Lee Jun Ki Pensive in the Cover and Pages of The Star Magazine

K-actor Lee Jun Ki is totally the football to my Charlie Brown. No matter how many times I know he’s likely not going to end up with a great drama project I still can’t help but get hopeful and have to watch it. I loved his Time Between Dog and Wolf but taking two of the success elements separately – his costarring with Nam Sang Mi which they did again in Joseon Gunman and his playing a cop which he did again in Criminal Minds – did not repeat the awesome. Up next for Lee Jun Ki is the legal drama Lawless Lawyer and he will be reuniting with the PD who directed him in Time Between Dog and Wolf. Maybe the third time’s the charm? For now I’ll just savor this new pictorial from The Star, yet another added treat whenever Jun Ki gears up for an acting comeback is more pretty pictures in magazines.


Lee Jun Ki Pensive in the Cover and Pages of The Star Magazine — 22 Comments

  1. Its kind of scary that he is so skinny now..

    I am looking forward to Lawless Lawyer where he and Seo Ye Ji will be leading the drama.

  2. I like Number two pic but ive seen better pictures from this photoshoot floating around IG.As for the upcoming drama, am cautiously optimistic.I have an inkling that it will produce better results than criminal minds for many reasons.But one thing that is guaranteed is that, he is consistent in delivering good performances. So of course il check this out.I am looking forward to lawyer Joon.I am happy Seo Ye Ji confirmed too.I am curious to see what she can bring to the table.

  3. I have a good feeling about Lawless Lawyer. PD Kim is reliable and the writer (though writing poor female character) is reputable penning good movies like The Attorney. I am so happy that Seo Ye Ji accepted the offer because she is a promising actress esp when directed well. And not being a remake or big budget production is a plus point. At least, there is no basis for comparison and his past dramas MLSHR and CMK are big budget with high expectation but the outcome were less than spectacular. I really pray and hope that this drama will break LJK’s streak of bad luck of being casted in bad dramas that not doing justice to his talent. And the end of the day, i know my bias will always bring in his A-game.

    • What’s your definition of bad drama? His choice of dramas are not the typical romance dramas but based with Moon Lovers and Criminal Minds that I’ve watched, these dramas are better than many high rated drama in Korea. It confuses me that some people just say rudely about a drama.

      • Oh please…I am also a fan of LJK but that does not mean I would just blindly deemed his past recent dramas as good. Starting from SWWTN and then MLSHR where despite being so addictive, was badly written, badly directed with acting issues from majority of the casts (with LJK having to carry the drama along with KHN). CMK despite boasting an impressive casts was poorly written and directed and a snoozefest.Just because u r a fan, does not mean u can simply label others as being rude for not sharing your taste and opinion. As a fan, we also need to offer constructive criticism for his betterment.

  4. I totally understand why he is maintaining this weight but i cant help but say he is looking awful. Lee jun ki in resident evil was totally badass looking

    • I love LJK but I agree that he is wayyyyyy too thin now. He said he maintains the weight because he feels his body is lighter now esp since he is doing his own action scenes and loves rigourous activities like martial arts. I think he looked best during the earliest episode of MLSHR, when Wang So still wearing the mask. Just the perfect weight. He is too skinny now, I feel the urge to feed him LOL.

      • Haha if we were allowed to feed him I’d feed him too. At least 5 to 6 kg more would be good

  5. I just hope for him a project with solid writing and no production issues. The production had to bring in a second writer mid-way in Scholar, the PD of Scarlet Heart overutilized his fetish of close ups and one of the PDs of Criminal Minds quit. It’s icing on the cake to have okay ratings but really just good writing would be great.

    I’ve never loved lawyer dramas but I’m hoping they don’t spend too much time in the courtroom in this one since it seems action focused.

  6. One of The things LJG makes me do is watching unfavourable genre of dramas^_^ Yes, like he made me watch his crime drama, Criminal Mind, I will watch this Law drama for him as well. And in future if he does medical one,which is another unfavourable genre for me, I’ll watch it for his sake only.

    I pray this director and writer wont fail him as those of CM. Goodluck my real actor

      • I am watching his drama Two Weeks. CMKr is alot better than that drama. So I think it’s a matter of preference.

    • lol.I know right.medical drama or legal drama.I cant decide which one i hate more.crime/action thriller yes..i like those but medical or legal dramas with those legal or medical terminologies?.I studied law myself, so I can tell when they are going offtrack in representing legal professionals.It prevents me from enjoying the drama.This applies not only to kdramas even hollywood series.I almost threw my shoe at the screen when watching “How to get away with Murder”.

  7. He looks fine af and handsome as ever. I’ve never seen him fat so I wouldn’t know how skinny he should be. LJK is Perfect! And SYJ cut her hair for this drama ARRRGGH!!! So it better be double triple digits in the ratings and a massive pash scene please!

  8. Love his looks, he’s more beautiful than ever. I’m really excited about Lawless Attorney. I loved him in Criminal Minds and Moon Lovers is my most beloved drama ever and his Wang So is LOVE! I still keep watching the drama non stop and it gets better on rewatch!

  9. I really hope this new drama will turn out well…even though the synopsis doesn´t sound that promising..I really really want to like his new drama as I like his acting…my favourite drama he acted in, is still “Time Between Dog and Wolf”…he is amazing there.

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