Song Joong Ki Holds 10th Anniversary Fan Meeting with Video and Live Guests

I think if Song Joong Ki didn’t already do a drama with Song Hye Kyo then he’s actually my ideal pick for the character of the younger boyfriend in her upcoming drama Boyfriend which has cast Park Bo Gum. Whatever Song Joong Ki may be like in real life, and by all accounts he’s as conscientious, considerate, and nice as his public persona seems, the whole aura just projects nice-guy-boyfriend that has it all but has also a chance to get dumped because he’s not edgy enough lol. This nice guy sweetheart has been in the cutthroat Korean star industry for 10 years and honestly hasn’t changed much from his debut visuals and aura. For his 10th anniversary fan meeting in Seoul this weekend, many big name stars recorded video congrats and greetings to him, and good friend Kwang Soo attended in person as a special guest. Kwang Soo revealed that Song Joong Ki likes to dance when he drinks, and Song Joong Ki shared that the three good traits he wants to get from Kwang Soo if he could would be height, height, and height. So cute and congrats to Joong Ki on an amazing 10 year run!


Song Joong Ki Holds 10th Anniversary Fan Meeting with Video and Live Guests — 26 Comments

  1. I so agree. Song Joon Ki is better suited for this younger Boyfriend role because of his baby face. He wasn’t convincing at all as the manly commander in Descendants. That scene where he walked over with his soldiers to greet Song Hye Ko and her crew at the airport runway of that island, I bursted our laughing because he reminded me of a little boy strutting in daddy’s clothes.

    • Gee, unconvincing must be why ratings jumped by 8% and broke the 20% barrier on the strength of that episode and that ending.

      Big congrats to SJK! Wishing him more success and wild adventures in the next 10 years. 🙂

    • It’s not unconvincing, because barely anything in kdrama is convincing. The rating high because SHK and writer KES power, SJK just free ride on it.

  2. He finally changed his hair style after sporting the same style for so many years, no wonder he lost most of his CFs because his image is always the same

  3. Lol I don’t understand why some people keep mocking SJK for losing his CFs. I thought it was bound to happen. IT boys don’t last long. Especially if they decide to reveal they’re in a relationship or get married. If he cared so much about his popularity, he wouldn’t have done any of that.

    • Lol…Not hating here but the saying about SJK “If he cared so much about his popularity, he wouldn’t have done any of that.” (Marrying Song Hye Kyo) is so overly done now. He should stop saying that because other celebs also got married too at the peek of their career but they never mentioned anything about it. SongSong Couple are a very cute pair but sometimes the hype about how much they love and care for each others started to become very cringy. I love how Song Hye Kyo never mentioned anything but SJK is a bit too much that it’s not fluttering anymore. It doesn’t really matter if he get marry or not because if he’s a good CF actor then he’ll still be on top just like Won Bin.
      Anyway SJK look good with the new hair style.

      • @Ki Me here think the same about the hype of how much SJK is willing to throw everything away just to marry Song Hye Kyo is SMH! That’s all I heard everytime i come upon a SJK interview. I love how he is full filling SHK’s wish by going everywhere expressing how pretty she is to him but he should really tone down now. It’s not so cute anymore. I still don’t understand all the bittering from all the SS fan for snapping back about every little thing people point out about SJK and SHK?

      • For the love of god. What is wrong is this interview? He was asked a question and he answered it well.
        “Now that you are married you cant go back to the dating stage”. I dont think dating ends after marriage, you have to love your woman in unchanging way.
        What is wrong if he answered this i mean do you want him to say no comment or yeah i dont date her anymore lol
        I feel like whatever he answered some people are going to hate no matter what.

      • @Viewer What do you mean by ‘I love how he’s fulfilling SHK’s wish by going everywhere expressing how pretty she is to him’?

        I’m also curious to know about SJK. Has he become a different person now after getting married? I wasn’t really familiar with him prior to DotS and wasn’t a shipper as well.

      • Umm…SJK never mentioned that phrase (If he cares about his popularity more…etc..etc). Its fans who said it. And again, its fans and media who blows things up. SJK only mentioned her when being asked or prompted to, in just a few words. Compared to what he said in the whole interview or occasion. Strip all the media hype and u’ll find actually how little he exposed their relationship, albeit still more than SHK, but still, she approves, otherwise he’ll never speak anything she is against of. For example, in his FM, he didnt mention her at all from media report.

        Regarding CF, only a handful of actors or idols can really sell and not just being affected by the heat of the moment. Namely, Jun Ji Hyun, Won Bin, Lee Min Ho, prob Suzy or Yoona, Kim Yuna, other than those top names, industry keep changing their spokeperson and CF model to gain the most profit of the current trend in South Korea

    • When wedding announcement knetz already saying sjk will dropped from most of his CF. Huge difference between bachelor and a married man. Most of product use image your “boyfriend” or “boy next door”. Of course Company doesn’t want use married man as model. As long he still get cast in drama or movie and not worried about losing. This drama will become important for his next step career. Cause flower boy once get married he will be fade away from entertainment industry.

  4. Did he lost a lot of cf? Because last monthi was in seoul and his everywhere there. And jeez ive seen a lot of interviews from k actors and how much they talk about and praised their wives. But since Ss are really popular some people will always say stuffs. And besides his recent interview the question was “now that he’s married he cant go back to the dating stage” and tbh he answered it really well. Some k actors are dumb when it comes to interviews like saying their wife never farted in front of them or i marry her because she’s good in house work or the worst is i married her because i need to get married before i turn 50. Lol what kind of reasoning is that.

  5. Go back to the work and stop mentioned song hye kyo in magazine interview. And learn something from rain how he keep quiet after marriage with Kim Tae hee. Song hye kyo may regret marrying you because you stupid always talk about wife. It’s so cringe and chessy.

    • Oh cmon rain mentioned kim tae hee a lot. Mentioning his love for her and her daughter.He mentioned that Kth is pretty when she eats that her daugther have eyelids and other things. Why you will call out sjk for that when other actors adore their wives too in interviews. Sthu you dont know anything.

      • Sjk not type manly,cool, smart, handsome like Hyun bin or kang dong won. He’s type man like song seung hoon always talk about song hye kyo everywhere. I want him stop talk about shk and only talk about his new upcoming drama and movie. Song hye kyo just quiet never mentioned his name since they get married.

    • He is asked. He answered. In his FM, he mentions nothing about her for hours. Its the media who loves to blow up things about SongSong when what he does prob just said a few words compared to the rest of pages of interview.

      Its not like he is selling her name. And he has other work and business beside acting so yes, he is working and supporting his family just fine. And SHK marrying him is a testament that she believes him a better person to marry to in real life than some actors being mentioned here.

  6. Song joong ki was actors not CF star. It-boy status already gone because he was married. Just doing acting and no need so much CF offers.

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