Kim Go Eun Enjoys Enviable Lounging for Marie Claire Korea March Edition

I love my bed, spending moolah on the best mattress is an investment that pays dividends every night into the next morning when I wake up refreshed. If I could live my entire life on my bed I would but alas I have to get out of it to be a productive adult. But that only means I covet anything that resembles comfy living which is why I love this new Marie Claire Korea pictorial with Kim Go Eun. She’s lounging in beds and sofas, and wearing simple and casual outfits that just screams wear me I’m so comfortable. In 2016 she did two dramas that were very high profile and with it came heightened scrutiny on Kim Go Eun’s acting ability and chemistry with her male leads, be it Cheese in the Trap or Goblin. I like her despite having problems with how both female leads in those dramas were written, she acted the way her character was crafted and that’s beyond her control to see it falter. I still find her one of the most versatile young actresses of her generation.


Kim Go Eun Enjoys Enviable Lounging for Marie Claire Korea March Edition — 16 Comments

  1. She’s pretty in those pics. Perhaps, not korean beauty’standard’ but she has something that makes her outstanding physically…

    • It’s the aura of inner confidence, imo. Like I said in my comment below, she doesn’t come off as eager to be liked so that attitude translates really well to her experessions and look.

      • Also I realised who she reminds me of -Kiko Mizuhara (not the looks, just their vibes).

  2. Watched CITT by chance and discovered KGE and then went on to watch A Muse; Coin Locker Girl and Canola. Sorry haven’t watched Goblin yet saving that for a binge session on a long weekend. Anyway she is one of those versatile actresses that can do no wrong and after not seeing her for a while you start to wonder where is she? Well I’m glad her movie Byeonsan she finished filming last year will be out soon because that’s going on my must watch KDrama calendar. KGE just looks fresh, naturally pretty and at peace in these pics.❤️

    • She is really versatile, she feels like three different people in CITT, Coin Locker Girl and Monster. She has the potential to become one of those chameleon actors, those are rare.

  3. She’s not breathtakingly pretty but i love her natural beauty more. She suit simple style so much. My fav movie of her is canola. I can’t wait for her new movie.

  4. What’s with these unecessary “well she’s not conventionally pretty but..” disclaimers, is it that hard to just compliment her?

  5. She’s one of the very few Korean celebrities (others include Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Min Hee who are a decade older than her) and one of tge very few younger ones who doesn’t have an air of “please like me” and seems very comfortable in her own skin without caring what others think of her.

    That’s very rare among Korean It-girl types, it gives her a certain je ne sais quoi to go with her uniqueness.

      • Yeah I can see it in Han Yeri too. It’s definitely not a thing among idols or idols-turned actresses, that kind of inner cool can’t be faked. Lee Hyori has it but you would never see it among any younger idols.

    • Yeah, true. See how butthurt Park Hae Jin fans attacked her after CITT but she still could care less. She didn’t write a letter of apology and reflection like many celebs in Korea write

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