Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu Confirm Breakup After Three Years Dating

This was a celeb relationship that was as good as it lasted and when it’s over feels like no harm no foul with no lasting ill will. C-ent has reported and the stars own reps have confirmed that K-actor Song Seung Heon and C-actress Crystal Liu have ended their relationship of three years. They actually broke up last year, when reports circulated about their breakup, but have only confirmed it now. The reason was attributed to both working hard and not spending enough time together, and if you ask me the language barrier was always a detriment as well because even spending time remotely requires constant communication to keep up. These two dating always felt like the prettiest faces of their respective industries pairing up to perhaps one day create the genetically blessed super gorgeous babies and alas that shall not be. Their careers have really leveled up since they dated, with Crystal Liu landing the high profile and coveted role of Mulan in the Disney live-action adaptation of its animated movie, and Song Seung Heon finally shedding some acting criticism with the dark and twisty K-drama Black last year.


Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu Confirm Breakup After Three Years Dating — 29 Comments

  1. It was never a realistic relationship to begin with, but I hoped against all hope that it would work. It would have meant that love would transcend everything. The very reason we watch Kdrama and all those romance stories/movies for. For over two years I followed their relationship. There are web fan sites in mainland China that posted all details of their relationship down to every fan sighting and flight detail. I have this to say. SSH has thrown himself heart and soul into this relationship, and though it hasn’t worked out in the end, I feel he should feel no regrets. I wish himself all the best, for he has proved himself a real gentleman and romantic.

    To cite this line from Tennyson’s In Memoriam:

    ‘Tis better to have loved and lost
    Than to never have loved at all

    • I know! Me too! I don’t know why when I watched them together and I just found them really cute together and I had hoped that they will made it to the altar but at least they broke up nicely. Really!? I know there’s a fan website for them! I’ve always googled them but didn’t found a lot of stuff about

  2. Oh well beautiful people breaking up at least not a messy bad break uo. Ssh really improved in black and im seeing him with a new excitement on his coming drama . Can he do drama more , i wish them luck on there separate ways

  3. whiles korean fans are mainly sad about the breakup her chinese fans are happy and rejoicing over it.i guess her fans didnt want ssh for her all this time anyway wish them all the Best in their respective next relationship.

    • It’s actually very mean to rejoice over a couple’s break up. It’s not like their relationship was toxic and SSH is not a nasty guy or anything. I really dont understand why some people have that kind of ill-thinking.

      • SSH not a nasty guy… Are you sure about that? I know why LYF fans are rejoicing.

        SSH had a big scandal with Jang Hyuk by trying to avoid his mandatory enlistment with sending out fake testing and got caught. The public perception didn’t get better when paparazzi took photos of him with Lee Santa during a night out with a bunch of women who were rookie/rising actresses (Yoon EunHye was one of the women).

        Basically when Liu Yifei confirmed her relationship after news broke, it was obviously annoying for C-fans to read that K-fans were already “claiming” her. It didn’t help that SSH started making comments about wanting to get married and hoping to be a father (normal at his age) but the difference was, they confirmed for a short period. He kept making all of these remarks while LYF kept silent.

        She was always going to be more career oriented and now that she’s leading a major Hollywood film, why should she slow down?

        They both have stated they only communicate in English when talking about each other and honestly, it’s not idyllic in the long run.

      • If the break up is true, then why in in Liu Yifei bio-data listed her marital status as married and husband is Song Seung-Heon
        An Shaokang
        Liu Xiaoli
        Not Known
        Not Known
        Marital Status
        Song Seung-heon
        Not Known
        Not Known
        Best Friends
        Not Known
        Not Known
        Not Known
        Not Known
        Not Known

  4. Hope he gets married to nice korean girl soon. Relationship was unrealistic from the start. One has to sacrifice career to this relationship to work. She is too big star to do that and too young to settle down i think. She was cute with Kris Wu.

  5. At their age im guessing one of them did not want to settle down, 3 years is a long time to date. Ah well, I wish them luck in their future relationships.

    Also, I’ve never seen her act, is she any good? I think she’s a miscast for Milan based on appearance alone but I hope she does the role justice in her own way. She was chosen for a reason and I’m really looking forward to the live action.

      • I think she looks fine to be Mulan. Although, I really think they should have chosen Zhou Wei to be Mulan, but Liu Yi Fei is also a good choice. At the very least, she will have the grace and the kung fu skills needed for the Disney role, as well, I can’t see Disney going all Kung Fu like the Hong Kong movies, so she should be fine.
        I doubt Disney would risk so much investment into someone they did not think can handle the Mulan role well.

  6. I sorta saw this coming. Crystal reminds me of Ruby in the sense of they put their careers first and love second. Knetizens comments were pretty racist about their breakup.

    • What about Knetizens comments? I know that C-netizens were very racist. Couldn’t bear to see a Korean “stealing” their own goddess.

      • Knetizens were saying how glad they are that they broke up.

        1. [+205, -22] Not easy to live with a Chinese woman. I think he made the right decision.
        4. [+20, -4] So it’s because of the Hallyu ban? Because relations between Korea and China made them uncomfortable? Well, good news then. Find strength, Song Seung Hun.
        4. [+1,832, -528] I’d rather he marry a Korean

        Yes I specifically picked out the comments where mean things were said.

        The cnetizens one wasn’t racist more like pervy. Since Crystal has lot of fanboys that thinks they have a shot with her. Well the one I read showed perverted comments.

        I’m not trying to start a fight between Korean and Chinese. It was just a comment. You sounded offended sorry about that.

  7. Not surprising.I always felt that this relationship was very one-sided.It seemed like Song Seung Hun was all in.While the lady was one foot in and one foot out.

    No need to worry about grown pretty, rich and popular people.If they really want to be in a relationship.There is plenty of fish in the pond.They will be fine.

  8. if LYF family wasnt so rich. SSH would have plant his seed in her by now. just look at that couple from laurel tree the man plant his seed into her so she have to married him.

    • hahaha. That might actually be true. SSH really wanted to make a family of his own when LYF and him started dating. But because LYF has more power than him (this is pretty much subjective by the way) so he can’t just impregnate her right away due to her strong career and status in life…

  9. They were a very good looking couple, but honestly, I didn’t really think they would go all the way to the altar.

    Since we hardly see both of them on a date or really together, unless it was a formal event.

    At least it was a clean break and no 3rd party involvement, and no scandal of one party cheating. I can see them remaining good friends, if not a friend in the industry.
    Good luck to the both of them to find “the One” to settle down with. Both of them seem to have a good heart.

  10. Wow. Personally I don’t watch their dramas or their movies. But man that was some pretty low brow and tacky/ uncouth post.

    Both are hard working actors ( I think) and to reduce someone to be a sperm donor or imply that SSH even thinks like that. That’s gutter level.

  11. It’s so hard to make it work, but I can be done if they both want to do it & love each other enough. Even they both have very busy work loads/projects – they should make every effort to spend time with each & make some sacrifices.


    1. They both have very busy careers.
    2. Language barrier even though they are speaking English with each other- still it’s not the same as mother’s tongue.
    3. Different cultures.

    • These things can be overcome if you truly love someone …love is more and bigger than these things and love connects through the heart.

  12. I’m so sad when I heard they broke up but I guess they weren’t meant to be although they look so good with each other. When the time comes, I hope they will reconcile and find their way back to each other.

  13. It worked with Chae Rim and Gao Zi Qi…..but GZQ is def not as high profile as Chae Rim, and Chae Rim moved to China to be with him….so I guess if really want it to work careers need to be sacrificed…..

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