Lee Seung Gi Cosplays Prince Charming for Taiwan Fanmeeting

I see a all the little nuances about Lee Seung Gi that I love so much in the picture above, and really in his appearance at his Taiwan fanmeeting last weekend in Taipei. There’s of course the consummate performer, this time dressed as a prince charming all in white, only thing missing is an all white horse with a flowy mane. There’s also the mile wide grin and expressive sincerity and engagement in his posture. But then there’s the super slicked hair styled just so with a flourish that’s slightly poser-ish and derpy to remind us that deep down he’s just that earnest boy who wanted to sing, act, and MC over a decade ago when he started out. I’m sure his Taipei fanmeeting went off without a hitch with the good timing of coming after Hwayugi, whatever my beefs are with the drama it’s clearly interesting enough in concept to be worth a watch.


Lee Seung Gi Cosplays Prince Charming for Taiwan Fanmeeting — 9 Comments

  1. Attended his fanmeeting once, he is really a well rounded entertainer but yet portraying the earnest and dorky side of him which makes him endearing.

  2. He was so good in Hwayugi. Seriously you can put a log next to the man and he’ll have chemistry with that too. (Just to be clear, his co stars are all great in Hwayugi none of them were logs, this was a comment in general. He is just so adorable)

    The strange thing is that he doesn’t usually look handsome in photos. I know people on line who couldn’t believe how anyone would like him and changed their minds 180 degree after My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 🙂 He is one of the guys that you have to watch to like better. Photos don’t do him justice.

    • i guess the positivity of the person and his innate goodness rubs on people that whatever he does, wear — how silly they may be — looks and feels just OK and cute.

  3. That was my exact thoughts seeing his pics and fancams from the fanmeet, he looked like a prince. <3 And his manners, personality is straight out of fairytales. Where can I get a man like Lee Seung Gi?
    PS, he looks dashing and adorable at the same time. I adore him.

  4. I always found him looking weird and now I know why, his mouth is really, really wide when he smiles and the upper lip disappears.

  5. Es perfecto en todo lo que hace… es hermoso por fuera y por dentro … tierno y sexy … un profesional increíble, una voz privilegiada y una sonrisa que todo lo ilumina, una sonrisa que hace que el mundo sea mejor … una sonrisa brillante que hace mi vida más feliz <3

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