Charismatic Tropical Themed Official Character Posters for Meteor Garden 2018

The good promo trend continues as pretty official character posters are out for the soon-to-arrive 2018 Chinese and Taiwanese joint production remake of Meteor Garden from 2001. I love these tropical colored posters with the vibrant green and everyone looking their most darnest in portraying their iconic characters from the well known shoujo manga Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers). I never realized how much male lead Dylan Wang resembles singer-actor Jiro Wang until now, I totally dig it. Second male lead Guan Hong has a chance to make the Rui character shine on his own curly haired take and he looks flower boy handsome in his melancholy pose. The other two male leads Caesar Wu and Liang Jing Kang also feel alive in their posters which bodes well for having four strong visuals make up the new F4. And last but never lead female lead Shen Yue remains plucky and wide-eyed as ever in her attempt to manga-fy herself into becoming Makino Tsukushi.


Charismatic Tropical Themed Official Character Posters for Meteor Garden 2018 — 10 Comments

  1. First thing that comes on my mind after seeing those tropical posters is “ALMOST PARAAAADISE”!!
    Which is hilarious cause in my opinion the Korean version was the worst remake. I’m so excited for this version!!

  2. Yes, I was thinking the same, how can Hu Yitian say she’s unattractive yet are only interested in gross plastic monsters lol the drama is set to air July 9th, according to MDL

  3. The posters look good. Just saw that Tencent is the official online channel for the web version, which according to the rumors is supposed to be undubbed. I hope that is true. No broadcast date given for web version though.

  4. This drama is set to begin airing on Hunan TV on July 9th. Hopefully, Hunan TV won’t mess it up with its cutting and editing.

  5. I wonder when this storyline will ever go into retirement… But, just the same, I always end up watching each version anyways out of curiosity. Actually, I was enjoying Hana Nochi Hare even though I think it was much more mellow than HYD. In a way, it was refreshing to see the male protagonist the opposite of Doumyoji and such a weakling in strength. You don’t see many of those types of male leads. I’d like to see a remake of this one too.

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