Hyun Woo and Rising Young Actress Pyo Ye Jin Confirmed to be Dating

This is a really cute couple, like a puppy dating a kitten and together they create more unicorned cotton candy energy for the world. K-actor Hyun Woo and young actress Pyo Ye Jin have confirmed that they are dating, a relationship of a mere three months but one that both are willing to admit it. He’s got a solid male lead in second tier dramas and second male lead in prime time dramas pipeline while she’s rather eye catching in her supporting lead roles where viewers remember her acting before learning her name. Her most recent role was as the other Secretary Kim in Why Secretary Kim, with nary a mean bone in her body and just tons of enthusiasm and energy. This is a cute couple that I hope works out and if not just enjoy having a healthy romantic real life without falling victim to the sharp verbal knifes of the prickly netizens.



Hyun Woo and Rising Young Actress Pyo Ye Jin Confirmed to be Dating — 6 Comments

  1. Thank goodness neither one of them are popular enough to draw mean comments from Netizens. I often feel that netizens are supportive of actors dating and marrying if they aren’t too popular or successful that their existence alone is a threat to the average man. Warped thinking I know, but how else do I interpret the mean spirited comments when couples come out with their dating news?. Especially if one of them is an idol? You’d think they committed murder from some of the comments that come out.

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