Veterans Choi Min Soo and Lee Hye Young Join Lee Jun Ki in tvN Drama Lawless Lawyer

It’s now statistically proven that legal/procedural and medical themed dramas have dominated the last five years of subject matter on Korean shows. Many still bring in the views as Misty and Return are both leading the pack of currently airing dramas. I’m mostly tuned out now when it comes to these two genre dramas unless the cast hits my sweet spot and upcoming tvN Lawless Lawyer does so in every way. Leads Lee Jun Ki and Seo Ye Ji are a fantastic and fresh combo, and now joining them are veteran heavyweights Choi Min Soo and Lee Hye Young. These two make my toes curl in a good way when they act with such experienced intensity. Lee Jun Ki plays a former gangster turned lawyer to avenge his mother through legal means, and Lee Hye Young will be a top judge while Choi Min Soo will be Lee Jun Ki’s adversary, a former gangster now corporate head honcho.


Veterans Choi Min Soo and Lee Hye Young Join Lee Jun Ki in tvN Drama Lawless Lawyer — 14 Comments

  1. Hard! I screamed my house down when news dropped of LJK and SYJ being cast! I’ve got this drama on countdown and 54 days to go till launch off! There is hardly any news and pictures of the 1st read and filming so it’s pretty much on lockdown. SYJ cut her hair for LL????? So yes this is my #1 most anticipated K drama for 2018. Can’t wait to the 12th May ❤️

  2. If I hadn’t been burned in kdramaland so many times, I’d be super excited. As it is I will keep my expectations at a reasonable level.

  3. Return is not good… Misty isssss…. It’s only deal with one case, but it’s more like paint the dark side of human nature surrounding homicide case. This year is fill of good writers filling the time slot.

  4. Lee Jun Ki alone is enough to make me excited and add up Seo Ye Ji, my excitement goes up to the roof. And then here comes the casting of Choi Min Soo and here I am floating on cloud 9. I really hope this drama will be a good one, at least for the sake of my darling LJK.

  5. Bam!!!Choi Min Soo and Lee Jun Ki combo.Just one of them is enough to get your kdrama sensors tingling.Two of them.The screen will burn.You just need to point a camera in their faces.Even without lines and the screen will just light up.Their charisma.I am looking forward to their epic showdowns.I am anticipating something like Mao and Kay from “Time Between Dog and Wolf”.

    Gu Junpyo’s Mum I see you?.This drama is in the writer’s hands.The cast so far is all solid.If the script is good.The drama will do well.If the script is need to mention what will happen.

  6. Misty is actually more on the mystery-thriller-romance-melodrama side than the legal/procedural side which is actually its weakness.
    It’s so good I can’t even describe how I’m drawn to it since I started watching it.
    This would’ve passed as a movie coz of its very high quality in cinematography, music and acting.
    The micro expressions of the cast especially Kim Nam Joo is insane. Let’s not even begin about how gorgeous she is wearing all those pantsuits because she is one charismatic woman.
    Anyway, you surely won’t be leaving your eyes to the screen once you start watching Misty. Other dramas pale in comparison. All people I know living in Korea watches it.

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