Janine Chang Lovely in Fashionably Wonky Valentino Dress at Tencent Event

I love the picture of TW-actress Janine Chang above, she posted the black and white shot along with others of her attending the Tencent Streaming Awards this weekend. She’s hitting her stride in C-drama land with a succession of successful drama hits some of the most popular include The Empress of China, The Four, Tribes and Empires, and the recently concluded Here to Heart. She really shines in period dramas with her visuals a great match for the willowly period beauty, and unfortunately her modern dramas she always picks ones that drive me narratively batty including Here to Heart but I’m still traumatized by Best Time. That segues into this Valentino couture dress she’s wearing for Tencent, she looks beautifully but good golly what is going on with the dress? The tulip sleeves, the weird off shoulder angle, and of course the awful bandaid across her chest. This dress deserves to be in fashion purgatory, please toss it after the event Janine dear.


Janine Chang Lovely in Fashionably Wonky Valentino Dress at Tencent Event — 16 Comments

  1. I ‘m not familiar with this actress. Was she always fflat chested? Gotta give it to her for her “I don’t care if this dress accentuates my flat chest.”.

  2. I don’t think that a woman must have a big breast but at least they should wear a dress that makes look good not the opposite… It’s a hole or flesh-colored fabric ? Because it’s very weird.

    • I have a feeling that she has sown a flesh-colored fabric to cover that hole. If you google the Valentino site, there is definitely a hole. This is a wrong dress for her paper-thin figure. The dress should be worn off-shoulder, and I bet she put tapes to hold up the dress to prevent it from falling. Terrible choice for a price tag of US $4950.

    • I’ve thought the same as well. I don’t think she has had anything major done, but something appears different. But it is subtle, slimming /weight loss of the face?? Not sure.

      Re: dress and hair. Not keen on either.

      • She definitely slimmed down. Looking back to her past dramas, she did lose a lot of weight on her cheeks that’s why she looks different.

  3. Heavens, she looks like a child in this monstrosity. She has typical chopstick legs but even then they still look awesome.

  4. I’ve always thought Janine Chang was very beautiful and a good actress but that dress is just so unflattering on her!

  5. Gosh what an FUGLY dress. It’s only cos of Janine that she makes the dress not so ugly. Her stylist ought to be shot.

    • Oh no, please look at the models wearing that same dress on the runway & in Valentino website. The dress is fine, Janine is the awful one, it is totally the wrong dress for her. I don’t think the designer has a cardboard figure in mind when this dress was designed. To be fair, I don’t know this Janine, I am only simply commenting on the dress. Please don’t shoot the dress, it’s the person wearing it… Yes I agree her stylist should be fired! ?

      • LOL. I made up my mind when I first saw the dress this morning that it would be unflattering on just about anyone. After reading your comment, I just had to check it for myself whether the models would wear it well. My verdict, the dress is just unflattering period. It actually looked worse on a professional model. I’d say this Janine Chang wore it better, if we had to make comparisons.

      • I have to respectfully disagree. She altered the dress by putting a fabric over the hole. The Valentino model wore the dress off-shoulder but not her. I still think the dress is fine if worn properly 🙂

  6. @candycane @shin
    Wow calling à woman “transgender” “cardboad” and “awful” just because she doesn’t have big b**bs…

    Shame on you.

    • I call her figure “cardboard” not her. She looks awful wearing this dress. This is the same as putting the dress on a mannequin. Do not cast your feminist view on me, and do not group me with the person calling her a “transgender” because I never discriminate anyone based on gender and sexual orientation! This is only my opinion about a dress! Why does a discussion on a dress has to turned out to be woman bashing… What the heck? You have a problem. Shame on you who does not know fashion!!

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