Ahn Hyo Seob to Join Kim So Hyun in Webtoon Adapted K-drama Love Alarm

The casting carousel has brought together a pairing that I am most pleased with, and timing in this case definitely changed my opinion. K-ent is reporting that rising young actor Ahn Hyo Seob will join Kim So Hyun in the upcoming webtoon adapted drama Love Alarm, based on a future world where young folks find love using a phone app that rings when someone close by has a crush. I chuckle at the casting carousel because Ahn Hyo Seob was supposed to costar with Kim So Hyun’s same age actress colleague Kim Yoo Jung in the webtoon adapted drama Clean with Passion for Now, but he ended up dropping out due to scheduling conflicts when Kim Yoo Jung fell ill and the drama was delayed. He’s currently starring as the second male lead in the Mon-Tues SBS drama Thirty But Seventeen in a very prominent role and doing a fantastic job IMO. I’m thrilled he’s sticking with the young man role for Love Alarm, he’s so suited to play the earnest young boy learning about his growing up feelings.


Ahn Hyo Seob to Join Kim So Hyun in Webtoon Adapted K-drama Love Alarm — 19 Comments

  1. As far as I know none of the leads are confirmed. But it’s pretty much as good as KSH’s comeback drama and AHS probably would be stupid not to accept. But we’ll see.

    • Unfortunately he declined the main role..
      Will wait for the replacement, hope they cast someone who have age appropriate with her,..
      maybe Kim taehyung (C) Yook sungjae…:)

  2. Was disappointed when he dropped out from Kim Yoo Jung’s drama.
    Ok now he will be doing one with Kim So Hyun so I am happy again and first lead too hahaha.

    • I thought her character in Master of Mask sounded good on paper but the way the writer butchered that role was just terrible. I’m a lot more hopeful about this character because it seems to be the core of the story this time which is something she deserves. If anyone can hard carry a drama its kim sohyun.

  3. I like how the crew went for a main cast that is close in age, which fits the youthful ambience of the plot.
    Don’t know which male lead Ahn Hyoseop was approached for, but I reckon he’s Hwang Sunoh, the heroine’s first love due to his model physique. I see Kim Minjae or newcomer Jung Garam (who was last in drama Mistress) in the role of Lee Hyeyoung, the other male lead.

  4. Always LOVE her but I’m also liking him and other main casts in Still 17 despite not liking the drama overall. I’m all in for these two.

  5. Why isn’t this airing already? I already can’t wait to watch it. A potential casting I can finally get excited about.

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