Veteran Actor Choi Il Hwa Preemptively Confesses to Sexual Harassment During His Career

The real domino effect is here with the K-ent reckoning of the #metoo movement where victims of sexual harassment and even worse are finally voicing their stories aloud and the perpetrators are paying the price. Today another takes accountability in veteran K-actor Choi Il Hwa, whose name may not be readily familiar but whose face definitely is for K-drama watchers as he’s played so many daddy characters over the years with nearly three dozen dramas under his belt. Choi Il Hwa had not been accused of anything but released a statement that he was guilty of sexual harassment during his career and was ready to take responsibility for his actions. His last drama was Two Cops and currently isn’t in a drama so that will be one less K-drama trying to quickly erase a perpetrator from the screen.


Veteran Actor Choi Il Hwa Preemptively Confesses to Sexual Harassment During His Career — 13 Comments

  1. This is really an eye opening to those opportunist.. Karma will hunt you down… Let us be kind/good to everyone… Help without asking anything in return… Lot of good actors are somewhat shady… Please be responsible of your actions…

  2. Now it gave the entire disgusting smug smile on that face. We were watching them on screen having that smug smile as a-hole drama character whilst they were being a huge real a-hole of screen harassing and assaulting people. Damn.

  3. Terrible models for young actors. This can only bode well for the future. I wonder whether the sunbae-hoobae culture will finally be cleansed.

    • You’re right. These whole sexual harassment cases are due to sunbae and hoobae, teacher and student, and boss and employee dynamics. So I hope the revelations make people get the meaning that they can’t abuse their authority if they are above.

  4. Soompi just came up with an article where an actress confessed that he sexually assaulted her, not just harassment. No wonder he preemptively confessed to a lesser crime when what he did was far much worse. I thought he was shady. So he confessed to get a pass or credit for coming forward? What scum! It’s appalling how wide spread sexual abuse is, in this industry.

  5. Read the victim’s account on soompi and see why this man did a premptive confession.Its really heartbreaking.I dont even have the words to describe it.

    By the way, Jo Min Ki has been dropped by his agency too aka his contract has been terminated.But I really hope these things dont just end with apologies and resignations..and maybe tainted reputations.The law needs to do its job and let the guilty be punished and the innocent be vindicated.We dont want false accusations and neither should more people get away with controversy like these.

    • It’s going to be tough for the law to step in after all this time and it seem SK entertainment world is deeply infiltrated with these beasts. There are so many of them!

  6. I wonder how many names will come up… I hope those abusers are shaking with fear now.

    On the other hand Park Shi Hoo came out of it relatively unscathed, right?

  7. I really hope the Korean government takes the matter seriously, and wants to protect the victims and witnesses, as some of the perpetrators strongly deny it. and most of the victims do not want to remember and have no strong evidence, and witnesses are too scared to testify. salute for people who want to join and fight for me too, time up and no more movement

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