Park Bo Gum Keeps Growing Out His Hair and Offered Male Lead in K-drama Boyfriend

I feel like the K-drama People of Incheon Airport cannot get anyone to actually commit to being at that darn airport. K-ent is reporting that Park Bo Gum has been offered the male lead and is considering the romance drama Boyfriend. This obviously puts a twist on him being in talks for People of Incheon Airport the same way Suzy is being courted for that drama and recently got her name attached to another K-drama Vagabond with Lee Seung Gi. Park Bo Gum has also grown out his name even longer than the debut two weeks ago at the Baeksang Arts Awards, it really brings back mid-2000 K-drama vibes when the male leads like Jo Hyun Jae, Gong Yoo, and Hyun Bin all did long hair back then. I don’t know whether to like or dislike because I think he pulls it off but it looks a little too cutesy and emo for me.

If Park Bo Gum elects to do Boyfriend, his role is an average working multiple part time jobs to ready himself for proper career employment. In the end he’s still rejected so he uses all the money saved for the last year to travel overseas and there he meets a girl. She’s super rich and trying to escape her everyday is the same life in the exact opposite way of him struggling the same way everyday with being poor. The drama is penned by the screenwriter of Entertainer and Pretty Boy.


Park Bo Gum Keeps Growing Out His Hair and Offered Male Lead in K-drama Boyfriend — 31 Comments

    • Yeah. I’m expecting an offer like Lee Byunghun’s Mr Sunshine, Hyun Bin’s Memories of the Alhambra or Song Joongki’s Asadal Chronicle for his grand comeback. But all he seems to get are romance dramas like this and Temperature of Love.

      • My observation is that Korean drama production team like to play safe.They give offers to actors based on their success track record, sometimes public image can play a role too and age.As a result, the actors become typecast.

        In bogum’s case.Korea coined him the “nation’s ideal boyfriend” whatever that means.His most recent success was also a story about this perfect prince who would do anything for his woman blah blah.So the production team are creating roles for him that would guarantee success based on what he did before.

        If he wants to get out of that box, then it would have to be him making the move and negoitating offers with directors and writers who have something new to offer.Otherwise, you will be seeing him in those romantic boyfriend roles for a while.

      • Because he’s a newbie actor still. I mean I like him, but who is he to get such major impressive roles yet.

  1. The problem is his agency media plays a tad too much about the offers he get.They do the same thing with Song Joong Ki too.I cant figure out their intentions when they do that.

    Also dang, writer of “entertainer” and “pretty man”, no its better he take the “airport” drama or wait till a better offer comes along.

    • I have noticed the same thing. Blossom ent. mediaplays these offers he is getting and considering too much. There are way bigger actors and actresses and they get top offers left and right but none or at least very few of them ever come to our knowledge. The same thing cannot be said about Suzy, whose agency always announces whenever she gets this or that offer.

    • It blows my mind to think Im Joo Hwan is in the same agency to.He is so under promoted compared to Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki.Maybe they should promote him more and secure him better drama and other offers now that Lee Seo Won has messed up his own career.

    • To maintain the hype while they are on hiatus, I suppose.
      But yeah I agree, Blossom should work harder on getting Im Joohwan a lead role at least. It shouldn’t be that difficult; even lesser known channels like TV Chosun, MBN and Dramax are producing dramas now.

  2. What has happened to his hair and face lately? He looked so unattractive in Baeksang awards too. His face was curtained by his awful hair and he had a generally sour expression, a resting bitch face. To be quite honest, he is a pretty good actor and he’s probably doing wisely by choosing carefully his next drama. The problem is, however, he isn’t that great and he isn’t at a level to be taking long hiatuses. He is an it-boy after all and his longevity will boil down to skills because it-boys come and go.

    • I think in Park Bo Gum’s case, he can survive a long gap between projects and have his It-boy status intact – he broke out with back-to-back lead roles in two smash hit dramas, one of which was a sageuk (which tend to earn their leads more critical praise than modern dramas when they’re successful and well-acted, plus the fame boost has slightly more longevity).

      Plus it helps he’s not only known for one type of role unlike the lesser It-boys like Nam Joo Hyuk etc, his range of roles is versatile so he can avoid typecasting.

  3. I don’t like this look on him. Again, his veneer is bothersome buy I like him enough as an actor. Please don’t take this offer. The writers’ previous works are terrible.

  4. His face looks kind of haggard and skinny.
    Maybe its the angle or the make-up or his hair…
    Anyway I miss in dramaland so hopefully he comeback in a good drama soon.

  5. story sounds boring and the writer sucks (based on previous work). PBG should venture out of romance drama. His current look fits more of a rebel or villain. Pick a more edgy character rather than a pretty boy role. He is looking weird…

  6. I hope over time he’ll take more complex roles than just romantic comedies. I liked him in Reply 1988, sure, but before that he surprised me with his role in I Remember You. (I couldn’t get through Moonlight in the Clouds.) He has a good acting range, so in some ways he could just as much be the next Park Seo Joon, as he could also probably be the next Shin Sung-Rok.

    • That’s the strongest point in his favour, he’s got the kind of range that allowed him to do I Remember You, Reply 1988 and Moonlight all in one year and pull off all three roles.

      I adore Shin Sung Rok though. Everyone knows him as a villain and Kakao dog but he makes a really charming romantic lead too, to the point where I prefer to see him than Park Seo Joon (who is a decent actor and has great chemistry with all his female leads when he’s playing a nice boy… but he can’t pull off playing tsundere types).

  7. Personally, I think he’s going through some personal issues or maybe in a relationship?

    He looks like he’s lost weight and he can barely fake a smile or act like he wants to be at these public appearances. I honestly won’t fault him too much, I’d be worse as a celeb lol.

    He probably prefers more meaty roles but it seems he’s more limited to more one dimensional romantic roles in kdramas. I’d be networking my ass off tying to get into more korean movies if I were him, even if it was a supporting role.

  8. I liked Entertainer! The love story was useless and they didn’t have any chemistry but the other stories were touching. It’s just it wasn’t a romance drama more healing style.

    For PBG, clearly not his best hairstyle :p

  9. It is not his agency mediaplay about this boyfriend drama. The drama company did it to use bogum’s name. If you follow the news it is blossom who commented the drama does not even have director/station yet but they are polite enough to say ‘yes they sent us script’. The writer and productin company did the same for mbc entertainer in 2016. They announced bogum will come back with entertainer after reply1988 just to piss kbs had to hurrily announced moonlight casting which bogum actually signed on. That time he already had hanbok fitting lol

    This boyfriend or whatever is looking for funnding and broadcasting station so they sell it with bogums name for public attention. I guess when the news of leeseowon controversy die down blossom or real station will say about his real work in case he got it.

    • @honey: Exactly, unlike FNC, the agency notorious for media play, Blossom Ent hardly does it. Bogum had a 10,000 fan meet in Japan -something to hype about-but they didn’t even release a single article!

      I normally look at the track record of the scriptwriter…thus, I would lean more toward People of Incheon Airport than Boyfriend. I am sure he gets more offers than what is published but a follow-up project puts so much pressure after two consecutive hit dramas.

      @royal: Agree with everything you said.

      As for Im Joo Hwan, I agree that he’s a very good actor. Unfortunately, his two drama projects were both overhyped and disappointing to say the least. Wrong choice of projects has a huge negative impact of one’s career. Conversely, a good one means more offers, more CF deals, a higher status in the industry.

      • yes i dont know why people assume Blossom about mediaplay when it fact it’s such a small company comparing with sidus/keyeast/C-jes/FNC or Namooactor. Blossom is just Chataehyun and friend’s company and only acknowledged because they have SJK and bogum hit big later but it does not mean they have much power. i’m bogum fan so i know how lazy blossom is. All of his casting news came from station or production company they’ll only answer “yes we got the offer” and that’s all they work.

        it’s true bogum got various offers since moonlight ended but the reason why rejected all of it was because of his studies.(and he finished already this year)and people all speculating he got his hair long for a project but bogum said he’s on hiatus so he has a chance to try various style that he never did before even it is not good looking. tha’s what he said in fanmeet so give him a break, the boy want it that way lol

  10. His hair is at an awkward stage, and his posture, facial expressions and demeanor have definitely been off lately.

  11. what happened with his face? his hair? and his expression? ..looks like he got so many problems of life…fighting bogumahh.?‍♀️

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