The Cast of tvN Drama Hwayugi Celebrate Drama End at Wrap Party

My Lee Seung Gi has been freed! Like his character Song Oh Gong with the geumganggo magical bracelet binding him, the ending of Hwayugi feels like he’s taken off the shackles and can move on to better things but also knowing he’s tried his best. He arrived late at the drama wrap party so wasn’t snapped by the media but the rest of the cast did their grin and be relieved this is all over walk past the reporters on their way into the party. Whatever issues I have with Oh Yeon Seo‘s performance and the way her character was written (so flat I couldn’t even sense a heartbeat), I’m sure she tried her best and kudos to her. The cast members that came out of this epic mess drama the best were Lee Se Young and Lee Hong Ki, and even Bora got me tearing up at the end. It was the secondary interpersonal relationships that worked and other than my love for Lee Seung Gi I can’t say Oh Gong was a memorable character aside from being cool and snarky. Better luck next time folks, and the Hong Sisters are on my crap list now until they re-learn how to write a drama.


The Cast of tvN Drama Hwayugi Celebrate Drama End at Wrap Party — 52 Comments

  1. I wished Bokja and PK had a better ending?. I just don’t care about OTP at all. Hong Sisters is on my crap lists as well lol.

    • lmao the OTP that actually generates ratings and have better acting. Lol the pig and zombie were actually struggling to emote & cry lmao. Cringy asf. Btw none of character had a good ending neway.

      • What is your issue? Good for you, you liked the show and OTP. Relax, not every person has to like the same things you do. If your OTP can get ratings, good. What’s that got to do with somebody else not liking the OTO.

      • My issue is the terrible over the top cringy side cast acting had so much screen time fillers that the main plot development and main character progression is being sacrificed especially when the main leads are the ones who can execute subtle nuance acting with depth.

      • Don’t bother with Helloworld. She barks every time people praise second leads.

      • lmao its cause you have nothing concrete to add or backup while i actually can come up with facts. Funny you go gender assuming without knowing a person. Says alot about your maturity to analyse things from a neutral logical perspective.

      • helloworld…I agree. While the secondary cast were cute. The OTP carried the drama.

  2. This ended up being just okay. I really liked the first 5ish episodes and found the following three or so easy to watch but there is no doubt the Hong Sisters sidelined Sang Mi’s story. (OYS doesn’t even get top two billing in the drama.) I had no issues with the actress when she had something to do but when the story stalled, I started noticing the botox smile so prevalent in Hollywood.

    Two things really bug me so skip my rant if you wish: One is they didn’t let Sang Mi kill the dragon. I mean all that build up for such a wimpy scene. Why couldn’t of the gal taken the dragon in as was the fate and then, so Great Sage wouldn’t have to make the choice, she stabs herself and says he can just take off the bracelet and move on with his existence. Thus the dragon dies with her and, yes, I know that this is a total rip off of The Exorcist but oh well.

    Second, this is supposed to be an epic love story but until the end, does she really know he loves her because we’ve been lead to believe she really does think he can just take the bracelet off. And I just won’t get started on the bracelet. (And the actors did get the chance to sizzle together which was nice but too late really.)

    Anyway, I still enjoyed bits of it especially early on and I do like the Hong Sister’s humor and the group chat thing still brings a smile, but I think they just had too many character arcs and the romance and actress paid the price. Still a solid return for LSG as it seems to have done respectable in the ratings.

      • Lmao really? She can actually cry or shed a tear than the zombie lol. Lmao how is the zombie any better when she has 1 note acting as well as she cant even bring out any of ASY evil characteristic. Which cause the villian to be such a downer.

    • At least she is able to actually cry and shed tears and actually have a facial expression that viewers that are able to read it as happy or sad than the 2nd leads who look like they have trouble pooping. The 2nd leads cant emote serious scenes and have way over the top acting for comedic scenes lmao. I dont even know why they add so much of those useless side cast fillers when they cant act. In the end the main plot development and main character progression was lost. The main leads can actually act and emote a scene properly without it being over the top and cringy unlike those side cast. Yet the writers add so much of those useless side cast fillers that have 0 plot and cause the whole story to have 0 continuity.

      • Sorry for meddling on your argument, but you know, not everyone has the same thought as you.. just because someone like the side cast better, you can’t just go rampage saying how they are useless and make ruin the story.. they are doing their best as well as the main cast.. and actually, i do like both of them -no seriously i’m not saying it because of your comment- but, i like romance between LSG and OYS, But they are not funny as the side cast was.. Buja, PK and the other cast are bringing the humor.. This drama was actually comedy romance right? Not just romance drama, so what’s wrong with comedic scenes.. stop being judgemental.. you are only watchers just like all of us.. keep trying to speak your mind wiser.. praising something without degragaded the other is what you should learn..

      • Lol that is your opinion. In what way are they good? Acting wise the 2nd leads are subpar as they cant emote for heavy scenes while their comedic scenes the acting is way over the top cringe. So no they are not as good as main leads. The main leads can actually emote and have subtle nuance acting with depth from their expressions and they dont overact. Stop deluding yourself fangirl of your oppa lmao. Your 2nd leads are not at that level of acting. Also they are useless fillers as they dont drive the plot and waste the screen time needed to develop the main characters and plot. So yeah they are a waste of space.

      • She actually showed a variety of expressions and also the monk character is a reserved type so there is not going to be overexagerrated acting. If you watch original jttw the monk is a quite reserved type that does not wear his heart on his sleves.

  3. I wasn’t a big fan of OSY here. But to be fair her entire track got sidelined pretty early into the drama. I thought at the beginning that we’d be getting weekly demon hunting cases like ghost cases in Master’s Sun. That would have given her more active role. Instead this whole end of world, does he love me or is it the bracelet, priestess storyline started. It gave her little to do beyond being sad, in love and the story kept going in circles while plot moved in snails pace. In the mids of all of this Buja stole her thunder both with acting and intrigue. PK’s undemanding love for her was endearing. Bora also did great by the end. So Hong Sister’s get a B- for this show. It would be B but special effects were cringe inducing so B- it is.

    • Lol really? All the side cast was doing dumb stuff getting themselves into trouble and had 0 logic. Absolute unnecessary fillers with cringy acting. And the worse thing is they have 0 value or drive to the drama and story. The main leads end up having to clean up their mess every time. 2nd leads have 0 endearing factor period with the amount of mess they come up with.

    • @Helloworld You don’t have to agree with me, that’s fine. I don’t see why you keep screaming same thing over and over again when I’ve clearly stated that these are my personal opinion and mine alone. I don’t care what you feel about this drama, the OTP, second leads etc and neither do I give one ounce of importance whether they satisfy another person’s extreme need to validate their opinions which may or may not be in agreement with mine. The drama aired, I’ve watched it, I am moving on.

      • Obviously you do since you made a point to reply to mine. But let face it i actually hit the nail on the head because you cant come up with any concrete defense for your point. I am saying the same things over and over again as it the plain truth which you cant seem to accept lol. I actually use valid arguments unlike your blurry statements which hold no ground nor water.

      • Okay after read a couple of your comment i can simplify that maybe @helloworld is just some teenage that still going on puberty.. you know, i have my own time too when i always think that i always the right one.. and it happen when i 15 yo.. and truth to be told, i think same as @Gem, Samjang was too clingy, sorry but even after they accomplished some mission, at the end the only thing that she think was if Great Sage truly love her or is it the bracelet.. i have counting in first 10 eps, she thinks about it more than 8 times.. the 2 first episode was not counting since it tell how they messed up at first (ooh, blame the script).. and even if OYS shed tear really well, i never feel the sadness.. it’s like okay she is crying because she thinks Great Sage love her just because the bracelets, and must be happy for her to feel such sadness.. but as PK, he is not even shed tear when she ask Mrs. Ma that he will take care of BuJa at ep.10, and yet here i am feel his sadness and caring for Buja so instead, i was the one who shed tear for them..

        You really need to watch drama from 2 side view mate.. *poke with love @helloworld

      • @Duduyundudu: Kudos to you for replying with so much patience to that user. Truthfully whenever I see that users’ comments, I just ignore him/her.

        You are apt on about the difference between the feelings that the two relationships give me. Oh-gong and Sunmi has so many kiss/love scenes between them, but somehow their r/s don’t make me feel anything. I know I’m supposed to feel touched and sad about their ill-fated love, but I find myself more concerned about the other couple instead.

      • lmao for real? Your pig zombie actors cant even emote for the scenes. Not even a single tear or some holding back of feelings. Lol how is that decent acting and the delivery of the sentence is like they have trouble trying to deliver a sentence being sad. I skip their parts as they cant even emote properly as they cant deliver heavy emotional scenes nor comedic as their acting is way over the top period. Lol 0 sadness period when you cant even read the sadness from the useless pig zombie face. I couldnt care less about those filler side cast that cant act nor drive the plot and take up screen time for main plot and character development.

      • Lol i did not feel any sadness for the useless pig zombie as their emoting is nil and they are a waste of space filler with 0 plot drive and being cute. Nor could i tolerate over the top acting for their comedic scenes. Also SJ and SOG scenes are actually done with subtelty with nuance and have depth with under layer and are done way better as they have artistry and actually have a mature relationship that actually discusses about what romance and love really is. The pig and zombie is just plain shallow with 0 nuance nor depth period with bad acting.

      • Btw the main leads mature romance actually has high stakes as well that is protrayed with great depth. Compared to the childish cringy shallow act cute stuff from the 2nd leads. Lol not even the same level of acting playing field.The main leads own in the acting department period with subtle nuance acting and excellent delivery compared to the 2nd leads who cant act nor emote properly and have bad delivery. The writers screwed up not focusing on the main plot and leads character development by trying to cater to the useless bad acting second leads that is why the ratings drop in the middle. Check the real time ratings and news portals you would know people actually care about how the main plot and leads play out than the useless 2nd lead fillers. The pig and zombie should have been wrapped up early as they are a waste of space period that dont drive the plot period. Its cause of these useless 2nd leads this drama has 0 continuity and becomes sitcom like. This drama would have done well just focusing on the main leads plot development like supernatural or the original JTTW which is also about the monk and monkey. The other side cast are just extra and not needed at all.

  4. I have to watch the two last episodes to judge all the story.

    For the actors, I think LSG and CSW were great, they had a good chemistry and I loved to see their scenes together.

    Hongki and LSY could shine in this drama. They were good second roles and their acting was good.

    Lee El and KSO were good to add a funny touch.

    For YOS, I don’t think she’s a bad actress but I think she’s limited. I never really like one of her dramas. But it’s true that her character was very pitiful and didn’t have too much to show. It’s why an actress with more delicacy could have been a better choice.

    • The 2nd leads are plain terrible in emoting for any sort of heavy emotional scenes period as they look like they have trouble shedding a tear and their comedic acting is way over the top cringe. So no their acting was not good period.

  5. Helloworld is a genderless AI who is programmed to give the same defensive response whenever the OTP is mentioned. Its wording is repetitive and mundane. It is also programmed to automatically reply within minutes with emotionless opposition. It should self terminate with the wrapping of this drama and say goodbye to this world forever just like the female lead ?

    • Bwaaaaahhhhhhh for real? Where can I buy one? That’s funny Candycane. After reading all the comments I’ve willed myself to go back to Hwayugi and continue my trek whilst I watch each episode with an open mind thinking happy thoughts. You have all prepared me well. I feel like I’m going to climb Mt Everest. Wish me luck ❤️

      • Well I had already heard about Black’s crap ending before I started the drama. Setting expectations is key to enjoying a drama, and I actually did enjoy most of Black. So hope your climb to Everest goes well.

    • So should you. Funny while its repetitive it still hit the nail on the head about those terrible second leads acting and useless fillers taking up screen time for the main plot and main character development. Waste of space.

    • Hahahahaha, seriously I’ve been refreshing all day just to watch helloworld replies whenever somebody praised the second leads. He/She is really entertaining ?? and is super loyal to the OTP (especially OYS). I commented on another site about OYS’s acting and got rebuffed by her as well ??‍♀️

      • Err i am actually not loyal to anybody. If its any1 it would probably be lsg as he is carrying the drama. Lol OYS acting is actually decent when she can actually emote and shed a tear compared to the 2nd leads who are plain terrible at emoting crying and have lousy delivery. I am burning those 2nd leads cause they are terrible actors and useless fillers that cause the main plot and character development to be derail at the cost of giving some useless bad acting 2nd lead screen time. Lol check who is offered a drama immediately after this drama while the 2nd leads are still struggling for projects lmao.

      • haha, @helloworld. while I’m not fond of OYS, I thought her face was fake and her emotion was bland but I don’t go spreading hate on her in every single post. lol. 2nd lead was good and my opinion was shared by many other people in this thread. People have a different opinion can u just accept that.

      • how was her face fake and bland when she actually can emote a smile or cry and shed a tear while your 2 leads have trouble doing that lmao. This is why the main leads are already offered other drama leads while your 2nd leads are struggling to find projects lmao cause their acting is shit. Lol other sites and korean portals find it otherwise that the 2nd leads are plain bad in acting and useless fillers sucking up important screen time needed to develop the main plot and characters.

  6. Hahaha so funny.That robot is dedicated though.I hope sis koala install antivirus and block it.Its such an annoying troll.I wonder if it is operated by a shipper who cant face the fact not everyone is into his delusions.Or an extreme fangirl/boy of LSG or OYS who cant imagine that not everyone is a fan of these two or their acting.

    • I think that dumb robot is mainly programmed for OYS. LSG deserves all the praises for his excellent portrayal of the Monkey. OYS is the weakest link of the whole drama both from the poor script and her frozen facial acting. Now I am glad all is over and I will look forward to LSG’s next project without OYS… lol…

      • Funny i am not even a fan of OYS but more of LSG but i am mostly neutral. Lol about frozen facial acting none does it better than the 2nd leads who struggle to emote and cry. Cant even shed a tear to save their life. At least OYS is able to smile and cry well. If you call OYS frozen then those 2nd leads are made out of stone as they struggle to pop when trying to emote. As for who lsg works with that is unknown. I mean Jisung and hwang eun jum did reteam up. So dont count your apples too soon.

    • Lol not every1 has to be a fan. But every1 can see LSG & OYS out acted those terrible 2nd leads who cant even shed a tear to save their life lmao. And then there is those useless fillers from those 2nd leads derailing the main plot and character just to give those weak 2nd lead acting screen time. Lol magig, masters sun all focused on the main leads arc that is why they are successful. Those 2nd leads should have been cut off a long time ago into ep10.

  7. I’m getting a headache just by reading someones comments on hwayugi. I seriously wanted to watch it but I don’t know if I have to continue or it will be a waste of time

    • hahaha… yes definitely lots of repetitive comments from one delulu… LOL… like I have told my mom, do not watch Hwayugi unless you like LSG or CSW. The story sucks & gets worse as time goes on, so is the OTP. I only stay for LSG and nothing else… Cheers!

    • It is interesting that this drama generates so many comments..which is good. The story is actually quite interestin although if you really are looking for light in a dark world and the motley gang coming together for a truly epic fight against a gathered group of evil (ala Hobbit trilogy ending) you will be disappointed. It seems like a collection of love stories to me (with sad endings) and the script left a lot of questions unanswered. However the amin actors were quite good. OYS’s acting, I think, was refelctive of her character..tense, controlled,sometimes unsure of herself in the world of demons, ghosts and gods who mess up and deaths. The fact that she switched and acted so differently with cunning eyes and smiles and different body language, when she was supposedly possessed, to me, confirmed that it was the way Jin Sun-Mi/Sam Jang was written. Even the scene of the morning after, there was no leaning in of the body, the shy giggles and looks (so basic to Korean drama), that it was consistent with the character..full of questions of the future and unspoken angst, and determination to live in a uncertain world.

  8. Everyone should be happy that Koala doesnt censor comments here because bloody Asianwiki does! I’ve been trying to defend Lee Dong Wook and hello blocked out lol ?

  9. Phew, I dont understand why people rage about the OTP and 2nd OTP. I dont think OYS done terrible job, she only portrait the character given. you can judge by the color of her mostly clothes, it’s black (i love all of her black outfit though, she likes green but rarely wear green). she’s not a shiny person. she’s a lonely anti-social girl who grow up to be a decent lady who own a company all by herself. I’m glad she didnt turn into psycho (real person would become desprate psychotic, but in kdramaland nope), she’s grown up well. it’s great. and then the monkey light her up with love. she had many friends (but not human).

    I think OYS give her best, we should just praise her.
    The other cast also doing a great job. all of them, I love them. The drama is great, very fresh with the plot. I enjoy every bit of it. (except the sadness of last 2 ep tho).

    Some of you probably dislike the ending, it’s an open ending. you can create your own ending. well for me, I just assume the monkey find her and the live happily ever after. they had kids who all just like little monkey. haha.
    Mawang become Deity, release his love, and live together with their son, they throw housewarming party etc etc… yeap. open ending haha.

    If you dont like it, then just like me, the end of the drama is ep 18 after they spend the night together muahahaha.

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