Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Ratings Remain in 5% Range After Jung Hae In Baeksang Controversy

Timing was perfect for the rise of Jung Hae In as the current K-drama It Boy with three hits in a row thanks to While You Were Sleeping, Prison Playbook, and now Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain). It remains to be seen if the effect of his controversy at the 2018 Baeksang Awards will have any lasting effect but the episodes of Pretty Noona that aired last weekend right after the ceremony remained relatively steady in ratings. The previous episode 10 got 5.757% the prior weekend, and the most recent episode 11 brought in 5.637% and 5.520%. A teeny negligible dip for now, but if the drama drops into the 4% ratings for the remaining four episodes left it may be either audience blowback on Jung Hae In’s self-promotion in standing firm in the center spot at the Baeksang winners picture or boredom with the Pretty Noona plot as the leads deal with the usual motherly disapproval and workplace problems.


Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Ratings Remain in 5% Range After Jung Hae In Baeksang Controversy — 40 Comments

  1. I bailed out of this drama after 1st episode.. I dont think any drama airing right now can compete with my ajhussi. And i dont understand why he is popular and son ye jin always taking roles where the lead is potraited as miserable, troubled life

    • My Ajushi is on Wed and Thur timeslots while Something In the Rain (Pretty Noona) is on Fri and Sat. Anyone can watch both dramas. I don’t really see the need to compare here.

      Something in the Rain is good and can touch your heart.

      • I don’t see why the controversy can affect this drama. Anyone can watch it not even knowing who the actors are or even if you are not fans of the leads. People watch this drama because of the drama itself. The lead characters chemistry are amazing and so natural.

  2. LIVE … best drama for me. All the casting was so good ! More dramas like this one please …and a good rom com would be great ! PNWBMF didn’t catch me…I must be the one who find this drama boring …

  3. This is the only drama I’m watching, specifically for its realism. The actors are great. I just hope the last 4 episodes stay true to its story telling.

  4. My Ajussi is the best right now.As far as noona is concerned since first 2 episodes I already stated it as sooo boring,one scene is longer than usual,the ost,oh my,lets not talk about it.

    I saw the video of Baeksang photo shoot and the Red carpet,and based on these alone, I can see that JHI is so overwhelmed by the media attention he is getting, forgetting that he is just a trending newbie,not a star and definitely not a top star.

  5. I don’t think the dip in ratings has anything to do with the baeksang scandal he had. The drama is just boring.
    PS: Was WYWS really a hit?

    • Lol. I was about to ask the same thing. WYWS not even netting above 10% whereas dramas like Return and Witch’s Court achieved way higher ratings.

  6. There is no story to tell for Pretty Noona. It’s BORING, it’s PLOTLESS. The story been going around in circle and featuring the same drama troupe of disapproving mother and parents problem. In fact, its even illogical that the mom could be so angry over a noona dating a young man and again, the blind date set up. And don’t even get me start talking about the endless kiss promos. Last week was elevator kiss, this week was the rain kiss and only god knows what kind of kiss again for next week. And soompi is flooded by this, you can’t even ignore.

    Am not surprised that the ratings dipped though I don’t see it will go lower than this. There is no intensity anymore when the OTP been too much and too generous.

    My Ajusshi is the best ongoing drama. It’s the polar opposite of Pretty Noona. The reverse gender age difference and no skinship yet the chemistry is mindblowing, heavy and nuanced in contrast of cotton candy and the emotional built up is so brilliant.

  7. Hey I am not even a massive JHI fan. Or watch many of the lead actress works.

    If you like your drama like it. I like Pretty Noona. I don’t feel a need to defend my liking.

    I am not watching the other 2 dramas because its not to my taste. Doesn’t matter if it is good, great or crap… my life is not effected or won’t change if I watch it. Or not.

    So there you go. Just giving out my POV that not everyone has the same tastes.

    Don’t know why when a drama is good that viewers who don’t like and obviously don’t watch it feel the need to come out and complain.

    I dont go to the Ahjusshi posts and bash it about how boring it is. I don’t care about it enough to even read past the first few recaps.

    • It is a comment not a “complaint”. I watched it, I don’t like it, plain simple. There is criticism in life as well as compliment, not everything is rosy! There is really nothing you can bash in My Ahjusshi however… just my opinion…

      • Lol I don’t bash dramas unless I watched it. I actually like IU and managed to watch all her dramas. Like the actor too. Just that Ahjusshi same like Pasta both are not my drama types.

        Dont think my comment was directed at you. The mother is annoying in Pretty Noona. I actually think mother in laws or mothers like that are tiring. Emotionally wearing and unfortunately I actually know mothers who are like that.

        It just happens that PN balances out my other 2 weekend drama. One which is OTT and ridiculous. And the other which is makjang and the OTP is taking forever to notice each other. PN with its fast romance progression just fitted in between.

        Prior to my comment there was only like 2 comments saying anything positive about PN. The rest were negative.

        It is not actually my favourite drama so I don’t feel enough to actively defend it. Just commenting about the comments.

        There will always be better dramas around thank god. But what I like about Kdramas is that they are so prolific that I can usually find something to suit my moods.

        My current favourite drama is not even being commented on ockoala. What I really, really want is to watch Crazy Rich Asians. I am literally dying to see the film adaptation.

    • Just could not helped but comparing these two dramas. Though not on the same timeslot, but airing the same time. And they are a stark constrast of each other. Noona is light and fluffy and banking in on the noona-dongseng romance whereas MA is dark and heavy and featuring older man-young woman. While noona-dongseng romance is much celebrated, you could not imagined how heavily criticized is the possible romance between an ajuhssi and a young woman. But both camps agree that they are both realistic.

      I am not complaining but speaking my opinion since I did give PM a try and I do understand why the ratings is decreasing or may be will dip some more. PM is boring, a drama made out of nothing other than just OTP making out and skinship. Even the littlest plot that it has is not even relevant.

      I watch MA and agree with @candycane, there is nothing you can bash about this drama, at least until now, there is nothing. It’s perfection and ofc, having watched both dramas, as viewers we have tendency to state why PM not working for us and now, it shows with the decreased ratings. The fact that you can’t comment about Ajusshi is because you don’t watch the drama whereas we can comment about Noona because we have tried watching it, as for me, I bailed out after episode 6. It’s good that you enjoyed it, but you can’t blame others for spelling out why they dislike it and comparing it with a better drama.

      • Many Korean sites have written articles comparing the two dramas. It’s precisely because they have many things in common, yet so different at the same time. One is readily received (Noona), the other warily (Ajusshi). They both have been the most talked about dramas for the last few weeks, but while Noona’s ratings have decreased slightly, Ajusshi’s ratings have actually climbed up steadily.

      • A mere six-year age gap with the woman being older is a “noona romance” while if the man is older, the age gap has to be TRIPLE that to even register to viewers as being between an older man and younger woman (nobody was calling IU’s drama with Jo Jong Suk out for its age gap even though he was 13 years older than her). No one calls dramas where the hero is six years older than the heroine an “oppa romance” or even notices the age gap much, even in dramas I love like Because This Life Is Our First.

        I like My Ajusshi a lot better than Pretty Noona but any “waah noona romance is being celebrated while ajusshi romance was bashed, double standard!” argument is pure bs if anyone looked at the actual age gaps in question.

      • Is MA getting bashed here? Looks like only MA fans bashed this drama. I wonder if these comments are lost or simply hating because their drama is not getting the attention they wanted. But I thought MA is also doing well.

      • @MistyEyed – I guess they’re talking more about Korean netizen reactions? My Ajusshi is doing very well though, reactions both in Korea and outside are positive.

        It’s not surprising that people would see an adult couple (noona) with a mere 6 year age gap more positively at first than a possible couple with an 18 year age gap. That’s without even looking at other dramas where minors and 18 year old actresses were being paired with men 10+ years older like Radio Romance, Witch’s Mirror or that ghost drama with Kim So Hyun.

    • Even more popular dramas like DOTs and Goblin gets bashed all the time. It’s pretty normal for hugely hyped dramas to be bashed, either by people who are annoyed by the mediaplay or fans who feel like their fave dramas should get more attention.
      Yeah same here. I won’t watch a drama no matter how praised or critically acclaimed it is if I’m not a fan of the genre. No urge to watch either Pretty Noona or My Mister right now.

      • @charmaine I have to agree with this.Didnt “My Ahjusshi” team vehemently deny that their drama has romance element when people were criticising it due to the age gap of the lead actors in their press conference? I am not watching both dramas because they are not my taste.

        But I also feel its unnecessary to compare My Ahjusshi to Pretty Noona.For one, they are not in the same time slot.Two, they are not the same genre, one is supposedly a “non romantic” slice of life drama.The other one is a “realistic” romance drama.Three, the subject matter of the plots are entirely different.Its like comparing apples to oranges.

        A close comparison for Pretty Noona for me would be with “Just Between Lovers” drama.My ahjusshi close comparison would be maybe “A poem, a day”

      • Trendy drama is always has so many flaws. So it’s acceptable popular drama get bash all the time.

  8. Sorry out of the topic but i read from ig post that sjk has accept the asdal offer,is it true miss ockoala?thank you

    • I mean he has finnaly decided to accept the offer after long consideration n will soon begin filming,is it true?

    • I think even SJK wants to avoid too much hype esp premature hype in addition to his already over-hyped personal life. The hype is the one that killed the further potential of Battlefield.

    • As per tvn, he’s positively reviewing it but Blossom have not confirmed it yet. Probably they will soon since the drama is set to start filming this coming July.

      • Blossom sometimes get ahead of themselves. Sometimes it sound like they don’t even consult their artist. It’s good that they are keeping quiet this time and just let the producers do all press releases and stuff.

      • @MistyEyed- LOL I agree sometimes they do seem pretty gullible and clueless. But since TVN has pretty much confirmed the casting and Blossom have yet to come out to refute it, I’ll say it’s a done deal.

      • Thank you… ! For your information about drama asadal. I’m so happy SJK accept it! It’s Kim Jin Won-Song Joong Ki reunion. Aghhhh!

  9. Nah, if the drama ratings were already dropping prior to the JHI “controversy”.Then it probably means the plot is no longer resonating with its target audience not because of JHI.But these people should not blame the writer, I mean anyone who has watched dramas or writes scripts should have forseen this happening even before the drama started.The writer is only doing her job, because at the end of the day, its still a “drama” not a tv documentary.What story would she tell if all they have to do is say loveydovey words to each other and kiss each other for 16 episodes ?On top of that, make all the characters in the drama flawless.Thats unrealistic expectation.I feel the drama would not be in this limbo if they had made it shorter like 12 episodes or even 8 episodes.Also the mediaplay about the OTP’s chemistry was beyond ridiculous.Hope they somehow find a way and get back on track because the actors worked hard and deserve better than finishing off with a whimper.

  10. I think it just lacks a substantial plot so viewers’ interest is dwindling. Controversies usually won’t affect a drama’s ratings if the show already has a substantial fanbase. Return had a bigger controversy and it still had over 15% ratings.

  11. I will not watch it, or anything else with him.
    This guy did not even have the good manners to apologize. What a jerk.

  12. Watched the first episode of Pretty Noona just solely for Son Ye jin coz I enjoyed her film with So Ji Sub. I stuck until three episodes then dropped it coz there’s no plot to hold it in. Maybe the romance sells for other people but not for me.I think the overexposure hurt this drama a lot and made me expect more.

  13. Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food
    Ratings from Nielsen Korea.

    April 27 – 6.2 %
    April 28 – 5.8 %
    May 4 – 5.6 %
    May 5 – 5.5 %

    A steady decrease is clearly shown here.

  14. He gives that arrogant Yoo Ah In vibes. Not feeling him after he walked in at Son Ye Jin during Baeksang red carpet and grabbed her hand after.

  15. The most recent episode just cracked 7 percent. So much for the ‘decreasing ratings’ lol. (and I’m not even into this show, as stated above – just that premature predictions of the show’s demise turned out to be silly).

  16. For some of us it is important to see dramas that give us good vibes and give us hope for a better future. I don’t like to bash dramas because I’m sure everyone is giving its best. If anything, I think addressing somewhat the issue of sexual harrassment on the job by bosses is a big step in Korea and any other country. I feel that Something in the Rain did a good job in addressing that. I myself loved the music (because it was in english), acting, the idea that you marry for love or your soul mate. It has to be horrible to marry a man just because your mother expects you to not even realizing the hell you will live with for the rest of your life. I really liked Pretty Noona/Something in the Rain for those two reasons. I think that in these times the character was pretty stupid for her age in allowing herself to be manipulated by mother and boyfriend. It took her a long time to get the hell out of her house and go live on her own and make the best of it.

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