Cast of Lawless Lawyer Attend Wrap Party as Final Episode Brings in Series High Ratings Over 8%

It’s time to celebrate for the cast of hit tvN weekend drama Lawless Lawyer, wrapping up its two month run this past weekend with new series high in ratings. The final three episode brought in ratings of 7.089%, 6.618%, and 8.937%, building steadily and maintaining the momentum from a successful premiere episode ratings just over 5%. This is a huge win for the cast including Lee Jun Ki, Seo Ye Ji, Lee Hye Young, and Choi Min Soo, and it truly was a team effort from the four leads who acted their pants off through 16-episodes. The script was good enough but the acting and chemistry elevated this drama to great, a fun watch because it took time to create characters and backstories audiences could care about or connect it. The good guys were engaging to root for and the baddies so smart and diabolical it made the match of wills worthwhile. Congrats to Jun Ki for a much deserved hit drama and to everyone in the cast and crew for making something worth watching the whole way through.


Cast of Lawless Lawyer Attend Wrap Party as Final Episode Brings in Series High Ratings Over 8% — 44 Comments

    • Seo Ye Ji’s aura and voice is just like Soo Ae too.Deep and sultry voice.I love it.You know for the past two months I was only watching this drama.Then after the finale aired.I accidently clicked on a Secretary Kim video since it was in the recommendations, then I heard Park Min Young’s voice.PMY is one of my baes too but I started laughing because my ears had not adjusted back to hearing her cute and high tone voice? which I like too.

  1. Yay!!!! Finally. A long awaited posting and a long awaited success for Lee Jun Ki. Lawless Lawyer been doing very well with the ratings since its debut and glad that it maintained the solid viewership despite the world cup fever and even capped off with a bang, almost hitting 9% ratings.

    At last, a well-deserved hit drama for LJK and he is fortunate to have great co-stars in SYJ (my girl crush), CMS and LHY and not to forget the adorable lawless minions.

    I hope he will come back with preferably a slice of life drama with no action/stunt. As amazing an actor he is, I still badly want to see him doing something different and explore his greater potential as an actor. Best of luck and congrats LJK and the LL team.

    • He can do those slice of life dramas or movies when he gets older that his body can no longer do the stunts. He would have more time for those type of dramas later in his career.

      • It is important for actor as seasoned as LJK to venture outside of his comfort zone and become versatile. I love LJK but at the moment, he is being typecast with action hero roles.

        That is why I agree that he should do a slice of life drama for a change. Just play an ordinary guy without avenging past for once. I don’t blame him because those were the offers he mostly received but with this new hit drama under his belt, I hope he will receive more diverse role offers.

        I read at soompi thread that LJK said he won’t do sageuk for now but he is currently reviewing many offers. I also hope he will just stay with cable networks because at the moment, quality dramas mostly produced by cable stations. The big 3 stations are no longer relevant.

      • Is his dramas contained in action? I watched few of his drama but I don’t think it’s a purely action drama. I am watching Lawless Lawyer right now. This is not just an action drama but action, legal, satire, little element romance etc. Then I watched his Criminal Minds which was a thriller, crime with element of action, pyschological drama. Moon Lovers was melo, political, period, very little element of action. I think he is one of the verrryy few actors who’s doing diverse dramas out there while many of the actors are stuck in rom-com.

        Do you know why there are many rom-com or slice of life dramas? Because those type of dramas are cheaper to produce. While rom-com dramas are ideal to certain age bracket, but these type of dramas have ZERO substance. It’s only for the fluff and cheesy entertainment which I think for passionate actors is the last genre they would do. Slice of type of drama is no problem as it’s available anytime of the actors career.

      • You know, you are really hard to accept the opinion of others.
        You just can’t see the basis of what others trying to convey and being all defensive unnecessarily.

        Sure, LL was not strictly billed as action drama but LJK been playing action hero roles over and over again. Almost all of his dramas had him performing action stunt and I appreciate it because he is really good. But that is his comfort zone.

        What being transpired here is that it would be good for his career trajectory to take on role of an ordinary guy without the drama which is something you can find in slice of life dramas, just like in Misaeng or Go Back Couple. I don’t care if the drama is not of big budget production as long as it is a quality product.

        In no way my comment diminishing LJK talent as an actor. It was out of good intention, to see him as better actor who could tackle every genre.

      • The problem with you is, you expect others to fully accept your opinion thus your negative reaction.You view things too much from a fan perspective. I am giving you additional info from another point of view.

        I never thought you were bagging LJK anyway. I was just responding on the slice of life drama comment which I think that if an actor has other options, unless if the script is really amazing & with challenging characters, it’s a type of genre actors would do later in their career.

      • I very much agree with you. All the drama his done shows he is versatile, e.g in Lawless Lawyer he protrayed comedy, action, romance. Actors that star in rom com are the ones in their comfort zone, they just act funny and theirs some romance which i think is easy and fun without having to put effort or strength in their role.

      • It’s not a legit excuse to wait till he is older to venture into another territory.

      • Some fans just can’t handle constructive comment. LJK is a fantastic actor, no doubt but I won’t blindly rate him as versatile yet despite how much I like him. You can say he has played more diversified roles than a lot of other actors of his batch that stuck in the similar kind of roles but why compare LJK with them? Why can’t hope for him to emulate actors like Ji Sung and Lee Seon Gyun whom are known for their flexibility and versatility. Go easy with the defense. It’s no harm wanting him to become greater than he already is.

      • Lee jun ki has done diverse roles yes as diverse as ji sung if we consider his older works but its also true that he has got TYPECAST in action revenge dramas. For the past 4 years he has been asking for romcoms or lighter roles directly in intwerviews. He even said when are you going to give me romcoms in few years i will definitely not be suitable for romcoms as well?? Then the director replied dont worry you still look good youll get those offers first lets do action. Casting lee jun ki in action means easier work for directors and high payment for jun ki. He cant refuse.for once he should be ADAMENT and wait for lighter role. do the action in movies please enough in dramas for now.

      • Almost all international k drama viewers are rom com junkies(girls escaping reality with rom com). That’s y Park Seo Joon, Lee min Ho etc are so damn popular amongst them such actors it’s hard to find a male as their fan but Lee Joon gi got lots of fans from both sex.

      • @zaynb i can guarantee that lee jun ki has more male fans than female fans. My friend even has his poster LOL. Actually he even has a huge homosexual following hahaha. Yes lee jun ki is versatile if not the most versatile k actor i have seen. His unique performances and versatality is what obtained him more malw fans. BUT as you said drama land is not for all the wierd roles he choses. In past few years all he is doing is action and people get tired of it. He should do that in movies. To be honest dramaland is not advanced enough to use his action skill. His action skill is is too good to be wasted in dramaland. He is no less popular than lee min ho or park seo jun. Just different kind of popularity. Dramas are still dominated by cheese and romance and he desperately needs that one romcom or slice of life to servecthw majority of drama audience.

      • @satish borganker that’s y am hoping for Lee Joon Gi to get more movies, that’s his place where he shld really be. I guess its due to him been blacklisted by the former president that reduced his opportunity in the movie industry. If he gets a good movie director and writer he will rule the industry. All his pasts movies made in Korea were all hits in the box office , with LL success I pray he gets more and good offers to act in movies. That’s what a true fan should be hoping for not some rom com.

    • i will like him to do a slice of life drama if this is what he wants. be he always said that as long as his body lets him do action he would like to do action. and i’m the happiest of fans because of it. he is the best in action scenes… but to say that he is not versatile only because he does action is a travesti. every character of him is so different. you can’t compare Jang Tae Sang to Bong Sang Pil. Or Kim Soon Yeol to Yongi or Sato to name some of his characters. not to start talking about Wang So. And every character of his is versatile in itself… so i’m sure he will continue to give us awesome and versatile characters as he has been doing so far

      • Those people are rom-com junkies & shippers. Lol so don’t mind them. An actor whose doing multi-genres & challenging characters is not versatile yet actors who keep doing rom-com & light characters, characters that any newbies can do,are versatile…lol what a big joke.

    • No point arguing. I didn’t responding about LJK being but why actors in general don’t waste time doing rom-com as it’s a genre with No substance & slice of life of dramas can be done anytime in any actora career. Unless if LJK or any actors don’t receive any other offers then, they can do rom-com or those so called slice of life drama as kdramas are flooded with these.

      Just because LJK does not do any rom-com, he is being typecast. Maybe you should check the meaning of it. ? Rom-coms are suitable for newbies or those who wants to regain the buzz. Would LJK wants that or wants to go back to 2005, the rom-com era for him. Or unless if the script and the character is really worth it which is highly unlikely if there’s one available judging from rom-com dramas around.

      • Did anybody mention rom-com here? The one who kept mentioning rom-com is you.

        Obviously, you don’t understand the definition of typecast yourself.

        I happened to be one of the fans who like an actor but not the point of worshipping and simply turning on a blind eye over his lacking which could be improved. When ones mentioned LJK, action is the first thing that comes to mind. It will be refreshing to watch him breaking free from that synonym.

        Then again, I am done laying out my reasons because certain people just want to see the good sights only, singing praises only instead of open for the betterment.

      • I watch LJK drama like I watch many actors drama. But worshipping him?When did I? My comment was even intended for actors in general.

        Those rom-com & slice of life dramas can be done by any newbies & certainly not to expand an actors capabilities. If you are upset that your bias is stuck to this genre well too bad. Maybe yoir bias can think of developing more skills to be offered with challenging characters.

        Though I’d say there are some good slice of life dramas but he can do it when he is in his past 45. There are other more worthwhile genres than slice of life or rom-com or plain romance dramas.

    • @Omg @Mischa

      There is no point going back and forth spelling out your POV when @MistyEyes clearly missed the point.

      Really hope the success of LL will open more diverse offerings to LJK. I really don’t wish to see him in action drama again. Slice of life is good – something that is less dramatic and it would be a breath of fresh air if he can get viewers invested just playing an ordinary guy leading a normal life with normal average people problem.

  2. Finally. Congrats to LL’s team. good story and solid acting. love it
    So happy for LJK, next time just stay away from idols please…

    • Hahaha? I noticed there was none in this one.Even the entire ost was sang by indie artists and non-idol vocalists.Maybe you are right, am not prejudiced against idols because I have seen dramas and idol actors whose performances were better than the people who only act and will watch if the drama is good.However, in his case..aside from “criminal minds” which underperformed.All the dramas which he did that got better reviews(two weeks, time between dog and wolf, this one). Or even his sageuk ones( Joseon Gunman, Arang, Iljimae) got better ratings than (Scholar and SHR) were idol-free.So maybe in his case is “iron sharpens iron”.Meaning he should try to be in productions which not only have a competent PD and a writer who knows what they are doing, but also lead cast ensembles that are on the same skill level as him or more to continue to put out quality work.

      MBC maybe can also take the memo.See how although “come and hug me” isnt a ratings hit, it is getting good reviews because they cast Jin Ki Joo and Jang Ki Young instead of Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk.Its the only drama of theirs this year, that has satisfied me so far.

      • act with idols bring unnecessary drama for him lol
        I’m not idols anti, I know some idols can act, but I just prefer LJK act with non idols 🙂
        just like this one. perfect

    • Yeah finally he acts with solid actors/actresses and a good female lead.
      Enjoyed Lawless Lawyer. Hopefully his future projects he will stay clear of idols.

  3. I was refreshing this page just for this post.First, a job well done to everyone.The cast, the production team and all the staff who put this together.Look how all of them are glowing.I am so happy for them.

    A quick review in numbers:

    a.Acting and Chemistry-10/10:Seriously, its rare to find a drama with no acting hole.This one was an acting 101 drama.It was a luxury cast ensemble from the dramagods.Thank you to director for not wasting LJK and SYJ’s chemistry.I would have been really salty if there was nothing implied or an actual love line between them because we dont know if they will ever work together again but each time you put them in a scene.They were sizzling with couple charisma?.

    b.Directing-8/10:The cinematography wasnt pitch perfect but it was good enough not to distract from enjoying the drama hence the 2 points off.The instrumental ost and vocal ost was on point and enhance the story telling.The action scenes were well choreographed but not overly long so people space out.But the director gets the high marks because its not easy to do combine four genres(law,romance, action and thriller) and still manage to keep it together and make the audience tune in week after week.Taking into account, its world cup season and it had a competing drama(Secret Mother) which is also good in its time slot.

    I know the writer is getting some flack for the writing because when you recruit a group of very talented actors like these and tag your drama as “legal thriller”.People expect the writing standard to be high too on the level of “Secret Forest” and “Signal”.But still I commend him for taking the risk to use satire to tell his story rather than filling the plot with legal jargon and too mcuh time in the courtroom or the usual formulaic way of one case per episode.It still produced good results.

    Frankly speaking, legal/crime thrillers sometimes can feel dry and boring when they are too intense and overly complicated /complex plot with no breathing moment.Maybe this is why they have smaller audiences compared to rom coms and melos.He has also improved by leaps and bounds from “Remember”.He still has a lot to learn but it seems he has midas touch.He has written two box office hits and now has two hit dramas under his belt.He hasnt had a flop project yet.

    Overall-8/10.I would recommend to someone to watch it.

  4. Good morning Mz Koala and you are too beautiful thank you for posting up on LL. Gosh I’m speechless which is rare for me but I’m happy moreso for LJK for finally securing a hit drama and for the rest of cast and crew to breathe in that success because they truely deserve it. I’m terribly biased so it’s a 10 all round from me. And scene ‘6’ well that’s on loop. ?What a proud moment for LJK angels rallying around to support him and for SYJ being elevated and recognised to first lead status. I wrote on Asian wiki Feb 11 2018 asking for the pairing of LJK and SYJ and lo and behold news of their possible casting in LL was dropped the next day. See there are K drama gods that exist! So massive love, hugs and many thanks to everyone involved in bringing LL to fruition plus the soompi thread and those life saving posts; life couldn’t get any better for lil ole me here in NZ. I can now go to work happy as Larry. ?

  5. This is the perfect drama to get a sequel. LJK, SYJ and the LL guys ensemble fighting corruption in Seoul. I hope anybody start working with the sequel.

    • Nahh…I won’t want a sequel. Look at Mystery Queen 2. It was a disaster. I think it would be best to keep the fond memories unspoiled even when we thirst for more.

  6. It was good watching it and all the cast was good. Another win for SYJ after ” Save me ” last year wich was great. She reminds me of Soo Ae . Another great drama “Life on Mars”. it’s a very good remake for once.

    • Agree.I would easily put her up there with Park Shin Hye, Park Bo Young, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Go Eun, Kim Ji Won, Shin Hye Sun, Jung So Min and others(her peers in age) in terms of acting skills and charisma.What is separating her from them is that they have more acting experience and popularity(star power).She has only been acting for 5 years now but the progress she has made within the last two years is incredible.She has shown us that she can do thriller and mature romance very well.If she can continue to get attention and opportunities from acclaimed directors and scriptwriters.She is on the right track to becoming an A-list actress.

      These are the ladies who should be pairing with the early to mid thirties actors for romance not the teen actors like kim yoo jung, kim so hyun or kim sae ron.Or the same idols like suzy, hyeri, yoona etc..who have shown very little improvement.

  7. I enjoy LL for the fun and furious ride but not to say that I like it that much. The plot is predictable and execution is a tad sloppy but the acting from all casts are really solid and what truly hold the drama together. LJK has fantastic chemistry with SYJ but is no match to his chemistry with eccentric CMS.

    Reaching 8.9% rating is big considering LL not buzzy enough as compared to other dramas like Pretty Noona. I am sure LJK feel very rewarded and finally hitting homerun not only with the i-fans whom are his biggest supporters but domestically as well. Congrats!

  8. Enjoyed the drama with the first half being especially good. The actors elevated the writing which had some weak spots but I give the writer credit for not sidelining the lead female character. She held her own throughout. Glad for all involved re: the ratings especially LJG.

  9. Congratulations LL’s team for the good ratings???I’m more happy for my precious LJG for scoring a hit this time???. Director, writer and actors.. thank you for all the fun you gave us the last two months. Can’t wait for another JG’s next work to have the fun start all over again. With Joon gi’s drama, the feeling is always different???

  10. I love this drama so much! one of my top dramas ever! and the best from 2018 so far. Everything is good about it: plot, directing, BGM, scenery and the cast, love the cast to pieces… and LJG. he was superb. I will love Bong Sang Pil forever and ever and ever
    and i’m so happy this drama was the hit he deserved (rest of cast and crew too) airing on spring weekends and with World Cup it was a huge achievement that people stay at home and watched! congrats to LL team, they truly deserve all the recognition and praise

    • R u seriously asking me this question? You are really trying hard to be sarastic, aren’t you.

      Let me say this…whichever actor that I like, I definitely want to see him undertaking roles of various genres be it action, thriller, melo or romcom. So to specifically answer your question…NO and YES. I don’t care that Gong Yoo is always a prince charming or Park Seo Joon doing rom-com because they are not the actors I like but I do want LJK doing something else other than action, Kim Nam Gil doing comedy instead of revenge drama because they are the actors i like.

      And what is your problem with rom-com anyway? It maybe is a low-bro genre to you but as long as it is done right, it could be a quality product ie Live Up To Your Name, This Week My Wife Will Have An Affair etc.

      • There is nothing wrong with rom-com. I read Lee Joon Gi’s interview with Vogue that he is receiving rom-com scripts but he is looking for something better ‘My Girl’. I love Pretty Noona and WWSK because they are entertaining dramas but script wise these dramas are not better than My Girl. They have similar storyline pattern & development and very predictable.

        You must like rom-com. Good luck hope he will do one. But with recent drama announcements, there are projects better than romcom such as Prometheus.

      • Seriously, i never said I like rom-com. Idk why ppl keep assuming i like rom-com. Did i mention it anywhere in my comments?

        I was simply supporting the suggestion that LJK should take a break from action hero role. A rom-com will do but preferably a slice of drama. I understand he dont get that kind offers, thus seeking with similar genre but now LL is a success, maybe he will het more selection of roles.

  11. I said Lee Joon Gi mentioned in the interview that he is receiving rom-com scripts but he is looking at something better than “My Girl”. Good rom-com scripts IMO are just of the same level as My Girl, same storyline, pattern, development and the ending…very predictable. I am just repeating myself because I want to correct your comment.

    There are better scripts out there than ‘slice of life drama’ moreso characters that better define him as an actor in the long run. He has done slice of life, rom-com, romance movies in the past It is just he is in another stage of his career. Oh well, something light might come along that he will decide to do one. Movie perhaps at least he won’t spend that much time for one project then he can another projects that he like best.

    • @Lovey very much agree with you. Fans that want him to do rom com and slice of life drama must be his new fans after moon lovers, they should go check his previous work starting from King and the clown and the rest. He has indeed touched all genre proving his versatility

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