First Look at Jung So Min and Seo In Guk in Melodrama Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky

Oh this drama is going to hurt so good and imma going to keep asking for more sweet pain. The first stills are out for K-drama remake of J-dorama A Million Stars Falling From the Star (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes). It’s call Hundred Million Stars From the Sky and stars Seo In Guk and Jung So Min in a casting call of perfection if you ask me. She’s overdue for a return to straight up melo and something that alludes back to the darkness of her debut drama Bad Guy and he’s doing a fantastic job of toggling cute roles with serious fodder to continue his acting evolution. Not much needs to be said about the set up as anything deeper than he’s a seemingly callous lothario and she’s a sincere emotionally scarred young woman would spoil too much. They look incredibly beautiful in these first stills, I’m already hurting for their characters.


First Look at Jung So Min and Seo In Guk in Melodrama Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky — 14 Comments

  1. I rarely watch straight up melodramas anymore, so when I do, I am very picky (like Nice Guy), but I am waiting for this one with bated breath. That casting is just too perfect to pass up.

  2. A Million Stars Fall From the Sky was one of my first ever J-dramas. I was like … Holy Cow! Japan tv seems to have no boundaries, Japanese audiences must be hard as nails! I think I’m still traumatised.

    • Have you seen BORDER? That was so intense, it’s an incredible drama that made even me, a procedurals anti-fan, into a fan.

  3. hahaha…. they look like siblings… I wonder how a K-remake can surpass the J-version which is very dark and disturbing towards the end. I like JSM but she will suffer in this drama… not sure if I want to watch it… sob sob…

    • me too im really curious to see if they will follow the original’s plot and ending very closely since (spoilers? Sorta?Pleasedontreadanyfurthurifyouhaventseentheoriginal)the twist was a taboo topic or if they will alter the plot to make it more family friendly

      • I didn’t watch the original but this drama is going to air in the cable channel TvN so it can go dark if the plot needs to, despite censorship in Korea. But then for the Korean remake of the Liar’s Lover (which also aired on TvN), the writer removed the bleakness of the original plots and made it so fluffy.

  4. I am really looking forward to Seo In Guk and his interpretation of this role as its really a complex character. Although it wasn’t that bad, I thought the last Drama remake I watched, Rich Man, Poor Woman, was rather “meh”… with their performances. So, I have higher hopes for this one.

    • oh that “Rich Man Poor Woman” was very very bad… Poor acting, Weak weak cast. Nothing in comparison to the original J-version. Now SIG and JSM are much stronger actors, I am sure their performance will be superb, but the original story is just too disturbing… sigh 🙁

      • “Rich Man, Poor Woman” remake felt like they didn’t even care to do it right. Half-hearted cast, half-hearted production.

        But I have a good feeling about this remake. 🙂

  5. J-drama varied from really dark story to super tacky full of nonsense story 🙂
    Sometimes watching jdrama made me depressed. Just like when watching this drama. And Kimutaku, he really is way more an actor that an Idol.
    I hope the korean version do the story justice. I love both leads. So please be good

  6. I don’t like melodrama but I’m tempted to watch this for the leading pair to see how they would survive on this emotional roller coaster. It’s surely an interesting match of actors since they really can juggle between being dark and/or serious, and sunny.
    So I really hope the best for both actors and give them more opportunities for more varied roles.

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