Nam Ji Hyun and D.O. Confirm Sageuk Drama Hundred Day Husband

Confirmation means another drama to look forward to as upcoming tvN sageuk Hundred Day Husband. Idol-actor D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) is taking on his first drama male lead role and also his first saguek role, and he couldn’t have gotten a better female lead as now also confirmed Nam Ji Hyun. She’s not only a talented child actress all grown up but her child actress days were highlighted by her awesomeness in playing sageuk roles, she rocked so hard in Queen Seondeok and the adult portions were saved by sizzling supporting actors once she relinquished the role to female lead. Hundred Day husband has also signed on second male lead Kim Sun Ho and supporting actor Jo Sung Ha, with the script by the screenwriter of My Lovely Girl, Could We Love, and Scent of a Woman.


Nam Ji Hyun and D.O. Confirm Sageuk Drama Hundred Day Husband — 22 Comments

    • I doubt it would, because they have plenty of fangirls to drown out all the negativity and shield them.But more importantly, the number of male idols who can act in the current crop compared to the female idols who can act is very disproportionate.

      I mean take for example DO..I first saw him in “its ok thats love”.That was back in 2014 and its been four years.He has been doing mostly supporting roles.This is his first lead role.He has been slowly building his experience.He is from big agency(SM).He could have used his backing and done several lead roles by now but he didnt.Then compare to female idol like Joy.No experience and her previous drama flopped but she is already on her second lead role.Or another one, Hyeri didnt do very well in “Two Cops” but she already signed for another lead role in a new movie.

      But overall, I think for the most part, K-nets are not usually too off-tangent when they are criticising bad acting.Even actors get bashed when they are not up to par.Even veteran actors right n Yoo Sang Hyun(He was oska in Secret Garden) is getting some flack for poor acting for the current melo that is airing on MBC.

      But am curious, has D.O done sageuk before?Thats a huge leap.Sageuk demands more than modern drama.Most actors stay away from it because it requires alot in terms of acting.

      • Totally agree with you. When it comes to vocal, he’s one of the best in exo or even SM ent. But when it comes to acting, HE’S LITERALLY THE BEST IN EXO AND EVEN FROM ALL SM IDOLS! Since SM has their actor sub, so i pointed the idol part.

        Just like you explained above, he learned and tried all the characters and took supporting characters before taking the leading male character. He loves acting just like he loves singing. And he’s talented in both.

        Lols at mentioning Joy… I laughed every time i saw her scenes in tempted, especially when she had the dialogue with the trio. Lols, what a shame. Poor other cast.. She’s not even pretty in screen comparing to the 2nd female lead. No no, im not hating on her.. I just stated the fact and opinion. No offense. I hope she can learn more and sm needs to let her take supporting roles for real actors so she can learn from them. Look at her ‘partner’ in WGM, he did well in goblin.

    • When you have Suzy and Yoona as the representative female idol-actors versus Hyungsik and Siwan as representative male idol-actors… the difference in acting ability is too glaring and obvious.
      Just compare D.O to his label-mate, Joy. Both are SM’s new generation of acting idols but one worked his way up with supporting roles, the other takes lead roles right off the bat. One has been acknowledged for his acting ability, the other gets endless criticism.

      I really think there’s a valid reason why there are disparing remarks when its female idols vs male idols. Unless casting directors start paying attention to the female idols who can act/has potential like Eunji, Sooyoung and Minah, its always going to be the case.

      • @2cents.I agree.Not to mention, the reason why female idols like Eunji,Soo Young and Minah get sidelined, little mediaplay and little acknowledgement compared to actresses like Yoona, Suzy, Hyeri,etc is because they dont meet the “beauty standard”.But this also explains why nets are harder on these flower vase idol-actresses because their visual and popularity dont match their acting skills.On the other hand, visuals or no visuals for male idols doesnt matter.Those who are good actors will be acknowledged as long as they give consistent good performance.Bad male idol actors will just get flop dramas and with time they get relegated to web dramas or just stop headlining.

  1. I would prefer an other actor, after the pairing with Ji Chang Wook that was perfect, she needs a charismatic actor ! DO is not bad, but he looks a lost boy.

    • ‘He looks like a” lost boy”’???

      Really? Have you seen all his movies n drama?? If you had, you wouldn’t be making such remark!

      • The partners of Nam Ji Hyun were Kang Ha Neul, Kim Soo Hyun, Yeo Jin Goo, Seo In Guk, Ji Chang Wook. All are pretty manly, charismatic and very good actors. She had a great chemistry with them. So yes, for me DO looks like a lost boy and yes I saw him.

  2. Aww. I love these two individually! And together, I think they will be perfect! I loved D.O. so much in Hyung. That movie made me laugh and then cry so much! ? And I have loved Nam Ji Hyun since her childhood days! She’s blossomed into such a beautiful woman! Can’t wait for it. So excited for this one!

  3. I think casting D.O as male lead despite his idol status won’t generate too many negative backlashes as to casting a female idol would do, because in this case he actually deserves it. Despite him being generally “green” as compared to Nam Jihyun, he has been delivering solid perfomances in all of his projects. Some were even highly aclaimed. For me the backlash at idol casting isn’t just a matter of gender. I’ve questioned time and time again why Ok Taecyeon gets cast as lead in dramas. Sure he is good to look at but damn it if I don’t get mad at casting news about him. I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt, but then he never fails to disappoint me so why do they keep on giving him lead roles? I’m having qualms at that Rich man, poor woman remake with EXO Suho being cast as main lead because I believe it’s too soon for him. There’s 50 percent chance that it’ll end up like To the beautiful you remake which was headlined by SMent Idols as well. The other 50 percent is for Ha Yoonseo who is pretty good IMO and hopefully can make it work.
    As for female idols, there are some really good ones that are overshadowed by those who are much popular than them that they don’t really get that much attention. Take for example Jung Eunji. I’ve adored her since Reply 1998 and her acting projects since then have generated postive responses but she isn’t as talked about as her contemporaries such as IU or Suzy. Let them cast idols as leads as long as the idols have the talent and the charm to do it.

  4. Nam Ji Hyun had amazing chemistry Seo I Guk and Ji Chang Wook and she is really, really talented, so I have high hopes for this pairing. DO was really good in I remember you, (I miss Seo in Guk by the way), which makes me really hope full for this drama.

  5. I still have this boyish image of DO so I’m quite doubtful about how I’ll perceive him in a Saeguk but I could be wrong like I was wrong when they announced Nam Ji Hyun would pair up with Ji Chang Wook and I thought they wouldn’t match lmao

  6. This is GOING TO BE DAEBAK! I have been dying for DO to get a good lead roll since It’s Okay That’s Love. And I can totally see he and Nam Ji Hyun together. Cannot wait!!!!!

  7. Nam Ji Hyun was brilliant in Queen Seondeok and Shopping King Louis! Very unpopular opinion, but I think she was miscast in Suspicious Partner. I wish she’d pick a saeguk again, so I’m super excited that she’ll be in this one!

    As for D.O, I first saw his acting in Hyung and it was alright. I think though, he has improved immeasurably in Along With The Gods. The emoting was impressive considering the screentime he had.

    Not a fan of the writing for My Lovely Girl, so I’m really anxious how this would turn out. Hopefully we’ll get a gem similar to Live Up to Your Name!

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