Jung Kyung Ho, Go Ah Sung, and Park Sung Woong Confirmed for OCN Remake of British Show Life on Mars

Another promising K-drama has coalesced as the leads of the OCN remake of British show Life on Mars is confirmed. The drama will star Jung Kyung Ho, Go Ah Sung, and Park Sung Woong, with the PD from Cruel City (Heartless City) directing. PD Lee is no stranger to remakes as he also directed A Witch’s Love which remade TW-drama My Queen and then directed the K-versions of The Good Wife and Criminal Minds. Not all where ratings or critical successes but the directing was always top notch for me, and ultimately the writing plays a bigger role in how to transfer the original setting into a seamless K-drama style. Life on Mars has Jung Kyung Ho playing a 2018 fast rising detective who gets into an accident investigating a crime and awakens in 1988 as a cop in a small town station. He ends up working with his 1988 fellow cops to solve crime and try to return to his time period, or maybe not as he could be dead or in a coma. I didn’t watch the original series but this fantastic cast makes the K-version worth checking out when it premieres in mid-summer after Mistresses.


Jung Kyung Ho, Go Ah Sung, and Park Sung Woong Confirmed for OCN Remake of British Show Life on Mars — 11 Comments

  1. I loved Heartless City ! It was a great drama and my favourite character for JKH, he was so charismatic and his style was nice.

    I love the casting for this drama. I didn’t watch the original so I won’t have any expectations.

  2. So many GREAT castings lately and itโ€™s such a welcome relief from so many awful kdrama castings last year. It seems the Korean viewing public was not having it.

    Now please, PLEASE Korean networks, hire competent writers that can step up to the plate and utilize all these talented actors. The utter waste of potential can be even more frustrating.

  3. I enjoyed her performance in Heard it through the grapevine and Radiant office.
    She has a unique style, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

  4. Jung Kyung Ho needs to be leading more mainstream dramas too.I liked his performance in Time Between Dog and Wolf.Even the snippets I saw of him in Cruel City..he looked cool.

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