KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Black Knight Breaks 10% Ratings in Episode 5 and Keeps Rising Steadily

A hearty congrats for KBS Wed-Thurs melodrama fantasy romance Black Knight (The Man Who Guards Me), winning the time slot handily and even more impressive is continuing to increase in ratings. This third week’s ratings broke 10% on Wednesday with 10.6% AGB nationwide and rose to 11.1% for Thursday.  Nothing to Lose (Judge vs. Judge) stayed consistent around the 6% range and same with I am Not a Robot in the 3% pitiful third place.

I love seeing K-dramas succeed in ratings even if I’ve not yet started Black Knight (waiting to marathon) and adore I am Not a Robot, the latter getting no K-viewer love is understandable since it’s silly fluff that narratively evaporates the moment it’s presented and only lingers on the acting and chemistry of leads Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soon Bin. Black Knight seems like a fine red wine, meaty and rich, with leads Kim Rae Won, Shin Se Kyung, and Seo Ji Hye all getting good feedback from viewers. I can’t wait to start it and am so happy also for KBS to finally win the Wed-Thurs time slot.


KBS Wed-Thurs Drama Black Knight Breaks 10% Ratings in Episode 5 and Keeps Rising Steadily — 9 Comments

  1. kim rae won really has a knack in making even a stone look like its giving expressions .. i swear to god he has the midas touch!!
    my very first crush in the k-ent and proudly so !!
    love him and everything he has been part of !!

  2. I love all three dramas and I’m sorry that I’m Not A Robot is getting such poor ratings as it’s a delightful comedy with excellent chemistry between the leads. That being said, Black Knight deserves all the love it’s getting: it’s a mystery-fantasy romcom which leaves you wondering what happened and what will happen, so I can understand why viewers tune in each week. Judge vs. Judge suffered from a very shoddy/shaky premier; although the plot later turned excellent; I doubt that the viewership will grow past 7 or 8% before the drama ends.

  3. @koala you did well not starting black knight…I am suffering from waiting each week…that said, I love I am not a robot, it is sad to see it have low ratings. I started nothing to loose but dropped it when I learnt that the brother of park eun bin’s character died…

  4. My favourite one is Nothing to loose. The first epsiodes were not the best, but now the story is very interesting. And Park Eun Bin has a great chemistry with her both co-stars.

    For Black Night, I still wonder what is the story…

    I dropped I’m not a Robot. It was too frustrating to see the female character playing so bad the robot and the hero to believe it. And I’m not a fan of the robot theme…

  5. I watch all those dramas. I cant pick which one is my fave but yeah, when it comes to rating, it’s one’s preference. Koreans seem to love KRW no matter what character he plays. Koreans love YSH for his serious character.

    I like this 3 dramas. It’s easier for me to pick mon-tue dramas instead of wed-thur dramas. However, golden life and jugglers plus prison life and money flower are still my fave!!!

  6. Black Knight is really thin on plot but good on building that intriguing atmosphere. It’s now 6 episodes but still not much of a story. All of KRW’s charm seems to be wasted on SSK, and I often find myself wondering why he is not into the second female lead. They seem such a match in looks, age and charisma.

  7. kim rae won vs yoo seung ho
    while i find both ok, krw is all man while ysh resembles a puppy, he still in the transitioning stage from young adult -> adult…

    shin se kyung vs chae soo bin
    csb definitely have better acting skills but say what you want about ssk, she still has more fans than csb and her name is more well known to the public.. plus, ssk’s beauty is more in line with korea’s type of beauty than csb

    so i’m not surprised BK is leading in ratings
    if INAR had different actor/actress, maybe things would be different

  8. I was in a fix wondering which drama to start with. My heart strongly recommended I Am Not A Robot because it is a breezy regular romance drama and I am always up for some fluffy romance. But my brain constantly hinted at Black Knight which would be something different from what I usually watch. After reading this post, I think I will give both the dramas a try as I feel they are both good in their respective genres.

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