Cyrstal Liu and Jing Bo Ran Display Plenty of Chemistry in First Teaser for C-drama Records of the Southern Mist House

Consider me pleasantly surprised and now even more excited for 2019 period C-drama Records of the Southern Mist House. I already loved the bookish and lyrical title, taken from the same name manhua that is the original source of the story, plus an addition layer of nostalgia for the Republic era setting, so feeling pumped after a great first teaser is the cherry on top. Starring Crystal Liu and Jing Bo Ran, the drama will be movie actress Crystal’s first C-drama in 13 years since Return of the Condor Heroes 2006. The story has fantasy elements based on Crystal’s character seemingly having dual personalities and Jing Bo Ran may have a supernatural ability of his own, not sure what is going on but I like being slightly kept in the dark and watching the story unfold because I already see a ton of chemistry with the leads to keep my interest up. Continue reading