Nam Joo Hyuk Also Turns Down Come and Hug Me After Suzy Declines

Nam Joo Hyuk is one of those faces I could stare at for a long time, it’s manly and beautiful at the same time and has slight breaks in symmetry to male for an artist’s dissection. Too bad he’s so behind at being a good actor, with more than half a dozen dramas under his belt, with two being the male lead to boot, he ought to have improved way more than he has by now. We’ll have to wait a bit long for his next drama acting project to assess improvement as he’s also turned down the drama Come and Hug Me, a few days after news that Suzy declined the female lead role for this project. I don’t necessarily think something is wrong with it, remember all the folks who turned down Kill Me, Heal Me before Ji Sung made it a wondrous success story.


Nam Joo Hyuk Also Turns Down Come and Hug Me After Suzy Declines — 13 Comments

  1. I dont know he has done that much works. I have only watched Weighlifting and i dont find him THAT bad.

    I guess choosing a drama that suits you and one that is capable of showing your best quality is really important when you are lacking in skills. Weighlifting is my go-to drama whenever i dont have anything to watch. Totally love it. He is so charming in it and has lovely chemistry with lee sung kyung

    • I do NOT find him devastatingly bad as an actor too. He’s endearing which is more than can be said for Song SH (improving … but who also cannot act that much, beyond the agonized gazes from under his magnificent brows … and clenching of beautiful cheekbones and jawline :P)

      NJH at least left some impression on me as character Big, in his first Mermaid drama (Surplus Princess).
      This was no mean feat considering it also had Son Jae-rim Mr Apple Butt, as main male lead.

    • ?? They could have potentially won Top excellence awards, both of them. Pity that they declined, maybe next time they will grace us with their top excellent acting and get that trophy home :’)

  2. On one hand, its good that both actors have declined, so that the roles can hopefully go to better actors.If you read the synopsis of this seems it would require a lot if emoting and both are very bad at that.Even in photo shoots, they are so wooden like pretty porcelain dolls.Their acting skills are so limited that really light rom coms are the only thing they can pass a C grade in their acting.On the other hand, this is not entirely good news because as someone said, instead of ruining just one drama.They will now ruin two dramas.

  3. It’s true that he’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen and I’m not even his fan and haven’t watched any of his dramas. But beauty isn’t everything when you’re an actor. I prefer less good looking people with strong charisma if I’m about to engage myself for 16 hours of their onscreen presence.

  4. @HANTOO how can you forget instagram followers? Oppar or Unnie got more IG followers than yours.. so my oppa is more than relevant than yours??.That shit always cracks me up..Mind you we are not talking about reality stars like the kardashians but actors kkkk.

  5. He is delightful on screen just need more polishing with his acting.

    Koala uou’re not gonna write other shows whose rating went down a lot ? Or it only applies to hwayugi which hit 5.8% again anyway

  6. His “beauty” seems to be the main topic of this page then when I googled him, saw a before and after photo. Can anyone correct my impression…..the photo looked like a twin of Bong Tae- Gue or is that another actor?

  7. I think Nam Joo Hyuk emotes well in the right environment. He was comfortable with his costar Lee Sung Kyung in Weightlifting Fairy so he was able to act very naturally on set. He was also good in his supporting role in Cheese in the Trap. He just wasn’t very good in Habaek because the role called for complex emoting and wasn’t written for someone with skills or range as limited as his. I think he’s okay in simple roles, but for more complicated stuff, he should just stay away. His limitations were pretty glaring compared to Gong Myung, and Gong Myung isn’t even a very experienced actor!

  8. Jang Seung Jo from Money Flower for male lead? Hun Sun Hwa fromBinggo? Just throwing it out there for tentative couple pairings. I think Suzy and NJH were just too naive and lacklustre to take on this mammoth drama as leads really too early and both lacked maturity so it was best that they both declined. I am looking forward to seeing NJH in Ansi Fortress the movie though and I do think Suzy needs to be cast as a femme fatale in her next role whereby everyone hates on her so much she actually does a stellar job in her acting and proves herself. Kinda reverse psychology.

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