KBS Drama Suits and SBS Drama Switch Release Contrasting Style Official Posters

Two new poster sets came out over the weekend and it’s from competing dramas. First to arrive is SBS Wed-Thurs drama Switch (Change the World) premiering this week on March 28th, followed nearly a month later by KBS Wed-Thurs drama Suits remaking the US show. I’m interested in both dramas but Switch has a leg up to establish traction since the currently airing KBS Wed-Thurs drama is the still low-rated but cult hit second season Mystery Queen 2. I’m fangirling over the Suits drama poster but it’s likely just a teaser one because the leads Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Sik are back-facing and smaller in scale to emphasize the title of Suits. The Switch drama posters feature leads Jang Geun Seok and Han Ye Ri front and center, and in one stance two Jang Geuk Seoks as he plays a dual role in the drama as a swindler and a prosecutor. I like the poster’s bright and sun-filtered colors but in terms of creativity its typical K-drama face up close style.


KBS Drama Suits and SBS Drama Switch Release Contrasting Style Official Posters — 6 Comments

  1. Oh myyy…. I can’t wait for “Suit”. I hope the drama will do well for my boy Park Hyung Sik. It just so happened that both my baes, PHS and Lee Jun Ki doing legal dramas this year, so despite not favouring this genre, I am all aboard.

  2. Looking forward to both of them. I am a little hesitant about Suits. It feels like it will be a big drama, but what is the storyline? Are they following the US storyline or just borrowing the premise?

    As far as Switch, I welcome a fun drama into my drama watching line up. there are so many sad comedies and sad melos around. Queen of Mystery 2 had the saddest most depressing storylines for it’s opening 4 episodes which almost made me drop it. Should We Kiss First is wonderful and upbeat, but the melo is kicking in. Live and My Ajusshi or so realistic that it is uncomfortable (though they are high quality dramas).

    So I just want something fun. I’m also looking forward to A Poem a Day. I thought it would be sad, but the trailers look fun. I may be tricked though. All the Live promos promised something fun and it is the opposite of fun.

  3. I JGS’ speaking voice. Eager for this drama to be a success for him since I think he is actually a good actor.

    As for Suits, the US version has definitely surprised me since I fell for it hook line and sinker right away. I’ll admit it is not a good show but there is such a good natured feeling around it, I really felt good watching it. I hope Korean version will be similar. And GREAT casting and I like the poster too. Much better than the Switch one as far as I’m concerned.

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