K-ent Surprise News as Choi Ji Woo Gets Married to Non-celebrity Boyfriend

Happy doesn’t describe my reaction upon hearing the news that K-actress Choi Ji Woo just got married! Congrats to the cutest noona ever in and wishing her a lifetime of happiness. The ceremony of this Friday March 29th to her non-celebrity boyfriend who is described as someone working in a company job. She’s been working for nearly thirty years since 1995 and rose to Hallyu fame thanks to Winter Sonata with Bae Yong Joon. I didn’t like her back then and only really grew fond of her thanks to her more recent dramas The Suspicious Housekeeper, Temptation, and Second Time Twenty Again, as well as her charming turn in Grandpas Over Flowers. I’m genuinely so thrilled she’s found her prince charming in real life.


K-ent Surprise News as Choi Ji Woo Gets Married to Non-celebrity Boyfriend — 21 Comments

  1. Congratulations Choi Ji Woo and husband!!! Pleasantly surprised. Very happy for her and she looks gorgeous in those photos.

  2. Congratulations to the newly wedded couple!!! I wonder if those photos were fron her actual wedding? She looks beautiful, as always, she has so much style and grace.

    I loved her in Beautiful Days with Lee Byun Hun. She’s one of the original Hallyu actresses.

    • Oh yes, beautiful days. I loved that drama. Great acting from both leads. Choi Ji Woo was the first SK actress that drew me into Kdramas and for me she is bonafide Hallyu actress.

      • Beautiful Days, All about Eve with Chae Rim and Jang Song Gun and Dae Geum Geum with Lee Young Ae and Ji Jin Hee were my absolute top 3 K Drama classics.

  3. IS ‘ve loved her since ‘ Winter Sonata ‘ She was a fresh breath
    ,standing out from the usual run of other ladies’ lead with her short cop of hair n clean face almost without make-up.Very happy for her! Congratulation!!

  4. winter sonata was my first kdrama ever. I didnt even know why I watch it because it super makjang haha ..
    congrats to Choi Ji Woo & husband.. she look stunning

  5. I’m really happy for Choi Ji Woo. I really thought that she was going to be single for life and it’s okay to be one, but her Prince Charming came and swept her off her feet. It took a while, but it’s worth it. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and abundance of blessings.

  6. Awwww, such a happy news! I have almost never watched her in dramas, but I like her in variety show. I respect how she tends to keep a low profile despite her A-list status. Congratulations for Choi Jiwoo and husband, may they have a happy & blessed marriage!

  7. im very surprised and im very happy for you. To her husband Please dont hurt her or make her sad ever. “that’s an order!” (suspicious housekeeper) Lots of love. Godbless!

  8. Congrats to Choi Ji woo ,finally after her best friend SHK, she is next to the marriage game, not a fan of her but all women deserve happiness.

  9. Was a BIG fan of Beautiful Days, more than any early drama back then.

    I wasn’t a fan of Winter Sonata, it was only ok until maybe ep 8 then went downhill.
    Was neither thrilled with of BJY, nor CJW there. The early episodes were good. I would feel sorry for Ming Yeong “Joon Sang ah , you’re really not Joon Sang?”. Tear up again. LOL! And MY’s hair just got more and more frazzled as the Winter Sonata progressed! 😛 (and I totally disliked Park Yona bg-hack then too but he so won me over with his stubborn idealistic Director role in On Air).

    I used to think CJW had a crush on LBH … esp in that movie they made together “Everyone Has a Secret?”.

    The CJW I finally got round to enjoying is the later CJW who makes me laugh.

  10. Im super happy for her. She’s so beautiful, cute and humble. She’s adorably hilarious and friendly. Im glad that she finally found her soulmate. Be happy eonni!! Please comeback with another great news (baby!) And new project! Fighting!

  11. a pleasant surprise indeed. so so happy for her. wishing her a lifetime of bliss and happiness.congrats to the happy couple.

  12. So pretty. I also started loving her in her later career revival. I was shipping her with Lee Seo Jin so bad. Too bad he missed out on such an awesome catch. Next will be baby watch.

  13. Congrats! Never even knew she was dating.. this is how to keep your relationships private and announce it just before marriage.

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