Han Ye Seul Attends CF Event in Black Suit Dress with Contrasting Nude Bandage Bra

It’s great to see K-actress Han Ye Seul out and about at an official entertainment event for a Skincare brand. It’s been three months since her botched lipoma surgery resulted in severe scarring on an awful gaping wound. There’s nothing the standards of reconstructive surgery can’t fix in South Korea but her job depends on her looks and any external wounding adds an additional layer of consternation. At this week’s skincare event she went with a modern suit dress in black highlighted by a contrasting nude bondage bra across her exposed chest, doing a peek-a-boo look that she pulls off even if it’s not a particularly pretty outfit. Glad to see her confident and back to being her envelope pushing self on fashion stylings.


Han Ye Seul Attends CF Event in Black Suit Dress with Contrasting Nude Bandage Bra — 11 Comments

  1. She’s so hot. I wish I have her body proportions. I think she’s more beautiful than Kim Tae Hee and they kinda look alike too. Though Han Ye Seul is rarely mention when it comes to the top beauties in the industry.

    • I think I read somewhere that her look isnt natural. thats why she rarely include in beauty survey of something like that..
      Anyway, she is beautifull and her proportion is good. She is sexy

  2. Her face is a look, I’m glad she dyed her hair back to its natural color and the subtle winged liner and wispy long curls looks perfect on her. She looks so fine, I’ll just ignore the outfit haha.

    I hope she’s doing much better now after her surgery fiasco awhile ago.

  3. It looks like she forgot to get dressed. Like she just put on her coat without putting on pants and a top first. That’s what I worry about sometimes – leaving the house accidentally undressed/missing part of my outfit. Who knew it was actually fashion?

  4. Hmm…the low waist doesn’t really look good with that open top/jacket…it makes her chest look big and like it’s sagging! Her legs look weird too…she was very pretty in Nine Tailed Fox…and she did have a bikini scene there so yes, her body is definitely precious for her career…glad she is out and about but that outfit does not flatter her figure…

  5. It doesn’t fit the brand at all. I find her outfit to be very tacky. Like I wonder what Korean press is writing about her?

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