Tang Wei, Ni Ni, and More Actresses Go Beautifully Makeup Free in New Skincare Pictorial

Summer and full makeup are basically mortal enemies as the heat melts the layer of facial armor and the skin longs to breathe. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a new makeup pictorial featuring famous Chinese and Japanese actresses without a drop of makeup, barefaced and beautiful for the world to see. Tang Wei, Jessie Li, Ni Ni, Arimura Kasumi, and Matsuoka Mayu are luminous and refreshing in an era where makeup is complex and layered beyond belief. I’m not as brave as them to venture out without a tiny bit of covering but I do feel more confident in not being blemish free and perfect nowadays than younger. Wishing all the ladies embrace their original selves, have fun with makeup if you like, but know that without there is still a beautiful person inside and out underneath.


Tang Wei, Ni Ni, and More Actresses Go Beautifully Makeup Free in New Skincare Pictorial — 12 Comments

  1. I don’t know what changes you’ve made on your site, but none of the images in the posts you’ve made for the last week show on any of my three browsers on my PC, or on my phone. Caches cleared, pages refreshed, nothing works.

    • Hi Stuart! I haven’t done anything. I did nothing different to my site for the last three years. Images shows on my PC, Mac, and iPhones when I access. This is frustrating to hear but I don’t know what’s going on.

      • On a hunch I tried something, and it worked. I logged into my proxy/VPN, chose a random country (Italy), and voilĂ ! – photos. Of course, I was then prevented from commenting here because you site blocks comments from proxy visitors, but the problem has been identified – IP addresses from New Zealand are being prevented from seeing the images on your blog.

    • I’m where u named and I have the images on this site. I have encountered that problem elsewhere and I find that it’s isp-provider related.

    • Actually they look pretty make up free to me. They may have curled their eye lashes but the slight unevenness in skin tone makes it clear that they haven’t done anything to their faces. They look gorgeous! When she’s have creases and double eye lids, it will look like they have eye shadow but it’s actually all natural.

  2. Serious case of envy from me. Did anyone see how fine their skin looks? All fine pores. It is make up free. You can see the moles. And the eye bags and wrinkles under the eyes. It is the lightning that the photographer used. It is not a flat frontal glare like they use for some photography.

    And yes they all look so gorgeous.

  3. This is a SK-II initiative. The only product these celebrities have on their skin is the SK-II essence. I must say, I have been impressed with their recent marketing approach. “Change destiny” and now this. Kudos to their team! These ladies have such nice skin… major envy

  4. I think they would have done something to the lightings on the photos. These stars are all relatively young, if SKII was serious about selling their product to me try finding an ajhumma on the street and do the same photo shoot.

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