The 2018 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Rolls Out the Fashion Red Carpet for Top K-stars

The fashion do’s and don’ts remain my favorite past time for awards shows, mostly because I can’t bother to care about winners that sometimes feel arbitrary or tied to popularity. The 2018 54th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards took place Thursday night on May 3rd in Seoul and the award winners were actually quite spot on picks for the most part. Best Drama went to Secret Forest and male lead Jo Seung Woo was crowned Best Actor with Kim Nam Joo taking home Best Actress for Misty. Overall tvN won the night as Mother and Wise Prison Life also won awards. The fashion was nearly all black and white as epitomized by Suzy and Park Bo Gum walking the red carpet together as the MCs (along with veteran Shin Dong Yup). They look adorable together if this was a preview for maybe doing a drama together with People of Incheon Airport. Check out all the winners along with the star studded tuxes and gowns below!

TV categories:

Daesang: Secret Forest
Best Drama: tvN Mother
Best Director: Kim Yoon Chul for Woman of Dignity
Best Script: Secret Forest
Best Actor: Cho Seung Woo for Secret Forest
Best Actress: Kim Nam Joo for Misty
Best Supporting Actor: Park Ho San for Wise Prison Life
Best Supporting Actress: Ye Ji Won for Shall We Kiss First
Best New Actor: Yang Se Jong for Temperature of Love
Best New Actress: Heo Yul for Mother
Star Century Popularity Award: Suzy and Jung Hae In
Bazaar Icon Award: Nana

Film categories:

Grand Prize: “1987”
Best Film: “The Fortress”
Best Director: Kim Yong Hwa for Along with the Gods: the Two Worlds
Best Script: Kim Kyung Chan for 1987
Best Actor: Kim Yoon Suk for 1987
Best Actress: Na Moon Hee for I Can Speak
Art Award: Jin Jong Hyun for Along with the Gods: the Two Worlds



The 2018 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Rolls Out the Fashion Red Carpet for Top K-stars — 78 Comments

    • I am actually not a fan or an anti of Park Bo Gum, but I always feel uncomfortable looking at his face, as if he is wearing a mouthpiece (like boxers do )on his teeth, I think his veneers are too large for him.Just an opinion, don’t hate me.

      • I understand how you feel. I tried to watch him in a drama too but his face was too distracting…I couldn’t pinpoint what it was and then I realized he just reminded of Michael Jackson—after PS. Since then everytime I see him I just see Michael Jackson’s face and it is just very disturbing!

  1. Winners(Drama) Comment:
    I am happy for all the awards that went to Secret Forest, Mother, Best Actor and Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best New Actress.Well deserved and congratulations?.Yang Se Jong should have won that award for his role in Duel rather for Temperature of Love.

    Fashion(comment):no standout outfit for me.They are all playing safe so meh.Kim Nam Joo is looking beautiful but they should have tones down the face foundation.The contrast between her skin on her back and face is so visible.I usually give points to anyone who wants to shake things up in lòoks but am not feeling Park Bo Gum’s new hair cut.

    • too am not buying this couple.Have you also noted that they are mega popular in Korea but they are not having the same impact internationally.But Korea seems to have a preference for celebs with a look like know the flowery, soft and pretty facial feature types.Thats one of the reasons why they are a hit.

      Their agencies,media and the producers of their drama are capitalising on netizens’ pendant for match making pretty people.So they will be mediaplayed for a while just like song song couple was.Brace yourself.You will hear about them all year long and see them “concidentally” at events.If they end up could flow over until next year and then the hype will down and they will move on to the next item.

      • They are getting mediaplay (could be JHI’s agency at work too) but I haven’t noticed that they are mega popular with netizens.

      • I won’t even say they are mega in Korea popular sure but not as much as let me say songsong couple to warrant this massive media play. At least songsong had lots of ifans to back up the hype

    • No you are not. I see no spark between them. They look like older sister and younger brother to my eyes. JHI is so baby faced. On the othet hand SYJ qnd SJS looked great together.

    • I love them ! They had a great chemistry for me and they do normal things for a couple.

      And they don’t need to media play. The director is famous, the main actress too (the fact she had a movie with So Ji Sub helped too) and the ratings above 6% that is very good for JTBC.

      They have an audience in Korea because this drama is unique in his kind.

    • You’re not alone, at least you got 8 other members tzuyu #joke

      But seriously, me too. I quit watching it since ep 4. But i dont think they do media play. The rating is good in korea. Just like how reply series did in the past.

      • Rating 6% is not that big deal tbh. If you compared this with DOTS, they are getting the hype but not translated in a crazy way they way Dots was. Even though Pretty Noona is just a mediocre success (as far as rating is concerned) compared to drama like Live or Prison Playbook, the OTP is pretty much everywhere. Definitely media play.

    • There are bound to be people who aren’t interested in them (which includes me, since I didn’t watch the drama). But Korea is literally nuts over this pairing. They keep coming out with articles on the possibility of the two dating, and also the constant comparison with Song Song…

      • @irene Thats classic FNC tactic(Jung Hae In’s agency).They are the best at media play.Those comparison articles.Isnt this the same agency that was saying Seolhyun(one of their artist) was the next Suzy??I mean she is doing well in the advertising front so it worked..before JHI got on the pretty noona drama..they were also mediaplaying about how he resembles Kim Soo Hyun and what not..But in any case, it looks like the mediaplay is working for JHI, his pay tripled, he got a popularity boost.He will now be getting high quality first lead offers.

        He really is a good actor and he seem like a grounded man so I hope his image doesnt get over consumed with all this media ruckus.This is probably the reason why PBG, SJK and Gong Yoo are hybernating.I mean especially SJK and GY.You get the occasional article but not as much as last year or 2016.Media exposure is good for the k- actors in the short term, it gets them Cfs and more endorsement deals, but after a while..people start to get tired and they lose their appeal.

    • You are not alone. Sorru to say bit I kinda feel like they are trying to emulate the Song-Song couple. I was never a fan of Dots but the Song-Song are real… As for these two, I feel like it’s a total media play.

  2. Seolhyun’s foundation is not right with her skin color and whiter than her neck…lmao.

  3. This is one of the few occasions where I actually agreed with the selection of the winners. Probably a tad bit of reservations since I favour Kim Sun Ah to win Best Actress trophy since Bae Doo Na was sadly not even nominated and Kim Nam Gil (yes I know, on repeat again) not on the nomination list because that stringently became the reason for me being denied seeing him walking the red carpet.

    On fashion front, nothing stand out except I need to pinpoint on Son Ye Jin’s horrendous dress with that sequin being sewn in the shape of palms positioned at her breasts. WTH????? And Nana’s high slit dress on both sides with deep plunge looked cheap. And what’s wrong with Park Bo Gum’s face. Except for the excessive BB cream, the hair is a mess and yes, the veneer is bothersome. The rest are total snoozefest.

    • I actually like Nana’s dress, it’s a bit bold for Korean tastes but at least it’s different from the other black dresses lol.

      The thing that makes it work is the long sleeves, it balances out the exposed skin on her front/legs.

  4. Suzy and Nana stood out for me. Suzy shone bright and looked gorgeous in white… while Nana’s sexy style is ♡

  5. Wow I’m glad Misty and secret forest won awards truly deserving .. have you noticed that all these big dramas winners are all from cable channels.. cable channels for the win..

    • What do you expect when cable channels snatched all the top actors, writers and directors? Next year is gonna be the same lol.

      • Lol..I can already forsee writer Noh Hee Kyung and “Live” snatching the best script and best drama next year or the upcoming awards?.Or maybe somehow “Mr Sunshine” can give them a run for their money by having mega high ratings.Thats already two nominees.The public one I think that has a chance at these awards is SBS.KBS occasionally gets it right but they already have two high profile flops.

        I also wish TVN could start doing its own annual drama award ceremony.They really have so many good dramas already this year.”Mother”, “Cross”, “Live”, “My Ahjussi” and plenty more upcoming dramas who have high potential of doing well.But some will go unacknowledged even with all these award ceremonies.

      • You forgot My Mister, Memories of Alhambra, Life… I don’t think Live will grab two awards given that it has such strong competition in the next few months. Mr. Sunshine is probably the most likely contender for Daesang.
        Yeah if any network station deserves an award ceremony, its tvN (and JTBC). Public broadcast channels have totally lost their competitiveness in the last two years.

  6. Kim Nam Joo was stunning and even gave fan service to the fans by taking a photo and posing at the area near them. I am so happy with the winners especially for Secret Forest and Kim Nam Joo for Misty.

  7. Ugh Nana is a goddess (also my wife in my head) and I’m so into her outfit, especially her shoes. Apart from that, I’m really liking Jeon Hye Jin’s (Kevin’s wife in Misty) outfit, the outline of the skirt is spectacular. I usually don’t care about men’s formal wear but Jo Seung Wo’s tux is flawless, damn I love it! His powdered face though…

    Everyone else is blah as usual. I need someone in the industry to spill some tea about why so many k-celebs play it so damn safe and boring when it comes to awards fashion. What’s the deal?

    Park Bo Gum looks like he wants to be anywhere else but there. He creeps me out a bit sometimes but I can relate with trying to put up a front and failing pretty hard.

  8. I’m so happy Secret Forest won Daesang, best script and best actor. It was really a nice experience to watch a quality drama with tight script and no filler scene. As for best actress..I didn’t feel Kim Nam Joo’s performance in Misty any special at all. I happened to watch the movie I Can Speak last month and yes… Na Mun Hee is excellent, she’s the heart and soul of the movie.

    • He was so good but JSW was also great. I’m a huge JH fan and I’m satisfied that he lost it to JSW.
      But I wanted Kim Sun Ah to win over Kim Nam Joo. She was realistically intense.

  9. Nana and Honey Lee are my personal favourites and when is the Fortress going to premiere? Congratulations on winning best film. Or has it dropped already? Hanging out to see this movie umm more so Jo In Sung and Jung Eun Chae ❤️

    • Yeah if you’re going to do black or white dresses, Nana and Honey Lee’s dresses are perfect examples of how to make it look cool and not boring or bridal.

  10. The best thing about this year is they add best supporting actors – the people that work hard for years but dont get recognition. Its quite rare to have an award show that almost all awards got it right.

    Some knet is critisise Jung Ha In for stand in the middle font row of winners group photos while he only wins popularity award. Jung Ha In seem not ready to the kind of fame hes getting.

  11. Congratulations to Jo Seung Woo and Kim Nam Joo for their very deserving awards!!!

    Seems like JHI is really desperate for centre of attention, taking centre stage in the group photo with just a popularity award. Hilarious.

    • That group photo is really embarrassing. I saw some vids, he took the center spot and didn’t budge at all when the bigger award winners and sunbaes started coming into the photo. He must think he’s some hot shot now.

    • I wouldn’t say he did it purposely but comparing him to Kim Soohyun, who immediately moved all the way to the back even when organizers wanted him in the middle next to Jun Jihyun (back in 2014 baeksang), he is looking really bad right now. And KSH won more awards than him lol.

    • I didnt think the issue was this bad but its blowing up on naver now.why is his agency so quiet?I mean its a culture difference so some might not understand why make a big fuss about this..but think of it this way..its like bridemaid
      or groomman standing in the centre of the group photo instead of the bride and bridegroom.

      But maybe he had the nerves and didnt know how to handle the spotlight.A simple acknowledgement of the issue is all he needs to calm everything down.

  12. Korean award shows have such boring fashion! Only bridal whites and depressing blacks and handful of boring pastels. If I had their resources,money and connection….maybe a few misses but at least it won’t be so dull.

  13. Something weird is going on in Park Bogum’s face and hair.. I’ve never found him less attractive than now. The dresses are predictable as usual, Fifty Shades of Black & White.

    I agree that popularity awards are the most useless things in this awards show. They should make categories for best OST, costume design and so on. Anyway, Kim Nam Joo winning the trophy was somewhat predictable. But everyone deserved their wins, albeit I think some actors who deserved nominations were not even nominated. I don’t take these award shows too seriously anyway since this world is corrupt but this time I’m glad that the winners at least deserved their trophy. Also, congrats to the 1987 team! Kim Taeri is really on a rise and she deserves it with her good acting, presence and challenging role choices.

  14. Also, I’m tired of this Pretty Noona couple mediaplay. Okay, the teasers were sweet, the acting’s good too. But too much is cringy. I have no idea how Jung Hae In got to the it-boy level from a third lead in WYWS, Prison Playbook and now acting with Son Yejin and being at the center while winning only a popularity award. He’s got to be careful with that before his image is lost and there won’t be any substantial acting skills to back him up.

    • I don’t understand why do you have to hate JHI. He is a good actor. It’s been 5 years since his debut, and I think he deserves the break and attention he is getting.

      Pretty Noona is a good rom-com after a long time. It’s actually better than DOTS if you ask me. What’s good with DOTS was the chemistry between the leads yet the story was cheesy. Pretty Noona is presented in a more realistically that one can relate and the chemistry of the leads is so natural and so believable as if theu are in a relationship for real.

    • Nothing against Jung Hae In but its obvious that the overexposure is started to take a toll on his image. Not that I dislike him but I am just getting tired of seeing him everywhere. While I know it’s brilliant to strike while the iron is hot but the Pretty Noona OTP just went overboard with the media play. And same like you, the romance clingy-ness in Pretty Noona is what made me dropped it by episode 5. It’s suffocating to watch them making out every single episode.

    • I agree with @Alexa. JHI is good, but mindblowingly great? I don’t think he’s there yet. Pretty Noona is a simple, realistic drama. Better than DOTS, story-wise. However, I find it very tiring how the Pretty Noona drama is so heavily centered around this couple and that’s the only thing I see bout it on the media. Couple publicity is also tiring me.

      • I don’t know where are you coming from. But thanks to your resistance that I got curious and started tto watch Pretty Noona ?. Objectively speaking, it’s a actually very nice. It’s already midway and I realize it’s actually light melo romance drama and a very refreshing and heartwarming. It’s my first drama of JHI and found him to be doing really well in here.

        I didn’t notice him in WYWS as I dropped that drama as it bore me to death. It’s a matter of preference, btw.

    • Yeah Jung Hae In’s rise happened in like five minutes from third lead on a mediocrely rated (compared to the writer and even leading man’s own past dramas) drama to starring opposite Sohn Ye Jin?

      Even Yoon Kyun Sang who was the similarly-placed breakout from Pinocchio (unknown actor, small but complex background role that got a lot of unexpected love from netizens) which was hands down a more successful drama, spent the next two years doing second leads or lower-billed supporting roles like Six Flying Dragons before getting Rebel.

  15. Agree with the comments that Park Bogum is looking more and more creepy… He needs to get his ass back to acting because that’s where he truly shines.
    Poor Jung Haein… he’s slowly getting ruined by the excessive mediaplay by FNC. And it looks like he isn’t too media savvy.

    Anyway, I’m surprised Taxi Driver didn’t win anything.

  16. FNC is doing a terrible job, its been hours and no official statement from them. Attitude controversy wont go away without an apologize, and fans dont really know him yet to defend him.

  17. Park Bo Gum looks so odd in these photos, makeup too heavy, lipstick too pink, hair looks weird… It’s better to show us some real acting than an overhyped demeanor…

  18. Well seems the it boy good boy image didn’t last long for jhi with the way his controversy is exploding on naver

  19. I really don’t understand all the bashing about Pretty Noona.

    It’s a quality drama. You can’t like the story or anything. But the story, the director and the casting are really good.

    It’s true they are a lot of articles about it because it’s always like this. When a story is about a love couple, all the media/fans become crazy about them. But it doesn’t remove the quality of the drama.

    Live, My mister and Pretty Noona are great, they have great ratings for cable channels. The difference between them, it’s Live and My Mister are pretty sad with serious stories (rape, violence), when Pretty Noona is realistic too but in a lighter way and gives butterflies in the tummy 😛

    • I may be one of the few who don’t like Pretty Noona, dropped it around ep 8… it is draggy, mom is stupid, story is shallow… i am just glad i was not born into those type of family & culture. My Ahjussi is a lot more interesting, intense and has great depth in its script. Just my opinion 🙂

      • You are not the only one. I don’t like Pretty Noona too. There is nothing much to be told with the story. It’s like watching reality TV show of two people in a relationship like “Khloe & Lamar” Lol.

    • I don’t see bashing in the comments above. We just stated we don’t like Pretty Noona and the reason why we don’t like it. I think the reasons r the same for most – not much story and clingy OTP.

  20. I’m currently watching secret stranger and I love it , I’m so glad that the drama won the daesang prize and Cho seung Woo won the best actor , he is such a talented actor.

  21. Despite my disagreement About certain award for actress and actor, i agree their choice on most of an award behind the scene. I wish public station start to appreciate more on people behind the scene Too. They are the one who often devine a drama quality.

  22. Wow that was a really poorly lit event. All these shots look horrible, man. It can’t really be that worse irl unless of course the photographers themselves choose to pick the less flattering angles to take their shots.
    I love Park Bogum’s hair. It reminds me a bit of Hyun Bin. His face is a bit wider than before, which probably means that he’s gain a bit of weight and that is normal for a growing, aging, human person. People just can’t expect him to look the same forever and call him creepy or weird when he doesn’t. With proper lighting, I think Son Yejin looks luminous although she should’ve done some rethinking with the sequins placement. Jang Hyuk, Park Seojun and Jung Woosung wore their A-game suits as per Gong Yoo who’s suit is a bit more casual looking.

    • Oooo… I like Gong Yoo’s suit, a bit informal but color is good, he looks very attractive in it as compared to the very boring tux. Interesting that you brought up Hyun Bin’s long hair… HB always grew stubbles with the long hair which made him look very manly. On the other hand, PBG looks sissy… smh…

    • I think those PBG comments that he looks “creepy” and “weird” have to do with his teeth(he has veneers) and the gaze in his eyes.There are people who think his veneers are ill-fitted(like they are too big) so it make his smile look unnatural whether he is doing an open mouthed smile or closed mouth smile like in these photos.But more importantly, they are people who say his eyes have no feeling in them.You know when someone is laughing, sad, bored or whatever emotion they are feeling.It transfers to their eyes.In his case when he is not acting in drama.This is what happen so it can come across as creepy and a bit scary.

      But my opinion is that these comments are really starting to become more and more because of that “cult issue”.People were fawning over him not too long ago and didnt have issues or didnt care about his look.Its really scary when people change their perception of you.But its international fans who make these kinds of comments than Koreans.So no tangible effect on his reputation, popularity or his ability to make that money.

    • I think Ryu Jun Yeol also needs a shoutout, I loved the pattern on his suit jacket, it’s a cool but understated wsy to make it interesting.

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