Seo Ye Ji Pretty in Pink for New CF and Offered Female Lead in Lawless Lawyer Opposite Lee Jun Ki

I skipped 2017’s dark and serious OCN drama Save Me which by all accounts was solid all around and garnered raves for female lead Seo Ye Ji. For me there were two actresses who changed my opinion for the better last year in Chae Soon Bin and Lee Se Young and I think had I watched Save Me then Seo Ye Ji may have joined this group. All three have cut their chops starting out as the unlikable or forgettable second female lead and sometimes that impression is hard to shake so it’s a testament to getting elevated to female lead and proving to deserve the promotion. Seo Ye Ji may get her biggest profile drama lead to-date if she accepts the offer for tvN legal drama Lawless Lawyer opposite Lee Jun Ki, playing the law firm manager to Lee Jun Ki’s fist first law second lawyer. I also love Seo Ye Ji’s recent clothing CF, the soft pink backdrop with cherry blossoms is so charming and she really shines whether its a lingering look or a bright smile.


Seo Ye Ji Pretty in Pink for New CF and Offered Female Lead in Lawless Lawyer Opposite Lee Jun Ki — 24 Comments

  1. She was indeed very good in Save Me, I could feel all her despair. Not to mention she’s gorgeous to look at. I could imagine her opposite LJK even though she’s much younger, so hopefully they won’t make her character at the same age as his.

    • They dont have to.She is tall and has a mature vibe to her.She is 28/29 depending on whether you follow korean or international age system in real life.If they make her at least 30 years.It would be believable.LJK is not a baby face and he has mature aura to him these days, but he still have a hint of youthfulness to him, so they can knock off about 3 years off his real age and make him about 33/34 years and it would be believable too.A four year character difference in age is fair.Also looking at all these uncle-niece and aunt-nephew pairings these days lol.This is nothing.I actually think these two would be visually compatible.

  2. Besidea being a promising actress, she is pretty and funny as well.
    She was hilarious as guest in variety show Knowing Brothers.

    I hope she accepts the offer and does a great job like she did in Save Me.

    • Was she in knowing brothers? I better check it out.

      She is good a actress. Good on her to being paired with Lee Joon Gi in a drama. I may not be a fanatic but I can say LJG is one top act. I think he can work well with anyone. I love him in Moon Lovers to bits. His performance in that drama was amazing. I love him in Criminal Minds too.

  3. I love her in “Save Me”. Sang Mi is not an easy role to play but SYJ really gave a spectacular performance.

    I really hope she accept Lawless Lawyer. LJK is one of my fave actors and it’s a bonus to have him having an extremely talented leading lady in SYJ.

  4. Hi Koala, First time commenting on your site love your write ups and comments that follow. Anyway just fantastic news overall so hopefully both LJK and SYJ accept the offer! But If you want to know more about her range and acting talent try and watch her debut in the TVN comedy/drama Potato Star 2013 especially in the scene with Go Kyung Po who plays her older brother (unsure of the episode sorry) but they are at a team work dinner and SYJ is told blatantly by GKP (in front of everyone) to leave and to go back to office to finish off some work. However she reacts angrily to this order and I kid you not Ive never seen this happen in all my life watching tv and film -she jumps on to the table runs smack down the middle and throws herself on to poor GKP flooring him and then proceeds to clamp down with her teeth on to his ear lobe! I watched this on repeat when viewing Save Me last year just to heal my heart and headache and so I have been a diehard fan of hers ever since!

  5. I’ve only seen her on Nightwatchman (That drama could have been really good with a better writer but such is 80% of k-dramas). She knocked it out of the park in that role.

  6. So I checked her out on youtube.My I was pleasantly surprised.She has a unique deep voice.Its rare for Korean actresses or at least the ones I know.Joon Gi has a nice speaking voice too and he modulates it well depending on the character he is playing.Their monologues will be interesting.

    • doesn’t her deep voice remind you of Soo Ae? they kinda look alike too… I find both of them very charismatic & attractive because their style is different from most K-actresses

  7. So any one having this problem or just me. My comments don’t appear and then I get irritated and write another one but still it does not appear and then I get frustrated and write long comments to let out my anger haha. Then all of a sudden after 5 to 6 hours all appear at once. Its feels embarassing to see all my long comments with same topic appear on same page haha. My daughter taught me recently how to comment. earlier I just used to surf and was not habituated to comment

  8. She is a very promising actress who is smart, well spoken, funny yet grounded. It took her a while to find a proper project but once she did, she shined. I would love to see her with Joon Ki.

  9. Both of them copy their styles from Soo Ae, I suspect. They should go and find their own styles. I seldom watch K dramas nowadays, except if acted by Soo Ae and Kim Nam Joo. Two charismatic and talented actresses.

    • Yah I did. She’s kind of more experienced actress. I saw her in Mask. I only remembered Jo Ji Hoon from here. I didn’t know she was the leading lady in that drama. Nah SYJ and Soo Ae have different acting style.

  10. SYJ finally accepted the role in Lawless Lawyer! Comments are all positive and supportive of the pairing so the drama will screen in May on tvN on Saturday and Sunday unsure of the number of episodes. However a lot of fans are anticipating seeing LJK & SYJ on screen and I have not read one negative comment anywhere on any English sites mentioning the casting news.

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