Four New K-dramas Premiere the First Weekend of March 2018 to Decent Ratings Start

I’ve been girding myself for the concluding week of tvN fantasy drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) that I didn’t really process just how many new K-dramas were premiering this Saturday. Four new arrivals of different genres hit the small screen all with decent starts. On the prime time networks, KBS is finishing up long running drama My Golden Life with got 38.1% for this Saturday’s episode 49, and it’s competition with MBC‘s My Husband Oh Jak Doo started off with 7.9% and 10.4% while over on SBS there was Good Witch with slightly higher with 9.2% up to 11.7% for airing four half an hour episodes. On the cable side, tvN’s Hwayugi went up to 5.945% making it a happy ending of the ratings sort that it will break 6% again for the final episode on Sunday. Misty airing on jTBC continues to rock and roll going up to 7.693%, and the other new cable arrivals Children of the Lesser God on OCN got 2.519% and TV Chosun‘s sageuk Grand Prince brought in 2.519%. Variety is back on weekends so go check out one of the new arrivals if anything looks interesting.


Four New K-dramas Premiere the First Weekend of March 2018 to Decent Ratings Start — 21 Comments

  1. Me, too. Misty is the only show I am following now. Fantastic show with solid plot, acting and directing. The best show of this year in my opinion.

  2. My Husband Ok Jak Doo is getting very positive netizen reception so far (UEE also and supposedly she gained some weight yay!) Right now I’m only watching Misty and Welcome to Waikiki and really enjoying both. Misty is enthralling and Waikiki is hilarious so far and a fun watch.

    Im also about to start watching Should We Kiss First and I’m impressed it has already climbed to double digit ratings. I can’t wait to check it out, I’m hearing good things about it. I don’t mind formulaic rom-coms like Radio Romance (although I wish KSH was older) Korean tv watchers aren’t into them anymore which is totallly understandable. I don’t know if it’s popular on online viewing platforms so I don’t want to assume everything from TV ratings.

    • Radio Romance is an easy watch… as I like both leads, I am enjoying it so far. But rom-coms in general don’t generate much hype anymore, stories are repetitive and ending is predictable. Only watch it if you have time and want some light-hearted fluff 🙂

  3. Ockoala, any thoughts on that giant CGI dragon or bubble CGI on episode 19 of Hwayugi. I still can not get over how much I cringed at that and how pointless was Samjang’s arc, do Hong sisters not like their lead actress. Bora on the other hand unexpectedly did shine while ASN/Buja fizzled. Side note: Mirror of the witch had better CGI than this.

  4. Iam rooting for Good Witch too because of Lee Da Hae.This is what Yoon Eun Hye should do.Grab herself a weekend drama role and act her heart out.They are in the same boat.

    • No, it’s really good. 7% something for jtbc is a huge deal since it’s in cable tv.

      I just started it yesterday, and finished all 10 episodes. I used to think return and cross were amazing but misty is just in another level. Really.

  5. No they dont. Its that good. Just because it stars older actors and has a mature storyline does not mean it has lesser fans. Its fantastic. Gripping and intelligent. Mental stimulation to those who bother to watch and enjoy a thinking drama #misty

  6. I enjoy Grand Prince except for the female lead.

    Both the male lead actors Joo Sang Wook and Yoon Shi Yoon are great in their respective roles. Will continue to watch this drama for these two actors but have to cringe a little when the female lead appears, her expression or lack of it…

    The other supporting cast are good too.

  7. After reading all the comments yetersday on Misty, I decided to check it out. Didn’t regret it. It really is the best show on tv this year.

  8. Yes all the positive comments on Misty are well deserved .. Misty is such an intelligent well written drama.. honestly I love the drama a little bit too much.. it derserve double digits ratings.. manse, manse

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