Artistic Drama Stills for Crystal Liu and Jing Bo Ran in C-drama Records of the Southern Mist House

C-actress Crystal Liu may have a prolific acting career in terms of movie projects but she hasn’t done a drama in over a decade and her television return will happen later this year with the high profile Records of the Southern Mist House. It’s adapted from a popular manhwa and pairs her up with equally popular C-actor Jing Bo Ran for a walk down period lane to the early days of the Chinese republic. I’m not familiar with the source story but I do love the visuals for this drama already,  Crystal looks incredible in all her various period outfits and together with Jing Bo Ran who has steadily built up a solid screen presence this is one drama I’m now looking forward to.


Artistic Drama Stills for Crystal Liu and Jing Bo Ran in C-drama Records of the Southern Mist House — 10 Comments

  1. Crystal looks very elegant but I don’t know what it is but the feeling seems off. Is she portraying a widow? It have that feeling and a bit mysterious. JBR looks very nice in this time period. Now that I thought of it I never watch JBR in a drama before. Will definitely check this out.

    • I think Crystal Liu’s dark clothes are more an effort to make her look mature on screen. It’s probably because the writers are going to tone down the supernatural element in the original story due to censorship laws, so I guess the plot will focus more on mystery.

  2. Crystal Liu may have the visual but her acting is so wooden. Despite being so prolific, her acting remains below par. Nothing about her ever made me excited. She is a lousy actress.

    • I first saw CL in that movie with Chris Wu ‘Never Gone’ and I got so frustrated that I ended up doing a head stand and watched it upside down. I think it was her passive, whimsical kinda way of acting that got to me. As I guess when your spoilt for choice and I was on a high after watching Shu Qi in ‘The Assassin’ I went on a binge C film and drama quest and accidentally found ‘Never Gone’ and that brought me back to earth in a hurry! However I have since seen many wonderous C films and dramas since then so all is forgiven❤️ I hope CL does well in Mulan though because Niki Caro (NZ Director) is at the helm. Ummm yeah pass sorry. Actually I’m going to apologise now and put out a disclaimer; I for one cannot understand why Niki Caro has been given Mulan. Need a redraw. Peter Jackson(LOTR) and Taika Waititi (THOR) Oh hell yeah but not Niki Caro. I want to know what did she write in her Directors treatment? And now Jet Li and Gong Li have been cast. This is seriously making me ill with worry. Its like inviting your Boss and work colleagues home for a full course banquet dinner and Mum ain’t there to cater so your 16 year old younger sister has stepped up to serve fried eggs on toast. I’m not happy!

  3. I’ve been waiting for this drama since they announced it because the leads are so gorgeous and the story seems promising i mean supernatural, romance in republic era.. really my type of drama.. Now that stills are out OMG the clothes are so pretty makes me wanting it more

  4. Yeah if it’s a Chinese drama why use the Korean spelling. Same thing as people writing Chinese satoori. Wtf is that. It’s called dialect.

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