KBS Drama Lovely Horribly Releases Creatively Spooky Official Posters

The dichotomy in the title of upcoming KBS drama Lovely Horribly extends to the drama itself not just within the narrative but in real life. Some aspects are quite lovely, like these creative and eye catching official drama posters, while others darn horrible such as the PD using the Sewol family victim’s tearful pain as tool to criticize the acting of an actress on set and maybe also the casting of Park Shi Hoo as male lead depending on how you feel about him. These drama posters remind me a lot of The Master’s Sun which also aired in the August ghost month time slot a few years back and chose to really play up the scary supernatural elements despite the drama being a romance at the core. Ultimately if this drama is good in story and acting I can see K-netizens tuning in as viewers and a lot of controversy gone by the wayside.


KBS Drama Lovely Horribly Releases Creatively Spooky Official Posters — 4 Comments

  1. Park Shi Hoo starred in My Golden Life last year, with an average rating of 30% reaching over 40% on its last few episodes. If this drama failed I don’t think I’ll be anything to do with his casting. I guess his scandal is irrelevant to the Korean audience at this point?

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