extort money from him was evidence maybe he didn’t

      • Listen, the ratings and comments by domestic audience in the clips of the drama episodes clearly mean they don’t care much about that scandal. And why are you telling me all these, I don’t care about your opinion in this matter, you shouldn’t care about mine either. The alleged victim settled, for reasons unknown, what that tells me is that either there was no case or money was enough compensation for the person in question, it was her call. If she finds that enough, who the hell am I to judge.

      • Well, anyone is free to comment here.
        And since you mentioned “Unproven allegation”. Either way, whether the victim was really unconscious or purposely did so to trap him, his conduct still equate him to a rapist. And neither do I care about domestic ratings or the local comments, since Koala here is asking the opinion of the international viewers.

    • @OMG
      I wrote a fact. There never was a trial in the court of law hence unproven allegations. Sentiments don’t run the world, there is a legal procedure involved. The victim dropped the charges, prosecution didn’t pursue it further, the prosecution could have done that if there was enough evidence to prove his guilt without any doubt. I am all for woman empowerment but I am also against ruining somebody’s career or life based on he said, she said and internet frenzy and some video footage or questionable text messages. Truth is we’ll never know the actual details of the negotiations involved in this case and I’ve expressed my opinion just like yours on that matter.

      • Well said. Unproven allegations that’s all to it. Miss Koala, time to look pass the allegations and enjoy this wonderful drama. There’re tons of amazing actors here who pour the heart and soul into this drama. So Enjoy! 🙂

  7. The writing in this drama is excellent and the actors are doing a great job so this is a definite watch. I really love how this heads towards a standard trope and then suddenly veers to the left and the pacing overall has been very good without doing that everything is dragged on until the final episode resolution that is so frustrating. Let’s hope it keeps up the pace!

  8. Rating is all based on the Koreans. Regardless of how i-kdrama fans view PSH, I am more interested to read comments from viewers in SK. I personally never like PSH and I rarely watch Family dramas coz they are too long & draggy… but I am happy for SHS, she got her big break as a female lead & she is a good solid actress. I wish SHS’s next drama as a female lead will be one that will interest me, I like her ?

  9. I think the ratings speak for themselves, that the audience don’t care about what happened and is watching…so…even if you hate him…Korea doesn’t seem to.

  10. I love this drama, The poor dad is making me so sad, he has unfilial kids I worry about him. Yeah he didn’t make the right choices but a father is a father. My heart aches for him.

    When it comes to PSH his face is a bit bloated it almost reminds me of LMH when he had gained some weight. He really is not disappointing me in this show. His character is my favorite after the Dad.
    Scandal wise I mean the world is never going to actually know what happened. It’s all speculation at this point which why I think some people are able to move passed it. Sometimes Talent overshadows scandals.

    • It has nothing to do with talent. Why don’t you say it’s How acceptance the audience is and they can brush aside personal vs professional? You might be able to but not me.

      • @Suzyisblahblah
        Okay. You’re entitled to your dumb opinion but whatever. Go ahead and defend that rapist Park Yoochun and that abuser Kim Hyun Joong too. Go ahead and defend Kim Ki Duk’s abusing ass too. Go ahead and defend Woody Allen, who by the way hasn’t been tried for a crime. Go ahead and Please Do Defend that child rapist Roman Polanski too. He hasn’t been tried either so technically he is innocent. And please let me die out of laughter. YOU saw her text messages? Did you dig through her phone or did you go to the court yourself to see that? It’s a very well known fact that Park Shi Hoo’s got a rich dad and he’s got connections. Everybody knows that. So it is not a stretch to assume that his connections had something to do with getting this role. That happens more often that you think in everywhere. I can’t cure you of your naïveness but you can continue to live in you gullible, child-like, naïve delusions. A man dragging an unconscious girl in his hotel room isn’t maybe a significant testament to you, but it’s a clear indicator that he might be guilty of charges if the victim were to press the matter. And no, prosecutors can NEVER press charges if it’s about an adult woman’s rape. They need to ask her consent for that. My sympathy is all for her who was most likely pressured to give up the case and paid a ’hefty’ compensation. If you think my pov sounds like a fanfiction, your pov (that the girl was making a plot to extort him) sounds even more so.

    • It’s not talent. It’s how Park Sho Hoo has connections to land roles even after having raped a person and then get lucky because more talented writer and co-star are pulling it off and hard carrying everything

      • I guess it must be connections that got the 40% ratings right? If it was 20 or 30% then I would say the general public are watching for the writer or the the other cast. But for 40% of the country watching the drama means they don’t hate him, the guy has the most screen time equal to the female lead. He is talented and clearly the drama doesn’t suck with him in there. Making people come and watch your work instead of refusing to watch as a way of protest against you is a talent in itself.
        I don’t wont take your “he raped a person” seriously because you have no evidence of that nor did you watch it happen. Both sides looked shadey AF. She could have went through with the lawsuit but she withdrew and is now living comfortably with his money. That took away the right and legitimacy of her accusation.

      • @SuzyIsAMoneymaker
        No. It did Not take away the legitimacy of the case. It added even more suspicion. Not all crimes are ever reported but they happen. Not all victims get justice in court and they lose in front of the law but that doesn’t make them less wronged. Finally, rich and well connected people have an obnoxious amount of money and influence and not many victims have the means to legally fight big shots. Your rapist apologist ass worships a mediocrity who clearly is a thing only because of his daddy’s connections lol. I don’t buy for a second your dumb ’’both parties were shady’’ remark. And it is all on the writer and Shin Hye Sun. Park Shi Hoo could be replaced by any other actor and it wouldn’t make a difference, in fact it’d become even better. Also, why is it only in rape cases that victims always get doubted infinitely? Even in Harvey Weinstein case there were some dumbasses who kept saying that it’s the girls’ fault for getting with Weinstein in the hopes of movie role and then not succeeding and then blaming the bastard for sexual assault just for being petty. You seem to be like one of those stupid fangirls. There was video evidence how PSH dragged the intoxicated and passed out girl in his room. What do you think that rich bastard saw as his right to then?

      • oh spare me the victim blame accusation. She took money and therefore there was no trial no acquittal and no judgement. Therefore he IS innocent.

        You are speculating.
        I read her text messages to her friends and those were enough to convince me he might not have done it. You act like you were in the room when it happened.
        Please show me receipts of all the people that PSH paid with his connections. Otherwise you are just spouting anything that comes into your head at this moments.

        You are literally a stranger who knows nothing about me so insults have about as much impact as your speculation. Whatever you say PSH is winning.

      • Hi pretty autumn just a small correction Roman Polanski was convicted of child rape then fled the country, so technically he hasn’t been tried but there was evidence to indict him. In any case I have stopped giving my money or time to men or women who commit sexual assault don’t care how ‘talented’ they are. There is a line to be drawn and that is it for me.

      • @prettyautumn, you should be a grown up, learn to be objective and not call another’s opinion dumb. You were not in the room with PSH and the lady, so like the rest of us, you DON’T know what really happened. And I for one, watch MGL B/C of PSH, I too, like many, happen to think he’s a talented actor, yes, getting older, face is different, but that’s called LIFE!!!

  11. First i didnt want to watch it cuz of psh. But after checking it out, i kinda love all the characters and their stories. It is very addictive.

  12. I love the writer but cannot watch because of PSH. It feels like tacit support of a rapist and to me it’s like… idk, the comments you read from people who support Roman Polanski because he’s so ‘talented’. His supposed talent doesn’t change what he is and what he’s done.

    • Polanski may have directed iconic fils but I can honestly name way more talented but under appreciated directors whose works are way better. It’s about time that we collectively start to call out the entertainment industry for their crimes. Allen, Polanski and the likes all getting praised in hollywood and. Harvey Weinstein having so much power that he gets to rape and molest around freely and everyone knows but nothing happens to him in 4 decades and he gets to even choose Academy Award winners (which have lost prestige in my eyes because of incidents like this). utterly disgusting.

  13. It’s about time that the entertainment industry stopped employing and praising creeps and sex offenders. Utterly disgusting and has nothing to do with talent. This is a huge slap against victims’ faces to see how rapists get to go on with their lives and succeed while they are dying inside everyday. This drama would have honestly been infinitely better with someone else in Park Shi Hoo’s place because it’s the writer and Shin Hye Sun anyway, who are doing bulk of the work

    • I agree. Here’s the rest of the world firing alleged sexual harassers/rapists from movies and tv shows after their scumminess comes to light even when they were Oscar winners, and here’s Korea giving one a drama with guaranteed high ratings to ckean his image.

      What I have noticed though, is that the bulk of the positive feedback in Korea is about Shin Hye Sun, I’m glad for her sake that she now has a successful work as main lead and hopefully gets more opportunities than that alleged rapist.

  14. i think its worth it, its quite addictive, feels like your classic rom-melo with all the works from the ye old days with some tropes being over turned here and there, tropey, makjang but you know its done well how addictive it can be, which is the case for this drama for me, especially as its my first weekend drama, im really curious as to how the tangled mess will be resolved. i also like the lead actress, glad she is getting attention, i have seen her in tons of dramas always second or third lead

    • I agree with you. This is the best drama that came out of Korea this year. I agree. The cast is perfect. I love the connection between the two lead.

  15. SBS must be feeling it…Thinking maybe that could have been them. Wonder if the SBS Program Manager will get the yearly bonus based on this years negotiating..maybe not.

  16. Actually more interested about the story of the side characters, the older brother and wife….young brother with the youngest rich daughter. The poor husband and wife as well. I find the main actor to be emotionless? His movie after the incident,forgot title….his eyes demeanor to be more suited in that type of story. JMO. I think the older actors are the ones bringing in the interest for me.

  17. This drama is so good. The lead guy is the only one I like right now because the female lead is starting to be annoying with her poor me sess. Last episode was so good, I can’t wait for them to get together!! He is so cute and funny. I need to watch his other dramas.

  18. The 50+ episode dramas are sometimes a struggle but this one is holding up quite well. Park Shi Hoo seems a bit old for his part (isn’t he around 40 now?) and there’s a stiffness to his acting that Is bothersome but having veteran actor Cheon Ho-Jin in the cast helps me look past those flaws.

    • Yes, totally agree with you. My first thought was that he seemed too old to play SHS’s love interest. I cringe whenever he appears on screen, totally prefer his Secretary to him.

  19. To all the commenters always bringing up YEH anytime the word scandal is typed, buzz off!! Us international folks absolutely love her, and will watch ANYTHING she decides to do next, we even watch Dear My Human with NO english subs just to see her! and btw, I watch My Golden life BECAUSE of PSH, not b/c of SHS, the entire cast is doing a good job, Seo Eun Soo is doing a great Ji Soo for a relatively new actress. I do NOT think MGL is all that great actually but PSH does not disappoint at all, i wish he had more scenes, IMHO the writer is not making the best use of his talent. IMHO, My Father is Strange was a way better drama.

  20. Agree with Emchi that Father is Strange is a much better drama with amazing casts. No backstabbing or triangle loveline. Just sincere warm family love and humour. This MGL although addictive is dragging in many parts

    • @Flowerme, so agree about the dragging! The last few epis about the ‘comatose’ JA/Dad were awful. That suicide attempt was pitiful and uncalled for…and also agree about MFIS, there was nothing I would change about that drama, it was long, but it didn’t even feel like it, and I was sorry to see it finish, it was that good…LYR was fantastic as the strong, modern young woman, and JSN/LJ made such a beautiful couple.

    • They lied to a boy that he was his son and they stole an identity. I absolutely loved that drama but it kinda dragged before the truth came out.

  21. FIS was such a heart warming drama and all but it definitely had its boring episodes. You can miss a couple of episodes and still not miss much. Same goes for this drama.
    I just enjoyed the cast of FIS more. They literally had the best all around cast.
    MYGL also has a good cast but just not as great as FIS Lee Yoo Ri is probably the best actress in Korea right now in my opinion so that definitely helped the drama.

    I’m not even surprised that people got over the PSH scandal. People might scream from the top of their lungs but it’s 2017 and patriarchy and misogyny is stronger as it was in the 20’s. People mistakenly believes that as time moves forward so does humanity and progress is a linear movement. Yet.. police brutality, Slavery, molestation, rape, etc. it’s an issue we will still be facing in 100 years from now. Time does not have the magical ability to resolve these issues. Just raise your kids to be good people and maybe there is a chance.

  22. I’m up to date with the drama and since the beginning I’ve just found PSH’s acting a little strange, he looks a little strange as well but I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is. It could just be the character he is playing but there is something a little off putting.
    SHS I can’t stand her character, very annoying in her ‘decision making process’. There isn’t a character I particularly like…. no i take that back I quite like SHS’s younger brother and PSH’s youngest sister, they are cute.

    I also find the romance between PSH & SHS hard to believe… there really wasn’t much romance development between the two.

  23. Why some people speak badly of PSH, he cleared his name of all the accusations. No one ever found evidence to accuse him. He deserves a new start.

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