Audiences Annoyed with Narrative and Acting Elements in Let’s Eat 3 with Yoon Doo Joon and Baek Jin Hee

I’m pretty annoyed as well so my opinion on this one is in line with the general audience feedback on the first two episodes of the just premiered Let’s Eat 3. The third go-around for Yoon Doo Joon as the foodie now feels unnecessary especially on the back of how the drama chose to deal with season 2 female lead Seo Hyun Jin in order to introduce a new leading lady in Baek Jin Hee. I really liked Seo Hyun Jin’s character Baek Soo Ji on her own and it feels really frustrating to see how the drama narrative chose to write her out of Gu Dae Young’s life in order for him to reunite with his college fellow foodie played by Baek Jin Hee. In addition, viewers are not happy with teeny tiny Baek Jin Hee’s food intake acting as it’s clear she doesn’t swallow the food with the cutaways and that really stunts the whole purpose and allure of Let’s Eat. The first two episodes brought in around 2.4% ratings so maybe as the drama goes on it’ll prove itself to be worth existing.


Audiences Annoyed with Narrative and Acting Elements in Let’s Eat 3 with Yoon Doo Joon and Baek Jin Hee — 15 Comments

  1. really, I watched the previous season and liked it and from that I had the impression that this was mostly a slice of life, feel good show about eating. but this season, what they did there was just downright sad and adds too much drama. that wasn’t the appeal of the show for me.

    I knew just by the casting that Baek Soo Ji was going to be out of the story and there’d be a new leading lady as with the first season. but this was a bit too harsh. there’s so many ways to write a character off the story, why go with this one? is it so there can be a new love line this season? but even then, there’re less severe ways to end a relationship in a story. not to say, why do we even need a new love line every season? this just felt really unnecesary altogether.

    • then they shouldnt replace the first leading lady.what do you prefer she will cheat on him or run away gf which happens a lot actually recently in couple dramas also an illness.the other way around theyre trying to get rid of her for the next season otherwise if they dont whats the point of ending those 1&2.

  2. I did actually like the show. The 2004 timeline has a Go Back Couple and Reply 1997 mix feels. That said I haven’t watched the previous seasons at all. I know this was lazy writing but the story has to progress and people will eventually forget it in a few episodes. If we don’t compare with the last two seasons, which I cannot, I did really like it standalone.

  3. I really don’t mind that she died in an accident, because in life things like this happens, just BHJ looks like she’s counting the calories intake with each swallowing, so it’s not a pleasure to watch. As well there’s no way two people would eat so much food at once. They have stew, rice, fish and again fried rice, it’s like minimum for 4 people.

  4. Season 2 was really good.

    I don’t think Baek Jin Hee is suitable to act as a foodie. She is really bad in this one…sigh.

      • agree.shes trying but some people hence they change the actress they badmouth BaekJinHee as if its her fault she just took the role.what if Baek Jin Hee was on the second and donthey say the same or its just because theyre upset of what happen.

  5. Can’t believe they killed off Soo-ji! But then again at least we know what happened,it still bothers me a bit that we dunno what happened with the heroine from season 1,I mean why the broke up.

    At this rate,I can’t even bring myself to root for this couple,if they decide to make a season 4,Baek Jin Hee is out and we are again going to get another love line with a new love interest.

    My two cents-I wish they had kept it like a throwback plotline. Gu Dae-young meets her at current timeline,his old flame from his colleges days and the rest of the drama is about them reminiscing about old days,their relationship and ofcourse food but at the end they both have moved on after 14 long! years and ofcourse he Sooji is alive and they are still married. And Baek Jin Hee has her own life too. It would be a twist,and we would still get a romance without neutralizing the previous season. Sigh…

  6. Yah….its sad to kill the character of baek soo ji…i mean i liked the two couple in season two..the way they eat together….and their faces while tasting tje foods…but lets give this season a chance…..and for season four i want dae young to get married and settle while venturing his life to be the GOD of foodies

  7. Honestly I couldn’t watch season 2 because it annoyed me how the female lead changed. Why spend all that time in season 1 waiting for them to get together, then in season 2 everything changes? I can’t believe now there’s a season 3 which is doing the same. Wish do Joon would just let this thing die. Or that he played the same character in alternate plot lines. Why link the seasons at all – it just means fans of the previous season end up feeling disappointed.

  8. Dont watch this but why have three seasons of a kdrama with the same male lead and interchanging the female leads? Sooner or later the writer would run out of ideas to keep the story coherent.Thas what is happening here.

  9. If people actually bothered to watch the episode they’d know that BJH character lost her passion for being a foodie. Her character had been eating at the hospital cafeteria most of the time and she rarely eats out. Of course, it’s going to seem like she has no passion for the food she eats. It should slowly come back to her as the series progresses.

  10. Seo Hyun Jin really suits mukbang and her enthusiasm in eating really showed through Baek Soo Ji. Very sad she died as it was this drama that made me a SHJ and YDJ stan.

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