Jo Jae Hyun Admits to Sexual Harassment Over His Career and Will Be Quickly Written Out of tvN Drama Cross

This was a light speed finality to a sexual harassment allegation and one that heads in the right direction. Veteran stage-movie-drama actor Jo Jae Hyun has admitted to the sexual harassment allegations against him, and even went so far as to say that he’s admitting and repenting for his actions in the past thirty years of his career. He issued an apology, total acceptance of guilt, and said he will lay his life/work down now completely. He’s currently starring in the decently rated tvN drama Cross as male lead with Go Kyung Pyo and the production has stated that Jo Jae Hyun will be written off the drama as quickly as possible but it will not be an immediate action since as male lead he can’t just disappear abruptly from the narrative. My heart goes out to all the victims that Jo Jae Hyun has hurt and affected during his career.

While Jo Jae Hyun has taken full acceptance, Jo Min Ki was also taken out of the upcoming drama Children of the Lesser God after his harassment allegations came to light but he has not admitted to it. Oh Dal Soo is also being accused of sexual harassment over the years and he’s currently filming tvN drama My Ahjusshi and has not issued a response to the allegations. Further theater directer Lee Yoon Taek has also been accused of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. I feel the dam breaking now…..


Jo Jae Hyun Admits to Sexual Harassment Over His Career and Will Be Quickly Written Out of tvN Drama Cross — 18 Comments

  1. The law needs to step in now.He just confessed to committing a criminal offence.This is not the kind of thing that just ends with an apology, reflection or ending his career.

    • Is sexual harassment a criminal offense in Korea? I don’t think it is in the US. I think in the US a victim can go after civil penalties.

      I’m not sure how Korea does it but from what I’ve seen it’s pay $ and “reflect”.

      (Now the rape allegations regarding the other guy are a whole other thing.)

  2. Wow…not only are the victims hurt by this, his family will be too and he has a daughter who’s also an actress. All these veteran actors were so good at their craft, this disappointing and shame on them for what they have done to ruin so many lives. K entertainment is turning into the second Hollywood.

      • Well Duh, most are, but when I said they are becoming the second Hollywood I meant finally they are exposing that rotten core.

      • Don’t “well duh” me. Don’t. With the way you worded your sentence, it was not apparent that was what you were referring to.

      • You should of never called me naive in the first part so I ‘well duh’ you. I don’t think I have to word every sentence so well for you to understand. You either read it and understand what i meant or you get on with your life. I think with the recent #metoo campaign in Hollywood many will understand *but one* what I meant with my last sentence.

    • Reading your last sentence in conjunction with your overall message, it’s easy to understand why Jennifer and Deb drew their conclusions and did not link the last sentencw to #metoo. It’s a good thing you cleared it up I guess.

    • at least in hollywood,the victims who are also public figures, dare to speak the truth. and I’m not sure that Korean female celebrities who are victims of sexual harassment want to speak about this.

  3. I salute with the bravery of the victims who finally want to open their old painful Memory, although honestly, I am saddened by the many cases like this, but i don’t know why if the perpetrators are handsome, rich, have a lot of fan and join in the great artist management, harassment sexual case looks incredible with not clear ending, especially if the victim is under the influence of alcohol, anyone remember the end of the case park shin hoo and some celebrities in court?

    • I think the gal withdrew the charges because, most assume, she got a payment. There’s nothing much the Korean justice system can do if the victim takes the $ and – according to some – moved to England or something. I wasn’t into k-drama when that went down so others might know more about how it ended but that’s what I’ve read on other blogs.

  4. Well you can add Han Myung Goo and Choi Il Hwa to the growing list.The first one admitted to the allegations and is stepping down from his projects and job as uni professor.The second one, I didnt recognise the name but his face is very familiar for those who watch alot of kdramas.He outed himself and confessed to committing sexual harassment before any victims came forward.He is trending now on Naver.

  5. As a french i’d like to say this ” Tu sais où tu peux te les mettre tes excuses et ta méditation !” So disgusting, but sexual harassement is everywhere. And i feel for women who suffer harassement without saying a word because they have to feed their children. Time is up but unfortunely we have yet a long way to go.

  6. SH for rude and pervert men, it isnt the same as sexual assault and rape so the penalty in court is not the same, but in Koreans overly righteous eyes, you’ll be of the same level, like the lowest of the low.

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