Top Stars Zhao Wei and Shu Qi Visit Hu Ge on His Stage Performance Tour

After spending a year studying abroad in 2016 through 2017, C-actor Hu Ge has been back for some time in China but has eschewed the drama and movie route to pursue a passion on stage. Since late last year he’s been doing theater and laying low vis-a-vis the glitz and glamour of C-ent promotions. I miss seeing him onscreen but am so impressed with his thoughtful decisions in his acting career. This week he is back in the news thanks to two good friends going to watch him perform on stage, it’s nice to have super famous pals who still act like giddy fangirls. Zhao Wei and Shu Qi sat in the audience to watch Hu Ge’s show and afterwards visited him backstage, showing us the currently scruffy and more built Hu Ge who is still smexy as all out.


Top Stars Zhao Wei and Shu Qi Visit Hu Ge on His Stage Performance Tour — 8 Comments

  1. I think zhao wei jie is such a nice person. She has a lot of friends in entertainment world. And su qi jie is really pretty.

    Hu ge gege is getting smexy. He plans to be a director. So, good luck ge!!

  2. I seriously miss hu ge’s acting but huge congratulations on his new endeavours. I hope a historical drama of NIF’s caliber will entice him back to the small screen in the near future. After all, he is the prince of period dramas

  3. I agree.. I hope he comes back to the small screen. HuGe is the prince of period dramas. Just had to re watch NIF, the little tibbits and mentions of Mei Chang Su was making me crave more. I came back to re read Ballads of the Desert and got side tracked. Glad I found this older post.

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