Ha Suk Jin and Cosmic Girl’s Bona Confirmed as Leads of K-drama Your Housekeeper

I’m not exactly sold on this lead cast but the younger generations keep coming and it’s always best to keep an open mind. Summer KBS Wed-Thurs drama Your Housekeeper (Your Butler of Your House Helper) has confirmed the lead cast of K-actor Ha Suk Jin with idol-actress Bona of the group Cosmic Girls. It’s adapted from the same name webtoon about a well educated young man from a successful family who quits his job and becomes a housekeeper to a family of three sisters in various stages of life. Sounds a bit like Manny but this drama is from the PD of Strongest Deliveryman and The Fugitive of Joseon and will take over the time slot after Suits. Ha Suk Jin is now a seasoned leading man but Bona is a comparative newbie though she was the lead actress in last year’s drama Girl’s Generation 1979 (Lingerie Girls).


Ha Suk Jin and Cosmic Girl’s Bona Confirmed as Leads of K-drama Your Housekeeper — 5 Comments

  1. Really enjoyed watching Ha Suk Jin in Something about 1%. He was a very likeable Chaebol in that role. It’s a shame he has not achieved more recognition or been offered more standout roles. Wishing him more success in his future dramas.

  2. Bona is a good actress, except for crying scene. And I hope she won’t end up with Ha Seok-jin in the drama. They don’t match well as she’s look too young for him.

  3. Bona was good in Girls Generation 1979, but not half as good as the 2nd lead – Chae Sae-Jin – was.

    Another case of an idol getting an undeserving lead role. It happens a lot. Especially on KBS. (but not only on KBS). And it is irritating as hell. There are so many fantastic young actresses stuckk in 2nd leads positions (and actors), but those idos walts in and get undeserving lead positions. At least, if they had the good sense to start with supporting roles, and then 2nd leads, before they hit leads… But they think because they sing they deserve leading roles.

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