Suzy and Top TW-stars Attend Christian Dior Flagship Opening in Taipei

A new flagship store for a major fashion couture house is sure to get the stars in attendance and there were plenty of Taiwan entertainers at hand for the grand opening of the new Christian Dior boutique in Taipei. But it was Korean actress-singer Suzy that stole the limelight, proving yet again how big Hallyu is and how popular she is personally. Her Dior outfit of t-shirt and bicycle shorts with a black gauzy skirt combo was youthful enough to pull off but nothing to write home about especially at whatever exorbitant prices Dior charges for that. I still loathe the socks and high heel pumps look that some stars don in recent years, it’s just the fashion pits no matter how some folks try to claim it’s hipster chic. The local Taiwan stars were more formally dressed but not a single outfit really stood out.


Suzy and Top TW-stars Attend Christian Dior Flagship Opening in Taipei — 23 Comments

  1. OMG… Suzy’s fat thighs will never qualify as a model… maybe a plus-sized? O know I may be bashed, but LOOK closely, will you dress like her here?? C’mom be real… plain weird!

    • Suzy plus-sized? I don’t know, I think chances are she has better legs than you and maybe most of people commenting here. I really don’t like people being so aggressive on critizising the body of celebrities. It’s ok not to be perfect, you can still be very beautiful. Not even movie stars or models are as beautiful as they look on TV and magazines, there is plastic surgery, make-up, photoshop, etc. And this is for people that spend their days in gyms and on diets, so they can look stunning. We are creating a sick society where everyone will be depressed because of impossible beauty standards.

      • I know I will get comment like yours. But if someone needs to stand on stage modeling see through mini skirt, that person better has nice legs. Suzy is actually doing a disservice to the outfit. Criticism is on her as a model, not a personal attack. Everyone else shown here on photos model the clothes way better than Suzy. Her look here is awful ?

    • that’s Suzy’s direct fashion application of “13 Going on 30”, or “30 But still 17”, or whatever age confusing fashion haha, I cant help but think those white guys are laughing at her look lmao. she’s out of place with more elegant Taiwanese celebrities, she let down Korean flag.

  2. Out of all of them, Suzy looks the most out of place. She’s a pretty next door girl alright (I don’t see the hype in her looks though, she’s super ordinary looking to me), but she doesn’t fit luxurious brands like Dior. Her aura is more suited to affordable brands targeted at young girls… same with Sulli, she doesn’t fit Estee Lauder’s image. Maybe she’d fit better if she weren’t an idol..

  3. I’m sorry but I think she was stand out not because she wore something good. But because everyone else look glamorous and Suzy look casual. Not her fault. That outfit not terrible but just so so.
    She look beautifull

  4. Can she stop getting dressed like she’s 12? Please? Plus who is her stylist taking charge with her outfits! With her stunning looks at least dress in a style that doesn’t make her so ummm juvenile. That said please do well in Vagabond as a ‘National Intelligence agent’ who becomes a ‘covert operative’. Why does this make me extremely nervous?

  5. what’s with the dior designs. a couple years back, there were these dior corset like dresses that looked amazing on everyone. The designs now are more casual and loose fitted

  6. Why is Joe giving off a gay wibe anf looking more gay despite the rum poo r that he married that woman he was dating since 2007

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    • @Manager – it’s more unfair to the clothes that got worn by her. Seriously cannot trust your eyes when you cannot even type your username correctly ?

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