Park Hyung Sik and Jang Dong Gun Display More Lawyer Stylings in New Stills from Suits

The upcoming K-drama adaptation of the US legal show Suits is the second most anticipated legal drama this spring for me, after the fists first rumbling Lawless Lawyer on tvN. The pairing of a seasoned top lawyer with a young upstart is the mentor-mentee both wins dynamic of Suits, and in many ways Jang Dong Gun‘s over two decades long successful acting career can be the road map for a talented idol-turned-actor like Park Hyung Sik. I do worry that KBS will do its typical hack job on adapting the source material and therefore waste the talented dual male leads. The good news is that KBS put the PD of Mystery Queen, Healer, and Good Doctor behind the camera so at least the visuals will be decently shot like these new stills from the drama.


Park Hyung Sik and Jang Dong Gun Display More Lawyer Stylings in New Stills from Suits — 18 Comments

  1. Same like me. “Suits” is my second most anticipated drama this year after “Lawless Lawyer”. What a coincidence that both my bae Lee Jun Ki and Park Hyung Sik doing legal drama this year. I have no doubt PHS will do well in this drama because he has proven time and time again that he is a talented actor, not just an idol with pretty face. Grabbing attention for being the only good thing out of the hot mess “Hwarang” to amassing lots of news fans through SWDBS, I am sure he will not disappoint. I hope this drama is in good hands and doing justice to his talent.

    • @alexa Having watched quite a lot of both Park Hyung Sik and Im Shi Wan’s performances.. I don’t think it’s right to say that ISW’s screen presence is weaker than PHS’s. They’re both good actors. It’s hard to say who has a stronger screen presence. They’re both really compelling.

      • Sorry if I offended you in anyway but I have watched both of their performance. My bad, at least, I should have clarified that “according to me” , I dont find ISW having strong screen presence. I find him easily overshadowed by other actors when sharing the same screen. Ofc, you may not agree with me.

      • @alexa I completely understood what you meant. No worries. I know you had no intentions of hurting anyone. We can always agree to disagree. But just asking out of curiosity, which of Im Shi Wan and Park Hyung Sik’s shows and films did you watch?

      • I think I watched almost all of PHS dramas – What Happened To The Family, High Society, Sirius, Hwarang and SWBDS.
        I watched ISW in Misaeng, The King Loves and his movie The Merciless.
        They are both talented and coincidentally bandmates.

      • I agree. Our lists are quite similar.

        Park Hyung Sik: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Hwarang, What Happens To My Family, Two Lights: Relumino

        Im Shi Wan: Misaeng, The King Loves, The Merciless, The Moon That Embraces the Sun..

        I wanted to watch Sirius, Nine: Nine Time Travels, High Society and The Heirs but since Suits is coming up, need to moderate my PHS doses.

        I’ve only listened to ZE:A’s music in passing but I’ll agree both are talented in acting and music although a part of me wishes that PHS would take on a role which really, really breaks him out of his pretty boy image … Like an eating disorder..or an addiction or if he became really gaunt or overweight in the role.

      • @therainhouse17
        Oh, I forgot about Two Lights: Relumino. I have watched that short movie too.
        If you want to watch him breaking away from pretty boy image, then you should try “Sirius”. Even with little scenes, he really did very well. He excelled in playing the twin that you could distinguish the difference through the voice tone. He was really good in it. And I also forgot to mention “The Heirs”. He played a nosy sissy sidekick of Kim Woo Bin and totally not looking pretty.

      • Alexa, haha, the thing is.. I still find him very pretty in Sirius.. and The Heirs. I’ve seen clips. He is really pretty in practically every role he’s done, chaebol or not.

  2. I’m binge-watching suits at the moment I have to admit I’m now worried about PHS for probably will not able live up to mike ross’s character. I’m so freaking love the character.
    JDG will cruise for sure, I have no doubt.

    • Whenever I doubted PHS’ capability to deliver, he has always proven me wrong. This i may say from high soc, hwarang and do bong soon. Still not considering him a super solid actor but i think he has the potential to be good.

      Am more worried for JDG, cause harvey specter character is more difficult to portray and for suits usa fans, his character portrayal will be surely compared with gabriel macht’s portrayal.
      Nevertheless, am wishing this drama a success.

      • I didn’t watch hwarang cuz I dislike period drama and I think do bong soon is all about PBY and any idol would be able to play PSH’s character in that drama, although I do think he is one of the better idols out there. I have not finished DBS though cuz I thought that drama was damn stupid. No offence to the drama fan as I’m sure many of you like it a lot. it is just my opinion

      • @Amy
        Sorry but this I have to disagree. If you get idol like L or Choi Si Won or actor like Nam Joo Hyuk to play CEO Ahn in SWDBS, the character will turn cartoonish instead of simply plain wacky yet endearing. Even the talented idol Im Shi Wan does not have strong screen presence like PHS. And PBY is a strong actress yet PHS did not get overshadowed by her. And as I said earlier, PHS has the charisma on-screen that he stole the thunder totally from the main lead as evidently in Hwarang and High Society. And if you watched him in “Sirius”, he certainly has quite wide acting range for an idol, even better than some rookie actors.

      • Tbh,i think almost all dramas of Phs are subpar quality-wise but he was able to get attention of viewers so that is a feat for me. He is semi-retired as an idol now so i hope he will improve and show a promising path as an actor.

      • @alexa his portrayal in sirius made me realize he has a potential to be a really good actor. Didn’t even know then that he is an idol.

      • I have confident that PHS can pull off this role and made it his own. He is one of the most reliable young actors out there. I was first impressed by him through Hwarang and went to watch almost all of his works. Same like you @Kaye, I never thought that he is an idol when I watched Sirius. He was so damn good and memorable even when having short screen time. And he has great chemistry with not only the actresses but the actors he worked with. PHS definitely has proven himself from doing lighter genre role to heavy one. I am so looking forward to Suits, simply for him.

  3. Have not seen an episode of Suits, So have nothing to compare this to. However, from a visual perspective, you cannot go wrong with Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyung Sik in a suit! Looking forward to this drama.

  4. I miss my Harvey. Been shipping him and Donna to end up together. The bromance between Harvey & Mike is something I’m expecting on this K drama adaptation, too; hope it’s off th charts!

  5. Okay only seen PHS in What happened to my family and Hwarang and liked him in both but haven’t seen JDG in anything and Ive never watched ‘Suits’ so will see how I go with attempting to watch this when it does start. However I’ll be honest I would be watching solely for PHS. ❤️

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