Suzy and Lee Seung Gi Confirmed for K-drama Vagabond with Airing Date Delayed Until Early 2019

Get ready Lee Seung Gi and Suzy versin 2.0, and judging from the character synopsis the production team could even pretend that the modern leads are picking up from where Gu Family Book ended. GFB is, of course, the fantasy sageuk drama that first gave the world Seung Gi-Suzy pairing and then subsequently proved that it should never happen again. And yet it shall as both famous stars are now confirmed for upcoming thriller romance drama Vagabond, coming from the PD-screenwriter pair behind the successful long drama Giant, with the PD also directing Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim and You’re All Surrounded and the screenwriter penned Empress Ki and History of the Salaryman. With the leads confirmed this pre-produced high budget drama is confirmed as a go but airing date will be pushed back from late 2018 into early 2019, with insiders explaining that shooting will commence shortly.

Lee Seung Gi will be playing a top stunt man, whose idol is Jackie Chan, and finds himself caught up in national intrigue and terrorism after his nephew dies in a plane crash and he becomes a witness to the events. Suzy will be playing a national security agent whose dad was a top general and is now deceased. She carries on the family training and is a highly capable spy. The two get swept up into revealing a conspiracy that reaches to the top rungs of the government with massive corruption.


Suzy and Lee Seung Gi Confirmed for K-drama Vagabond with Airing Date Delayed Until Early 2019 — 81 Comments

  1. The production team is good – both the PD and the writer but Suzy has the ability to turn any good writing and directing into another horrible nightmare. Not a fan of LSG and definitely can’t stand Suzy. So, i check this one out of my watch list.

  2. Koala off topic….Yoon My in Sang been offer the lead role to star along side Yoo jung. We talk abt age gap what is your opinion on this.

      • Personally, I don’t like the fact that they keep pairing the girls with men so much older than her. They’re all professionals, true, but it still feels off to me. Perhaps if she’s a little bit older, then the age gap would be a non-issue.

        Anyway, hope he declines (even if I’ve liked him since I first saw him in Pinocchio) and they consider one of the following as a suitable replacement:

        Yook Sungjae
        Jang Dong Yoon
        Kwak Dong Yeon
        Kim Sungjoo
        Woo Do Hwan

      • @anon lmao your idol cant act to save is life lmao. Rubbish idol who cant act and you dare put him 1st lmao. Idol trash cant even emote and execute nuance and depth acting. Other actors will destroy your rubbish idol in acting skills

      • @Neutral

        just because he is an idol doesn’t mean he can’t act. and just so you know, i’ve watched sungjae in dramas before i knew he’s an idol. i think he was really good in both school 2015 and goblin.

      • @anon your rubbish idol cant emote or nuance or execute any depth….Your trash idol has 0 acting skills lmao. All other actors will destroy your trash idol in acting period.

      • @anon trash idol who cant act to save his life….do not put your trash low life idol filth in with other actor…attention seeking low life idol filth…all other actors will destroy your trash low class 0 acting skills idol filth period anyday. No pd or writers wants to cast your 0 acting skills noob idol trash who cant act to save his life lmao that why there are no offers for your trash idol.

    • My opinion may not be important. But I don’t get it when a 23-year old AHS is replaced by YKS who is 31 year old. While KYJ is 19 yo. I think we can see clearly their age by looking at their physical appearances. If they change with older cast, should they change the character? I mean twenty something guy is usually different with thirty something guy, right? Well, I don’t know. I prefer Jang Ki Yong or Park Hyung Sik or L.

      • Why bother with actors real life age difference? They won’t be playing their own selves but a character. Great actors can make themselves look mature and young depending on the age of the character.

      • In this case, the age gap will be really obvious since YKS is a big guy who looks his age and Yoojung is petite and young-looking, and her styling will probably be understated and minimal in the drama since she’s playing a slob. I hope he declines and they look at actors who are at most in their late 20s.

      • I agree with you. But sadly all these actors you mentioned are busy, sigh! I think maybe thats why they have to find an older actor.

    • I’m very disappointed by the casting news. YKS is a good actor whom I’ll normally be very excited to watch but pairing him with Yoojung is just… wrong on so many level. No idea why they have to pair the 3 Kims with actors more than a decade older than them when there are so many young actors around these days.

      • It is more wrong to think of the actors as if they are playing themselves. FYI, they will be playing a character.

      • Wrong or not, it’s my opinion and preference. If you don’t mind the casting, then good for you.

      • It’s not a matter of if they will be convincingly young or mature-looking by themselves. That’s easy enough with styling and makeup. This is a fluffy romcom so it’s most important that they match well and look good together. I like Kyunsang and love Yoojung, but the age difference + visual disparity isn’t giving me confidence that they’ll have cute chemistry.

    • YKS definitely meets the height requirement of the webtoon. Look-wise I am not too sure… Age at 31? maybe they can style his hair and dress him younger? He is a good actor 🙂 Too bad Jang Ki Yong is not available…

      • I agree with you. Too bad that Jang Ki Yong is not available. Can the drama Clean wait until Come and Hug Me complete? I wish.

      • He is available though. Come and Hug Me’s filming ends in June. This starts filming in August. The problem is are the production team even considering him? Or is he willing to film two dramas back to back?

  3. Gu Family Book had good ratings but they weren’t stellar either… Other dramas were better this year like The Good Doctor. So I can understand to cast a pair of actors who already had a great chemistry in project together but in the case of LSG and Suzy it wasn’t that great. WYWS showed the Suzy’s limits of acting and it was a preproduced drama too, so I really don’t understand why.

  4. Ah can she please sort out that fiasco with that Yang Ye Won. I mean good on her for securing this drama but first things first. Sorry the story does not appeal so not on the watch list and not because of the leads.

      • She casted idols, krystal for example, but literally not for main leads.. Which is not suzy’s style. As someone who already got Best Actress awards, she wont step down for 2nd lead. And drama needs cf. Despite her wonderful acting, suzy has ‘it’ factor.

  5. Congrats to them for their choice. Wishing them some good luck because they are going to need it. Suzy looks so much better in pictorials than red carpet and candid pictures. She should have just focused on her strength which is being a CF model and left the acting to someone else. Well, she needs to secure the CFs with acting in dramas too so.. I guess I can understand why she still insists on acting. Maybe this will be a lucky strike to Suzy after series of dramas that didn’t exceed the 10% ratings mark? Anyway, great timing ?

  6. This is what I don’t get with Suzy. She is a very good singer but not a good actress. Is she a strong enough vocalist for a solo career? Who knows she hasn’t put the time or effort to really develop her natural talent and her vocals, but then she is putting all this time in acting where she is not naturally talented and effort alone can’t take you far.
    Her insistance in persuing single mindly an acting career is only going to hurt her on the long run. She is nowhere good enough to be getting main lead roles and everyone knows she is getting those because A. Her agency’s backing and B. Her popularity that began because of her CF work, which she got because of her singing career as an IDOL SINGER.(See the irony) Her youth and looks can only help for a while to keep her popularity but… Popularity is only a fickle thing. It takes very little to loose the publics interest or their good will. Eventually she is going to be held to the same standars that other actresses are held by the public to be consider real good. So far she is getting bad feedback on her acting and if this project fails is going to be squarelly on her shoulders because she is the weakess link in a production that is pretty strong and be proven succesful.

    So, Why? Why? Suzy-ssi you wants to be an actress instead of a singer. You obviously are a much talented singer.

    • No offence but Suzy isn’t a good singer either. Singing and acting is a big no. She’s a good dancer and model though.

    • Suzy cannot sing. Her vocal is very weak actually, the weakest in Miss A. She is still bankable now so JYP will market her in whatever places she will sell. She cannot dance, she only knows to stick her butt out and swing it. I only agree that she looks good on pictorials when photoshopped.

    • @ Daisy and @candycane All I can said I’m going to agree to disagree with both of you just because whether Suzy is a good or bad singer is a completely subjective.

  7. Well I liked rutuja family book no stellar performances but it was interesting. Well if its interesting and has decent to good acting ill watch. Still i think lee seungi best performance was king to hearts

  8. Sadly your long essay is prove that you know nothing about her, let me tell you Her popularity,her cf work all begin because movie introduction to architecture, not because she as idol singer lol

    • She got popular in male community sites since her debut though. Don’t underestimate the popularity that miss A brought to Suzy. So to put it simply, since her debut, she was noticed because of her girl next door aura and beauty and miss A even got a daesang in their debut year. Because of that very idol popularity, she got a main role in a JYP produced drama Dream High with Kim Soo Hyun and that made her more popular among young idol fans which in turn got her a lead role in Architecture 101 which finally gave her the Nation’s first love image that JYPE has been using in their mediaplay ever since. People never liked Suzy for her acting (except her diehard delulu fans), they liked because of her visuals and image. most people consider her a very mediocre actor with beautiful visuals, kinda like Kim Tae Hee. The truth remains that Suzy got her initial popularity because of her idol image and popularity but because she is in JYP, she naturally got all those leading acting roles to give longevity to her career because especially female idols retire within about 7 years and that’s if the group is mega popular. Actresses still have a longer career and top actresses (the Meryl Streep level actresses who are critically acclaimed) stay in the business for a very long time and stay respected in their main profession. Idol fans will only do so much, unless Suzy starts quickly attending acting schools and her acting miraculously gets better

      • Aigooo stop confusing me,, you said she is not pretty, bad visual on red carpet, only good bcs photoshoop, now you said she is popular bcs her visual lol

        Fyi missA got daesang bcs their song is good, liked their song doesnt mean became their fandom. Okey they got dasang but is it transfered to their fandom and popularity? nope, look at their fate now lol

        Being idol is start for suzy, but what make more cf,acting it is because architecture101.

        Anw why busy thinking about her next career, either she will long last or not, flop or not,,let she do her job hahahaha

    • @ Ice Cream First of all is Selene not Selena. There is a difference. I would love to be a Selena because I admired Selena Quintanilla Perez a great deal but that is not the case.

      Second honestly I think you need to check your facts before you take it upon yourself to correct others. I don’t claim to know everything but I make it a point to only impart with an opinion when is an inform one or at least try and to not just to spout nonsense. Since prettyautumn already took the time to type a legitimate post with actual facts I will leave it there.

      Third I will hope that your attitude and personality in person isn’t like what you come across in your internet persona.

      • Oooppppssss Selene,,im good when it comes to good person. Ah next time before you write a long essay do some research. Ok

  9. This genre is risky. Was Athena a hit? Iris 2 is a sure flop.
    Let’s just hope the money invested is worth it.

    • 1st epi was very high 26,but after that it went downhill to 12plus juat like rain drama fugitive plan b 1st epi was 20plus and went down until the last epi to 12plus, but athena have stellar male cast

  10. Someone said suzy should try her luck on Kim eun sook drama.. I don’t think that woman would ever cast suzy.. Shes chooses her cast with care.

    • What i like from kim eun sook is that she’s getting better at choosing her actor and actresses. She knew that her scripts suck so that she choose real actors who can act.

  11. Great casting and really looking forward to this. I am sure it will be a great success especially with Suzy being the Superstar she is?

  12. Oh wow, with all that super budget why not cast some great actors thou. If there is no love line it would be better if they someone like bae doona. It’s a shame if the script is great but not delivered successfully because the actor limited acting skill.

    • i think part of the budget will be generated by the CF revenue which Suzy may bring in… this is all a business deal…

      • Those products she is endorsing won’t be sponsoring the drama. That is is not cost effective for the company. The appearance of Suzy in the drama is already a promo for them. So why would they spend extra money unnecessarily? Oh well unless if they are a fool.

      • There would be PPL for sure but I doubt it would be from the product she is endorsing unless the company is willing to shell out redundant spending. What if the competing brand of the product she is exclusively endorsing pays more? Then she’s fxxk. That is why those actors taking too many CF at one time have difficulty getting acting jobs.

      • @mistyeyed the products she is endorsing will definitely be a ppl on her drama, look at her past dramas, u will see lancome products der, other actress cf also does ppl on der dramas look at shk all of her product endorsement is in her dramas,

      • Good that the company of the products exclusively endorse are willing to spending unnecessarily amount of money. But it won’t be in most cases though. As someone said, SHK only endorse few products. Oh they have to convince the company to spend more.

        For producers, it’s more convenient to hire actors not attached to any commercial products so they can always take the highest bidder.

        Look at Gong Yoo, he is not getting many offers after taking too many CFs.

      • @MistyEyed – I don’t understand what your point is trying to compare beautiful ladies selling cosmetics with Gong Yoo, what does GY have anything to do with our discussion here? SHK is the face of expensive cosmetics. Suzy will bring in PPL, whether or not you disagree does not matter; she will generate revenue to the drama regardless of who her sponsor will be, that’s the whole reason she has been casted in all her dramas, for the endorsement monies.

      • @candycane My point: Contrary to general perceptions, CF is actually a hindrance to getting good acting projects. Unless, if the production company is owned by the same company.

      • @MistyEyed – Suzy is an example who prove you wrong. Her CF has gotten her many good acting projects, there is no hindrance for her, just that she is not a good actress and ends up ruining all the good dramas given to her.

    • @mistyeyed it doesnt mean that all her cf will do ppl on her drama, 2 to 3 will do, shk long time cf always do ppl on her drama,and its a win for dem coz they sold out,it like paying a 10sec ads why not put it directly in the drama.

  13. I have a strong feeling this drama is male-orientated. The ensemble cast is made of strong male actors so I don’t think Suzy’s acting will matter too much. Good choice from her agency!

    • Yeah, now that I think of it, her agency saw how well that’s working for IU and maybe they are thinking that it will work for Suzy too lol. She’s not a problem in this drama though.
      One of the actors, Lee Kyoung-Young has been sentenced for 10 months, 2 years of probation and 160 hours community service because he raped (you cannot have sex with minors, it’s rape) an underaged sex-trafficked (no underage does it out of their own will) girl. He is a disgusting criminal that shouldn’t get any roles but he’s still getting. I’d rather see Suzy on my screen than Lee Kyoung-Young who is a disgusting rapist. I can’t even watch the parts with him in (and he’s been in quite a few popular dramas lately, like Misty) without vomiting in my mouth. How does he still get roles after buying sex from a minor?

      • Gross! As usual with these cases he brushes it off by saying he was not aware the girl was underage (17 years old) at that time.

    • You may have a point there. Sypnosis wise the character is reading like it might have great prominanse in terms of story but then thinking of her male co-stars for the most part they are actors with great acting chops.

  14. I wouldn’t care too much if the production team were mediocre, but it’s a crying shame when a show with a great writer and PD is poorly cast. I actually liked Suzy fairly well in While You Were Sleeping, but I think that character suited her, and it was gonna be a mediocre show anyway because of the writing. I cannot imagine her as a “highly capable spy”.. but I’d love to be pleasantly surprised.

  15. Everybody’s trying to make their own version of “Healer”. Trained guy and girl with a situation that engages the help of the trained guy. There should be a hero situation, some shower scenes and a bit of suspense to heighten the romance. All that equals a greater drama. Looking forward to this!

  16. Suzy needs to heal her relationship with the studio owner in that sorry as debacle with that Yang Ye Won first.

  17. We are Suzy’s fans from Sydney, Australia. We are looking forward for this upcoming drama Vagabond. So happy that Suzy and LSG are reunited again. It felt like the part 2 of Gu Family Book, the reincarnation. Both are good actors and Im sure the OST songs will be great too since both are good songers. This is a perfect drama comeback.????❤️❤️❤️❤️???

  18. I’m verry excited. I know lee seung gi will nailed it. He such good actor and verry professional.
    I always watch his drama and he always success deep into the role. Can’t wait watching him agaim after hwayugi

  19. Wow! Why is it so many people upset about the casting. Lee Seunggi is one the best actors in Korea. He has been getting better with each drama and no one else could have played the character Son Oh Gong as well as he did, so this drama will be good as well. Suzy most probably can play action characters because she is well trained in martial art. Wishing both of them all the best! I’m confident that this drama will be very good. ❤️❤️

  20. I am an ajumma fan of Suzy from Canada.Been hers for years.Totally watched all her movies,dramas,variety shows, cf et al.Now, I am so excited with Vagabond more so with Lee Seung Gi as her male lead.My dream wish reunion.
    Life is too short.Just relax and enjoy…

  21. Just what are you saying? What matters in a drama? That people like it and love it. I loved gu family book. I liked UF, Hwayugi, WYWS, K2H, brilliant legacy, dream high, architecture 101,…
    When people love it, it means they are capable. When you hate an actor, you won’t like them no matter how good they play. You are not their fan. But you don’t have to comment here and ruin the atmosphere. Go and comment for the people you like.

    I’ve also watched BOF, healer, LOTBS, The heirs, Pinocchio, …… But,

    GFB was the best drama I’ve ever watched. Wish you luck LSG & Suzy.
    We’ll love you and your chemistry ?

    • This is the most ridiculous comment I have read here! “ruin the atmosphere”… What? Everyone is free to comment in this playground. You must be new and You are saying things the wrong place. Go to their fansites if all you want to do is to give praises without thinking. Duh ?

  22. Yeah I’m sure what you say is reasonable. I’m not sure if two main casts are capable or not when their movie rating is 20%. Could you clarify?

    Everyone is ‘free’ to comment here of course, then why are you sad with my comment? I wrote that to the people who hate the casts and just insult them. Everyone is not free, freedom comes within rules, and being critical is different from being insulting.

    • I am not sad with your comment, why would I be “sad”? I am just disagreeing with you. No one is insulting anyone here. We are free to disagree and this is not an insult. Obviously you cannot take any comment that is not a praise and this is your problem.

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