Jang Geun Seok to Guest Star in Episode 3 of Hong Sister’s New Drama Hwayugi

The rise of the screenwriting Hong sisters as a true Hallyu powerhouse with their own name recognition has to be credited to the incredible pan-Asia popularity of You’re Beautiful in 2009. Before then their dramas were hits in Korea and was part of the Hallyu wave, with Sassy Girl Chun Hyang, My Girl, Fantasy Couple, and Hong Gil Dong all having their own levels of success. But YB took the sisters to a new level and the success of YB is heavily credited to the breakout performance of Jang Geun Seok as the male lead.

It’s fitting and probably took way to long for him to return in a Hong Sisters drama and its coming next weekend as Jang Geun Seok is doing a cameo appearance in episode three of Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey).  Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi are both doing their second-around working with the Hong sisters as male leads and each have done cameos other dramas for the sisters already. Park Shin Hye did her cameo soon after YB for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and now YB supporting star Lee Hong Ki has a supporting role in Hwayugi. I can’t wait to see Hwang Tae Kyung, or a variation thereof, show up to lend his diva ways to the proceedings.


Jang Geun Seok to Guest Star in Episode 3 of Hong Sister’s New Drama Hwayugi — 20 Comments

  1. He may be testing the waters for his return to drama in 2018 which seems to now well underway. Wishing him the best and nice to have him back.

    • Yay… I love the idea of having JGS making guest appearance and even more of a bonus to have PSH cameo-ing (wishing ?) . It would be like a mini YAB reunions sans JYH. LOL.
      They have all came a long way and it gives a bittersweet feeling. As much as I dont like JGS now, he always have that special spot in my heart for being truly awesome as HTK in YAB.

    • @Math LOL!!! I was thinking the same thing. The only one missing from that equation would be Jung Young Hwa from CN Blue. He is the only other cast member from YB who haven’t made a cameo on another Hong sisters drama.

    • I don’t think PSH will cameo *together* with JKS or JYH anytime soon. The rabid YAB shippers are still going on after almost 8 years. She’ll probably send coffee trucks to Hongki…

  2. JKS looks like Hwang Tae Kyung. Only the eyeliner is missing. YAB must have brought him so much popularity that he unconsciously or consciously refused to change his style..

  3. Actually i was thinking JGS might have made a great Sohn Oh Gong too., with another interpretation. That long hair gotta go….he looks best with cropped hair, why the insistence on having one? Sigh…..

    • He donned short hair for a short while few years ago if I am not mistaken. It was when he made appearance in the first season of My Ear Candy. And then last year, he spotted short hair at the SBS Drama Awards. I really thought he was going to keep that short hairstyle for a while since his fans been saying that he wanted to clean up his look and image but then I guess, it’s really hard for him to part ways with HTK and long hair. Sighing over his long hair. His looks been really stale and a new haircut could help to freshen him up.

  4. The Hong sisters must have liked JGS so much. He was first casted in a supporting role in their drama Hong Gil Dong and then they elevated him to leading man role in YAB and now they roped him for a cameo in Hwayugi.

    • They love him so much that they added scenes of Prince Chang Hee in Hong Gil Dong… because they loved JKS’ acting. And I can understand them completely!

  5. Cant wait to see what his drama choice is for 2018…I believe he has a number of dramas under consideration…exciting times for his many fans!!

  6. Does Hong sisters a fans of Produce 101 as well?
    We got WJSN/IOI Yeonjung(PD101 participants) as cameo, then JGK (host of S1)
    and Nuest W for the Ost

    • Not only that, there are poster of ioi, gugudan on the background or winner on tv. There are quite many small details in the drama if you dont pay attention enough. I do hope for more cameos

  7. Wow!
    Can I quote myself from last week that Miss Koala will write about him very soon, even if she doesn’t know this yet 🙂

    The cameo was announced by JKS himself in front of his fans on his last concert 10 days ago and is much anticipated.

    One correction – this will be the THIRD time he will work with Hong sisters. They also wrote “Hong Gil Dong” where Jang Keun Suk played the second lead. Because of this drama they created the role in “You’re beautiful”

    See you next week!

  8. In FNC concert, Honkgi and Yonghwa sang ANJELL’s songs. Jeremy was disapointed because he couldn’t play drum in the special drum collaboration :p

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