Ji Sung Delivers Another Knockout Performance as the Weak and Selfish Husband in tvN Drama Knowing Wife

You know you love a drama when it elicits the entire breadth of emotions from anger to happy tears in a single episode. Even more clear how much I’m loving tvN drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife) is that I equally love/hate male lead Ji Sung‘s character and can’t wait to see him both suffer for his selfish choices and ultimately find redemption by overcoming his own failures and repairing the hurt that he has inflicted on others. He is such a wanker for only seeing his own struggles in being a husband financially supporting a family and losing sight of everything his wife Han Ji Min deals with in being a mother physically and emotionally supporting a family.

The choice he made to re-do his past to lead to a different future outcome where he’s married to the princess rich girl thus has an easier financial load in life, but has to deal with her self-absorbed whims and snobby attitude. I feel zero sympathy for him yet am crying when I watch Ji Sung showcase all the emotionally complexities of this character grieving over the past he threw away, and caring for the mother-in-law who still remembers him in this reality. Yet another amazing performance from the reliable Ji Sung, and this time his leading lady in Han Ji Min is equally delivering a great performance.


Ji Sung Delivers Another Knockout Performance as the Weak and Selfish Husband in tvN Drama Knowing Wife — 14 Comments

  1. I gotta admit that I went into this series rather skeptical and the first 2 episodes didn’t really hook me, but boy am I glad that I continued because now it’s one of my favourite shows that are airing right now. It’s just the perfect combination of characters, acting performances, writing and the touches of the supernatural that elevates the whole package. You are right there with the leads and also I’m really loving the quirks of the mother-in-law remembering the alternative life and Woo Jin having dreams of same alternative life. Can’t wait for her to realize that her dreams are more than just that and how she will deal with it.

  2. I am loving this drama so much! Didn’t expect to be so stuck on this drama. But, here I am eagerly waiting each week for it to air. Both Jisung and Han Ji Min are doing a stellar job in their respective roles.

    Jisung makes me so bipolar. I hate his character and yet he’s able to make me love him too, especially in his tender moments with his mother-in-law.

    As for Han Ji Min, I’ve always had a soft spot for her. And she is really stealing the show as Woo Jin. I truly feel for her character in her past. She’s had to put up with so much and she just became more and more miserable over the years. Her character in the new timeline is such a breath of fresh air! I love her personality so much.

    It makes me sad that we might have to say goodbye to this Woo Jin, however knowing that she can be this carefree character given the appropriate circumstances makes me feel okay.

    I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds!

  3. This drama is just so good. Both ji sung and han ji min is delivering well and showing how veteran actors show their range of acting. Very relatable characters and family centered drama. Worth all the wait every week.

  4. I enjoy this drama. Not loving it but liking it enough to continue tuning in every week. It’s just an easy watch drama that incites no interest in discussion or more insightful deliberation. Ji Sung is always, a reliable actor and even when his drama tanked (ie Entertainer), he always delivered his ultimate best.

  5. OMG Han Ji Min stole the show so far. She deliver her character so well that had me feeling for her every scenes. As for Ji Sung his character is soo not likeable but he’s very good too. Anyway still gonna watch until the end. Fighting for a high rating.

  6. Ji Sung is such a good reliable actor and really making this drama terrific with his energy and commitment. To me he a great role model to other actors in the business with his drive and development of his characters with a real life charisma thrown in. Well done ?

  7. Han Ji Min is great in all the areas : young, married and new present. But it’s hard for me to see Ji Sung acting a 20 years old man because he doesn’t look so young anymore. He can’t hide his real age. But except that, I like his acting but not so much his character.

    • Hum, Han Ji Min doesn’t look that young either. Bangs also don’t suit her that much (it is aging her imo) but she’s still lovely as Woo Jin nevertheless…probably her best acting gig in a while. Ji Sung is doing a bang up job as usual.

  8. Ji Sung is always perfect . As Han Ji Min is doing her better role. Having the perfect Partner and the perfect role makes the difference !

  9. I made a huge, huge mistake “checking this out” a little while before bed. I got about 4 hours of sleep and still have to go to work, it’s been awhile since a drama had that effect on me. It’s very interesting so far!!!

  10. his character is really off-putting when you list what he did but when he feels sad, the emotion transfer to the audience.
    I am sad because you are sad but to the character, you need to deal with your life better

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