K-ent News Program Reports that Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young Plan on Getting Married Soon

All I can say is that Why Secretary Kim drama costars Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young‘s denial of last week’s dating gossip has a chance to backfire spectacularly on them if they turn out to have really been dating and lied directly about it. With news breaking after the drama wrapped last week that the two have been dating for three years already, and that Park Seo Joon recommended Park Min Young for the drama, fans of the show got excited until both agencies denied the dating report.

Then eagle-eyed fans unveiled a treasure trove of SNS updates from the past two years showing the two overseas at the same locations at the same times (with just a day or two overlap in posting), and even a couple’s bracelet to boot. This week the a big network entertainment news program reporter went on air to state that not only are the two dating, the rumors swirling among the entertainment reporters were that the couple was going to get married after Why Secretary Kim finished, much like the Song-Song couple after Descendants of the Sun. The reporter stated that it was well known in the industry that the Park-Park couple are dating, and worries about the blowback on the couple now if they admit to dating after vigorously denying last week.


K-ent News Program Reports that Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young Plan on Getting Married Soon — 59 Comments

  1. Just lol park seo joon will lose so many CF if he getting married soon. He will shoot 15CF in 100 days for 1 year contract.

  2. An interview was just released today with PMY literally crying from frustration about the incessant dating rumors and she outright denied them again. It’s become such a negative shitshow with PMY and PSJ being attacked and accused of lying and has overshadowed the positivity of the drama and the casts performances which is incredibly sad. They were on such a high (after hustling for years) just a few weeks ago and It’s a bit shameful and straight up ridiculous how the media and public morphed it into what we see today.

    I’ve been casually following netizen comments for years and they can really take the “fun” out of (non malicious) celeb gossip and its absolutely exhausting to witness.

  3. Why are they denying it still? All K pop (I know not a trusted source) and Soompi both are saying no they’re not dating. Geez be honest and admit and everyone will just move on and live happily ever after.

  4. No idea how true this is but I am puzzled of why there had been so many articles on PSJ and PMY on soompi these few days. Two days ago, they posted at least 4 articles on PSJ. And not to mention that not only the two of them being directly asked and answered on their dating rumours but the other cast members were also questioned and gave their two cents on the Park-Park dating news. And today, the PD gave his opinion on their dating rumour and the article again posted on soompi.

    Hmmm…something must be cooking.

  5. Dont worry, if they break up because of that, then their love is not strong enough…Either way, why people are so adamant to know whether they are dating or not, why Hollywoods actors and actresses can be popular their whole life even if they married or divorce so many times and korean actors n actresses have to go thru these kind of ordeal just to be in love…I will never understand these type of people…

  6. I find it hard to believe it only cause I am surprised there are no photos. They really do not give off any vibes off screen either. And also I remember k- media also insisted that PBG was getting married to Jang Nara – which was baseless.

    Leave them alone K media. Although I supposed publicity is better than no publicity. But this has got to make everything so awkward. Why bother indulging these people regardless of whether it’s true or not true. People will believe whatever they want to believe no matter what either one says. Sometimes less is more.

  7. I guess if they were engaged and planning to get married soon, strictly speaking that’s not dating….?

    Anyways, who the hell cares. So what if they denied it and it turned out to be true. We aren’t their friends or family, they don’t owe us the truth.

    I just hope, assuming these rumours are true, they can get married happily in peace without fear of backlash. Imagine postponing your own wedding just cuz of a bunch of angry “fans” you’ve never even met. Being a celebrity must be terrible.

  8. I don’t believe this marriage rumor. It just reeks of yellow journalism. She vehemently and straightforwardly denied dating him so people should take her at her word.

  9. I can’t see PSJ issuing such an ardent denial in an interview if they were really dating. He appeared to be frustrated by all the rumors. If they are dating and it gets out, they’ll pay a price with the fans but it will probably be short-lived. I will never understand why it even matters but such is life.

  10. I think despite both of them denying so strongly.People are not buying their statements because Song Song couple set a precedent.Their case is not too different from them.I remember Song Hye Kyo when she was asked about marriage in February 2017 in an interview in W Korea magazine.She said marriage was not on the cards.She even went as far as saying Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In probably saw her as a noona who buys them food.Later when the shipper harrassment increased they even sue Section TV for that “Bali saga” for escalating the rumors.But as we all know the truth came out anyway.Later when asked why they werent honest upfront, she said it was because of marriage preparations.They didnt want to let anything out before everything had been finalised.

    But I must say PMY has a better PR team than PSJ.Her denial and interview has been received much better response than PSJ.If it ends up being true, I think PMY’s career will not be that affected but PSJ will be chewed alive and then some but again he is a man.He eill be fine.If they break up in secret..not a surprise either.These two are still not that established careerwise like Song Song and they are younger too.The stress too from all this could affect even a non celebrity relationship.But I think its time to stop reporting on their dating status now.Its getting ridiculous.You cant force a yes out of someone who doesnt want to.Its even worse if they dont have that kind of relationship.

    • SJK having only few lead roles to date & PSJ who only started getting lead roles aren’t established just yet. PMY & SHK are more established actors however sad but true as actresses matures or already married, their opportunity will become more scarce as years go by. No matter how popular SHK is both in Korea & overseas, she will not be immune to that.

      • In entertainment business as years go by ,and with new comers, the tendency is for opportunities to become more scarce. The survivors are the genuine , honest, committed ones, with or without great talent, that take their career serious. as well as all the responsibility that comes with it for being a public figure, many times the aspiration and whole models of many young people and other generation to come. Many claimed about privacy, but they cried for exposure and invasion of their privacy by fans and more!
        You can not play with fire and expected not to get burn.
        Do not blame fans, either the malicious journalists, the actors/ actresses and their agencies, they all are playing a vicious game of given and taken, feeding of each other , either making it entertaining , delusional, to stay relevant, since they do not believe in their talent , to keep the interest of the fans that keep them on the e-business , or removing the mask of the fakers.
        The Berlin mure came down, I never though that I would live to see that.
        I love this statement from a Kactress “ Honesty is the key “, even tough she is married with kids , she still very relevant, respected, and the Queen of Cfs, classic ones not cheap ones.
        It is none of my business if PSJ and PMY are lovers or not, that is their own personal business , but It is a pity all this media play that is going around, with no respect for professionalism, poorly, poorly manage., overshadowing all the hard work put into the drama. But, I guess this is a tread in Kentertainment for the beginning or end of a project “dating scandal (?). Lol

      • Song joong ki was already establish actor before dots. His drama and movie release around the same time were huge success. He was not a huge star like hk before but he already made a name for himself. I remember he was no. 1 in gallup survey back in 2012 and was included in forbes top 10 list.

    • they didnt sue section tv, somebody report them, thats why they are just given warning,and abt the noona who treat them its a question,and during shilla promo, she said she choose family over career.and she didnt she doesnt have plans for marriage just the fantasy of marriage is gone

    • PMY’s post drama interviews were taken down as soon as it was published and then rereleased again the day after. Meanwhile PSJ’s interviews was published really soon.
      The way I saw the whole situation, the scandal had targeted PSJ mostly. From the rumors that he propagated PMY’s casting (which is BS because she is an established actress already) to his CF contracts. Maybe Keyeast/Content Y was salty he left the agency with all those CF contracts.

  11. Why forcing them to admit something that may be not true??
    I mean IF turns out PMY actually dating someone else (maybe PSJ’s friend?) or vice versa, will the rumour dies? Or people will getting angrier (especially shippers, because their ship doesn’t sail)?
    They both personally denied the dating rumours and PMY herself is disappointed bcos it clouds their drama’s success. Even the interview with the drama’s supporting actors/actresses only report on what they think about the rumours. No wonder she is so upset..

  12. If true, congrats to them. Hopefully they’ll get marry soon because they’re a very cute couple.

    Sorry not related but just hoping Sega couple would admit their relationship too.
    Hoping the next couple will be Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won because they have the same bodyguards and Ha Ji Won is always seen at events wearing the same thing as Hyun Bin. She seem to really wanted to tell people they are together by given so many hint on her IG account that relates to Hyun Bin. He is also seen wearing a jacket with her birthday year on in his Swindlers movie. On June 23rd, he was never seen at the airport back to Korea. That’s the same date Ha Ji Won was on vacation, posting photo on Instagram informing she’s inlove. I think Dispatch already know all about them but just kept quiet too like how they did with the SongSong couple. They also help Hyun Bin fake his publicity love relationship with Kang Sora too.

      • See it for yourself at @reign1023 Instagram account because everyone is afraid to accept the truth.
        Dispatch and all news media are covering it up because they have respect for both actors. Go check out Ha Ji Won recent post of the Cinema Cannes. She post that photo after Arirang World cover that the Cannes had took interested in Hyun Bin’s new movie Rampant. They’re a really couple but just can seem to accept it because they are two very private person.

      • Everyone is so in denial to accept the truth that Sega couple are actually real. We all know how much HYUN BIN like and love HA JI WON. Even Ha Ji Won went sad and refused to take a picture with HYUN BIN when he attended her VIP movie premier because he accepted the fake publicity date with Kang Sora to boost up her popularity.

      • @ReignSg – I did not see any “popularity boost” with Kang Sora after your so-called “fake publicity date”. You are making things up… LOL…

      • Who told you that my Jiwonnie is not his type. Can’t you see his eyes is always glue to her. He even call to asked her if she’s alright when the president Park’s used G-R-I’s name. He clearly telling her he love and worry about her more than anything. It’s just a character but Hyun Bin even bothers to check on Ha Ji Won when it’s not even necessary for him to react in a way. So you should keep your bad comment to yourself.

    • OMG its been eight years already.Stop being so deluded and in denial please????. Ha Ji Won is already 40.Do you really think she would be playing hide and seek about her relationship with Hyun Bin or any other man on Instagram really? Both of them are veteran actors and well established actors.They dont have to hide a relationship or whatever.They are not young anymore or depend on popularity for their careers.They are the type we expect to just announce that they are in a relationship or marriage.These so-called shipper fan”evidences”/coincidences is the reason why PSJ snapped.

      • It’s understandable why so many people refused to believe that HYUN BIN and Ha Ji Won really are a couple because they still can’t accept that HYUN BIN left his girlfriend for a better person. Usually people who always denied are heart broken about what happened. Many even claim about seeing HYUN BIN had so many pictures of Ha Ji Won in his personal wallet. Haters gonna hate.

      • I wonder why he keeps dating other women other than ha Ji won then?
        She never was his type so you better wake up instead of waiting for what will never happen

    • Lol..I don’t give a darn if they are dating or not..has nothing to do with my life. I’m just amazed as to how a fan, who they don’t even know, would invest so much on other people’s life. Crazy and delusional indeed.

    • A whole new drama . Love the script! When is going to air and witch channel? Lol!
      Do another detective job, and tell us about another actor very popular that is constantly switching the pair, like an electric dance! Lol

      I believe all this story , witch can be true they might be dating or not, it is the job of angry ex-agencies, jealousy TV networks, to overshadow the success of the drama, or just a media play that went wrong. It is a pity, but they( the artists )have the power to change this culture. But, at the end, all this is convenient to all of them. There are wild animals in the Jungle, be prepare. Karma!

      • Very soon you will get to see their wedding day happenin. Ya will be the one to be facepalm for thinking hyun bin and ha ji won are just a delusional couple. I see so many people are jealous because they ship Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won with different people. Sorry but running away from the truth is not gonna make your ship come true either. Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin love each other.

        @RubyRed No need to worry about me because I’m at my best knowing my Couple will admit their love one day and probably getting marry soon.

    • They both have bad PR teams.Thats why their “scandals” became so dramatic when it didnt need to be.Their team also didnt know how to handle their popularity when it was at its peak.They just overmediaplay their success and sign them on to too many CFs .The result their image gets over consumed.Result, people get super annoyed and one small weakness and the bubble cracks.The antis and delusioned will pounce and wreck things up.Thats what happen to these two.This is why it didnt take too long for PBG and SJK hype to fizzle down too.

      The other reason why trending actors/IT boys cant maintain mega popularity and hype for too long in Korea because the reason the rise to popularity is their looks and image.Once the image is shattered no matter how talented they may be.You see their popularity starts decreasing, and they replace them with the next hot thing.

      • My gosh that’s it. PSJ changed agency. Maybe it was’t an amenable parting and this is the reason for this scandal. I mean other OTP’s may get rumors but this escalated out of hand

  13. would it be that the Park-Park did date in the past but broke up before or during the drama filming? So now they are no longer dating… As for Binnie and HJW… hmmm… Is Binnie the type who will deny if he is truly dating? He has admitted to dating SHK and Kang Sora before, so why will he deny now? And true, HJW is at the age that there is no reason to deny any relationship coz fans will be happy if she finds someone caring. They may just be good friends.

    • I see most people here are not Ha Ji Won fans. They’re more of Song Hye Kyo’s fans and maybe Kang Sora’s fan that’s why you all are denying HYUN BIN did actually date Ha Ji Won. Even Song Hye Kyo herself doesn’t like Ha Ji Won because HYUN BIN left her for Ha Ji Won. I’m no SHK hater, I’m just starting the true facts.

      • oh no, there are a lot of HJW fans at this site. You must be new here. Stop spreading your delulu rumour, keep your imagination to yourself.

      • Bhahaha I’m waiting for married announcement hyun bin and ha ji won. Even gong yoo and kim go eun wearing same clothes and shoes. Also lee seung gi-yoona and lee sung kyung-nam joo hyuk getting back together again. And for shk she already dating someone else and break up after her relationship with hb end. I’m really happy if hb and hajiwon settle down together. That’s will become k-drama favorite couple all time.

      • LMAO! If it’s true that Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are dating then it’s a sad story. I don’t know how you are proud of it when he is willing to admit a fake dating with KS and not Ha Ji Won. I will be heart broken if I love them so much and he is proud to claim SHK and Kang Sora’s to his fans and the public but not my girl. That means he never really had that kind of feeling for her. It will be even sadder if it’s friends for benefits because that shows he never had love HA JI WON. So stop being delusional. Hyun is the type to admit who he date and love. Sega’s fan will forever be in delusional world.

      • @reignSg You are not Ha Ji Won’s fan either.You are just a shipper.Because if you were, you would not be thinking HJW has spent 8 years of her life pinning for Hyun Bin?.He is her junior in age and career status too.She probably has many men lined up waiting for a chance to date or marry her.She might even be in a private relationship and just announce her marriage like Choi Ji Woo.

        “Song Hye Kyo herself doesnt like Ha Ji Won because Hyun Bin left her for Ha Ji Won”.”Many people claim Hyun Bin had so many pictures of Ha Ji Won in her wallet”.Ha Ji Won was sad because Hyun Bin went on a “fake publicity date with Kang So Ra?.Are you writing a drama? Worry about your lovelife hun.This level of obsession over people you dont know is not good for you??.I feel sorry for you .Or maybe you are a troll?

  14. Hyun bin made 3rd public relationship hwang hi hyun,song hye kyo and kang sora. So can hyun bin going public with ha ji won?

      • @reignsg You must be a troll or seriously deluded.lol…Ha Ji Won is well loved, respected in and out of Korea and a veteran actress.Aint nobody gonna bash her for dating.Her public image is clean.Its very possible that she is in a secret and private relationship and she will only announce marriage when she is ready like Choi Ji Woo. She is also an ideal woman for many men in her industry.Probably has lots of them lined up hoping for a chance to date or marry her.But Hyun Bin is not one of them.Stop dreamimg please?.

  15. The way the media in Korea have aggresively pursued this story like rabid dogs has been very odd. There’s always delulu shippers, nothing new and yeah the public liked them together but it’s been too much.

    The fact that a usually very composed actress is crying during an interview because of these incessant rumors should make the reporters and netizens that engaged in the accusations and hysteria incredibly ashamed. I’m really shocked at how such a cute, innocent developed into what it is now. They can really take the fun out of what should be harmless celeb gossip.

  16. Some Sega shippers are still delusional lol. Here I thought they were getting matured after ‘harassing’ SHK in the past..I was wrong.

    • Who’s harassing Song Hye Kyo? No one did so just shut you mouth. She is a happy marry woman with the most handsome and kind hearted man in the Korean entertainment world. Should be happy for her don’t bother with her past. Hyun Bin is not for Song Hye Kyo. He is only destine for my Jiwonnie. You still can’t go pass what’s not meant to be.

      @Viewer I’m proud because of all the girls he went through had capture his heart like my Queen. Proves he love my queen more.

  17. K ent news program even report on it, umm…. reminds me of SongSong who also denied, denied, denied and then suddenly announce their marriage.

  18. It’s their life their privacy their relationship and their right to admit or not and to date whoever they want they’re humans they can do whatever they want with their private lives a lot of koreans and people here seem to not get this point if they are famous it doesn’t give you the right to intrude in their life

  19. Song Song couple really just ruined celebrity dating rumours. Now when people issue denials, no one believes.

    Isn’t dating a couple’s business? Why do so many people feel like it’s their right to know and pass judgement?

    If they say they’re not dating, fine, then take it as they’re not dating. If they’re lying, so what, it’s not your business anyway, and who are you to judge them when they’ve harmed no one. Both don’t owe anyone anything.

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