Kai Tops Buzz Meter in Bizarre Gucci Couture Outfit at Fashion Show in France

Well done, Kai! High end couture is naturally rife with super weird creations and confections more for the artistry than wearability. EXO’s main dancer Kai is definitely savvy to generating buzz because he picked at outfit for this week’s Gucci resort collection show in France that is guaranteed to elicit commentary. He’s wearing a Gucci oversized plaid suit with old school tasseled loafers, a dorky albeit expensive outfit, but shot into buzzy stratosphere by adding the also Gucci produced headband with uneven fringes covering his eyes and framing his face. It’s like metrosexual Charlie Chaplin crossed with chain mail Cleopatra, so hideous yet theatrical enough for this media saturated event. Also good for a hearty chuckle.


Kai Tops Buzz Meter in Bizarre Gucci Couture Outfit at Fashion Show in France — 14 Comments

  1. I’ve heard the expression “got dressed in the dark” but this is the first time I’ve seen got dressed in the dark under the tablecloth? a very handsome guy who obviously also has a great sense of humor.

  2. something not right… Cleopatra did not lay her bangs outside her crown… If you want to copy, copy the whole thing please. Kai’s hair looks ugly, his shoes look heavy. Yuck! The model does not dress like a Grandpa, but Kai does… LOL… and oh, this reminds me of someone with a similar look at the Airport…

  3. I think he looks better in pic no.2,4 and 5 which only show his upper body (from waist to head). I don’t think men should wear pants with same pattern as the suit, coz they always look bad, especially oversizes ones…
    I never really get fashion couture anw.. It always look hideous to me. Maybe I am just don’t belong to high fashion industry.. LOL

  4. It’s fashion. It’s bizarre. I think the model pulled it off though…I thought it would of been his own creation in putting the outfit together but he pretty much wore the model’s whole outfit…original but not so so original.

  5. KING JONGIN slayed;;

    Vogue has declared him as “the star of Gucci’s stunning resort’s show” and he was even sitting front row!

    But more importantly, he looked so cheerful all throughout and seemed like he had a lot of fun. He looks good. In the first picture, especially, he had a nice smile.

  6. He looks gorgeous sans that tassel thingy cos it’s so try hard and I guess it was made just for the runway but someone forgot to give Kai the memo and now the poor guy has to live with these pictures channeling Jack Sparrow aka Cleopatra aka pre school dress up. Sehun won some fashion style award recently I guess Kai thought he could give it a shot with this. Yeah…right. ?

  7. Kai is tall, good looking, adorable & a talented young man to model this Gucci attire. He’s got sense of humour & enjoying the show. Well done, Kai! More, please.

  8. Kai looks good n having fun. He did pretty well in the drama. Look forward to more of his projects well done Kai ?

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