Gong Hyo Jin Chic and Cool as Ever in New Purse Pictorial to Start Off 2018

I always found aspiring fashion for those who want to be cool, otherwise those who innately have that cool aura can project it with thrift store finds alone. K-actress Gong Hyo Jin always struck me as K-ent’s original cool girl, if she wasn’t an actress she would totally fit in as a Vogue editor, or in this day and age an influencer. I love this latest purse pictorial with Gong Hyo Jin that plays up her chic aura, some pictures don’t even show her entire face but the viewer is captivated by her visage and confidence. She’s normally does one drama a year but didn’t do one in 2017 after 2016’s Incarnation of Jealousy. I actually didn’t see a K-drama in 2017 where I felt she was missing out on a certain role, but hopefully 2018 will bring her a script that catches her fancy and give her the appropriate male lead to spark with.


Gong Hyo Jin Chic and Cool as Ever in New Purse Pictorial to Start Off 2018 — 29 Comments

  1. I don’t remember GHJ ever ever picking a wrong project or a co-star who doesn’t have the talent to match her. She’s paired up with some of the best actors around and that itself – picking projects with good potential – is a talent. I hope she’s back soon. Kinda wanna see her with Kim Nam Gil. But that guy hardly does dramas. Ugh.

    • Pls don’t jinx it lol. She’s still the original rom com queen. I haven’t seen her in anything bad at all. And she has chemistry with all her male leads. Only her kissing scenes were a bit wooden but was eons better in JI. Maybe JJS is a good kisser. Lol

      • Hmmm she was ok in “its ok thats love” though?I think she gave natural pecks and had natural kiss scenes and skinship with Jo In Sung?No?

      • Wtf is this kiss scene rant you international kdrama fans keep repeating like a broken record?? Shouldn’t you people, who constantly keep calling the actresses wooden and calling the oppa actor the good kisser, already know that t h i s is w h a t the directors direct them to do?? This is how they do it in Korea. So it’s not like acteesses have much choice? If you want to see ‘natural looking’ kiss scene (define this, if even GHJ can’t pass your kissing test) then keep watching Latin telenovelas, USA/Britain dramas etc. And if you call GHJ a wooden kisser who got changed only because of JJS in Jealousy Incarnate, I don’t know what to say… I’m just.. stunned.

    • Not likely to happen. Kim Nam Gil has told his fans that he will consider doing another drama in another 4 years time. The guy prefer to stay in Chungmuro. But GHJ has been doing movies lately, who knows they could end up collaborating in a movie instead.

    • @prettyautumn You are right kissing capability doesn’t qualify someone for being an actor and actress. GHJ belongs to the earlier generation and steamy kisses were rare in k-dramas at the time. Shy wooden kisses were a norm. She had best kisses with JIS and JJS because they are more of the norm now and maybe she is much more confident with herself now. I remember Jang Nara said she refused to kiss her costars when she was young so she faked kisses many times. Don’t know why people even make it a issue. Same way people hate Park Shin Hye and Ha Ji Won for their kissing capability.
      GhJ was always a good actress and I think she always knew how to kiss.JJS didn’t do some sort of magic.

  2. Gong Hyo Jin is love❤.I wish her all the best in everything she does.I love this pictorial too.The colour combination just gel together very well.

  3. Above all, the coolest Korean actress there is! Her fashion is original and fresh. I think she’s the only Korean actress I really appreciate.

    • Why?? JJS and GHJ were a dream team. I know many couldn’t accept the “cohabitation” and her pulling 2 guys on a string. I didn’t like Producer as well, but it’s not her fault, it’s the script and the directing. The so-called variety drama wasn’t working.

  4. love her and her dramas.i enjoy almost all her dramas,my fav drama of her and role was in thank you with jang hyuk and i think it was incredible of her to play a single mom so early in her career.she is always competent and i am waiting for her next project

  5. She is a good actress and has good eyes at picking projects but kinda stuck with the same genre. It’s always rom-com and her last few projects (Master’s Sun, IOIL, Jealousy Incarnate) kind of having similar role – a girl that annoyed the male lead in the beginning before they guy eventually falling for her.

    • Isn’t it the usual love troupe in korean dramas? I love her in rom-coms but she was amazing in melos as well; Sangdoo Let’s Go to School and Thank you. Perhaps she prefers rom coms as they are not so mentally straining. Some actors go into depression cos of their roles.

  6. producers her worst drama ever. stupid pd should have pair her up with KSH.IU should has been with CTH both fit each other cuz they both are boring people.

  7. hopefully a new kdrama for her this year and with the perfect leading man. i am too lazy to watch kdrama nowadays because i am constantly looking forward to her next project, if she is not the lead actress it is boring for me.

  8. She’s so natural when it comes to acting, I love to watch her dramas. To me she’s not the prettiest but she certainly has the X factor to be a star. Love her!

  9. She’s one of the original cool girls of k-ent, she always has that aura of the stylish older girl you wanted to copy as a teenager. She’s also one of the very few k-celebs who can truly carry off high fashion, it’s the attitude.

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