Johnny’s Entertainment V6 Member Okada Junichi’s Wedding Announcement Accidentally Delivered Early and Stirs Up J-ent Excitement

This is a hilarious news to report and a happy one at that. Thanks to the super efficiency of the Japanese post office, a breaking news story broke two days early and frankly I’m not sure it’s a bad thing. Idol-actor Okada Junichi, famous for over two decades since joining Johnny’s Entertainment and debuting with boy band V6, complied with his overlord’s standard request whenever one of his boy banders is planning to get married and sent a Christmas card to his fan club members announcing the news first and personally in a note.

The marriage announcement note was in the Christmas card to his fan club to be delivered on Christmas Eve December 24th but arrived two days early for one fan who posted it online thereby starting J-ent pandemonium. Okada Junichi is super popular and a Johnny’s stalwart with V6, though his fans have had a few years to get used to him being taken as he has been dating popular actress Miyazaki Aoi since 2012. That’s who he is purportedly marrying, though per the Johnny’s information dissemination fashion the marriage announcement did not reveal the identity of the bride. Congrats to Junichi and Aoi for forming yet another J-ent married power couple!


Johnny’s Entertainment V6 Member Okada Junichi’s Wedding Announcement Accidentally Delivered Early and Stirs Up J-ent Excitement — 14 Comments

  1. I will always remember Aoi Miyazaki as my bae Lee Jun Ki’s love interest in “Virgin Snow” and I love her performance in “Nana”.
    No idea who the groom is but congrats to them both and congrats to the super efficient Japanese post office?. That is one great job done. Sugoi ?????

    • omg its that girl in virgin snow?.she hasnt aged very much.She has a mature aura to her now but she is very youthful looking.its been 10 years already????.Congrats to the couple.

  2. Pwahahahahaa! That is hilarious! But I find it so sweet that they send personal cards to their fans. What a postage screwup, heh.

    Meanwhile, here… I don’t even know when my letter will reach anyone. >▪<

    • She split with her ex-husband back in 2008, so it’s been 10 years since then. But yeah, J-ent industry as a whole tend to forgive cheating much easier than their counterparts in Korea, China, etc.

  3. I mean good that another Johnny is getting married but the way this relationship started is just messy.
    She cheated on her husband with him,both her agency and his tried to cover it up. They were caught going to hotels together. Her ex was in bad shape at the time (been diagnosed with mental health issues) and the fact that she was openly cheating made it worse and that’s how he found out about the affair.

    • He cheated first, with a gravure idol named Asuka Kinbara. She had to quit the enterteinment due to all the backlash. Acording to Takaoka, it was his birthday and he only acompanied her to her apartment, yes, holding hands and staying there for three hours. My ass! And he was a jerk all their marriage, because if you have mental problems, you don’t drink, you seek counsel and you let yourself been treated by doctors. It’s very difficult to live with a person who has depression but only knows how to drink, take pills to sleep (a very wise decision if you drink) escape from all the problems, and leave you behind. I understand Miyakazi, I liven in a house like this (my mother was like this but she didn’t drink, but beat me) and I escaped. She didn’t wanted help.

      • That’s what I thought too. He cheated on her first and their marriage was already rocky before she cheated.

  4. I’m surprised you’ve never posted news about Takei Emi getting pregnant and then marrying that Exile member. Even though it’s been months since that happen those news shocked me more lol.

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