Han Ye Seul Shares Medical Surgery Gone Awry in SNS Update

K-actress Han Ye Seul has my prayers today for a full recovery from what should have been a routine surgery which unfortunately went awry. She posted on her SNS this weekend an update accompanied by a picture of her surgery scars from a procedure two weeks ago to remove a lipoma, which is a fat tumor under the skin. From the picture it appears the stitches are randomly sewn and after two weeks the incision has not healed and remains red and inflamed. This is so painful to see, not just the physical hurt but the emotional and mental agony of having something done to the body end in a botched job. The doctor and hospital has responded and admitted to what is essentially a medical mistake during the procedure and apologized to Han Ye Seul.


Han Ye Seul Shares Medical Surgery Gone Awry in SNS Update — 21 Comments

  1. That is a grossly sloppy job. Whoever is responsible should be sued. Apology is inadequate. Can see from pic how inflamed it is. So this is not only about appearance,it is a definite health hazard! Hope HYS has recovered n she need cosmetic surgery too for the ugly scar.

    • Seriously even looking at it is scary. The job was this sloppy, who even knows if proper hygiene procedures were followed during this operation? She could suffer a hell of a lot worse than ruined looks.

  2. I feel so bad thats a terrible scar and she depends on her looks. The worse thing is that it was not a cosmetic procedure but something she really need it. It’s really sad hope the doctor is able to fix this.

  3. lipoma is harmless and often does not need to be removed. I read that there might have been some medical mishap causing a burn on the skin… She posted the picture just to get attention and $$ compensation which is all mediaplay…

    • Well either way I still think the doctor should’ve done a proper job so that she doesn’t have to seek attention or get compensation for it.

    • But still media play/attention seeking or not.Doctor still needed to be called out for this shoddy job.Even a non celebrity would be possed if someone did such a wack job on his/her body.

    • Uh…duh? Of course she posted the picture to get attention and compensation. The doctor did a horrendous job and wasn’t doing anything about it, so she brought the screw up to light. She deserves proper compensation and treatment.

    • What is wrong with wanting compensation for medical malpractice? She posted the picture because when she brought up the issue with the doctors they just brushed her off. Its not exactly media play if what she’s claiming they have done is in fact true.

    • It’s malpractice… If she didnt talk, the doctor and hospital will keep doing it. Since she works depending on her looks, it’s not just about attention and compensation (both are needed since she lost something here), it’s about responsibility. Even it’s a very light surgery and not, it doesnt mean malpractice is allowed. Mediaplay? She’s an actress afterall. But more than it, she wants fair treatment.

      • hmmm… the cut is under her armpit, so it should not affect her looks unless she wears bikini.. Definitely the doctor did a very poor job and needs to be reprimanded. And you got my point exactly that because she is an actress, she uses the media.

    • I had not one but two fibroadenoma removed from my breast and there is no scar and it cost me moderate amount of money in South Asia. Her doctor did a horrendous job. Was he drunk when he performed surgery! Licensed professional surgeon’s don’t make a mess like that.

    • From what I’ve heard about hospitals in Korea, they won’t admit fault even for their worst f-ckups….unless the media drags them and things go public.

      Han Ye Seul was likely using the only weapon she had – her fame – to get some justice for this horrifically botched job. And she was right to do it. If anything, she should be suing the doctor now.

  4. How can this happen? I thought famous people got preferential treatment. What kind of a hospital was this? Those stitches are awful, whoever did them clearly needs to leave the medical profession. The wound is definitely infected. Poor Han Ye Seul.

  5. It’s gotten even worse, she just posted an updated picture of her torso and it looks horrible. I feel so bad for her especially since as an actress, her looks are her no.1 asset. The hospital or the doctor should be sued for this type of shitty job

    • Totally agree – sued for malpractice and his/her medical licence stripped. That is absolutely terrible and the stitches remind me of my grandfather and the ghastly scar he had when he got his appendix out back in 1950 on a remote Pacific island. It was like he was stitched back up with twine! I hope her parents are with her though.

  6. Get well soon Han Ye Seul; Hope you are recovering and being treated to the very highest VIP status that damn hospital has to offer! I know that Jung Ryeo Won and Son Dam Bi are fussing over you so just remember you are loved and adored by many including me. Rest up sis I wanna see you back in KDrama land ❤️

  7. I just hope she doesn’t develop complications fron this, whoever that doctor is deserves to be sued and have their medical licence revoked.

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