First Stills and Teaser for SBS Rom-com Drama Handsome Guy and Jung Eum

I’m definitely seeing the handsome part of upcoming SBS romance drama Handsome Guy and Jung Eum with the release of the first stills of male lead Namgong Min. He’s so nomnomnom fine, and getting better with age especially if I flash back to Can You Hear My Heart days opposite his then costar Hwang Jung Eum who he now reunites with again here. The drama has the English title of The Undateables and I think it’s referring to both leads for different reasons, and obviously their opposites will bicker and attract each other all the way to a drama happily ever after. I like their chemistry in the teaser even though Hwang Jung Eum is already hamming it up, at least their pairing feels like nostalgic reparations for him not getting the girl in CYHMH.

Teaser for Handsome Guy and Jung Eum:


First Stills and Teaser for SBS Rom-com Drama Handsome Guy and Jung Eum — 7 Comments

  1. wednesday time slot:
    SBS-The Undateables(may)-rom com
    MBC-Come and Hug Me(may)-detective romance
    TVN-Secretary Kim(june)-rom com

    So we have three romance dramas and one legal drama.
    As for Hwang Jung Eum “hamming it up”, lets just say Koreans seem to like her style of acting in rom coms because i dont remember netizens criticising her about that.But they have chemistry so if the story isnt too predictable.Suits has serious competition.

    • Exactly international fans complain about her comedic acting which is pretty understandable but she’s basically giving similar performances Koreans have responded positively to in the past and I would not be surprised if directors push for her exaggerated comedic acting. I guess she doesn’t mind pleasing the masses as an actress and that’s fine.

      I am curious to see if more of the korean audience start to get turned off by her style of comedic acting though. Actually I’m kind of hoping it eventually happens not because I hate the style of acting but I want her to change things up and even go back to more dramatic roles which is her strong suit IMO.

      Anyway, the trailer was fun and zippy; I’m really loving their vibe and I hope the writing is good! Ah, I’m really so happy for this reunion and can’t wait.

      • @Deb, I was hoping for a melodrama for her return ,which is actually my introduction to her (Secret).I like her in this genre and keep on wishing that a good melodrama be offered to her, but I guess that genre is very illusive to her at this point and none is offered until now,so just like Lucky Romance, she has no choice but to accept the best offering she can get,unfortunately its a RomCom again.The good side is its with Namgong Min Yay!

      • Yeah I remember she was sooo good in Secret with Ji Sung! I cried buckets!

    • yeah, you’re spot on @RubyRed, about HJE acting style,I am wondering why there is two different opinions regarding her,while Inets despise her OTT acting knets are raving about it.I myself likes her performance because this is how I see comedy.OTT to make it more laughable, knets wouldn’t give her “one of the comedy queens” title if she doesn’t deserve it, right?

  2. These two are good for comedy and very charismatic actors. I’m checking this and crossing my fingers it will be good 🙂

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