First Look at Web Drama That Time When Time Stops with Kim Hyun Joong and Ahn Ji Hyun

There is a palpable disconcerting vibe when it comes to covering upcoming KBS W web drama That Time When Time Stops solely because of the male lead chosen. Is that a savvy or foolish move on the part of the production team, only time will tell but for a K-drama blogger it’s like being stuck between a rock and an interesting place. On one hand I prefer not to cover the news concern disgraced idol-actor Kim Hyun Joong, and yet he’s managed to land a leading man role in a drama albeit a web one that’s only 12-episodes. The story sounds interesting surrounding a man who doesn’t age and can stop time, and the ensuing changes that happens when he crosses paths with female lead Ahn Ji Hyun with In Kyo Jin as the second male lead. The first stills are out for the drama premiering on October 24th and honestly if any viewer wants to check it out fine by me, no judgement even as I waffle between thinking the drama sounds interesting and uncomfortable watching a male lead with so much unsavory real life scandal behind him.


First Look at Web Drama That Time When Time Stops with Kim Hyun Joong and Ahn Ji Hyun — 39 Comments

  1. I’ll definitely watch it if the drama is good, don’t care if he has a messy private life. And he looks even more handsome than before in those pics.

  2. I will still watch it. And for his personal life it was proven that he wasn’t at fault here so be it. Take it or leave it, he was only taken advantage of because he was not an ordinary citizen.

  3. I will definitely watch it. The story sounds interesting. What has his personal life has to do with his acting. I don’t get why people are against him.

  4. I am so looking forward to seeing this drama and KHJ back on screen. Yes, his personal life was very messy but aren’t people allowed to have a second chance in life? It’s disgusting how judgmental and unforgiving people are. I’m so happy that someone gave this man a second chance because he deserves it.

    • Yeah we will see his drama in 1st ep. it will be hit or flop like park shi hoo drama. Even before scandal happened he’s not good actor and most of his drama was flop.

  5. Both park shi hoo and Kim hyun joong if their drama only get 1/2% rating they can cast in KBS weekend drama always 20%. Good luck ????. Playful kiss and inspiring generation was rating flop, do you think this drama will be hits???

  6. Can koala just get off this man’s case.. U write every single article bout him cos u judge nd hate him. Koala u know very well that his article on ur blog gets enough traffic which are all hate comments
    Like it or not. We still gonna watch the drama. Dont judge anyone when u don’t know anything that goes on in their lives except what u see on the Internet. I mean. Do u know him personally? Why so much hate. Damn grow up koala

      • U shut up too.. Drop ur comments let me drop mine. Who the hell are u to tell me where to come and go? The last time I check I did not call ur name in my comments..

    • I agree! People need to stop “Judging a persons past. I was a drug pusher and drug user in my youth but i became a respectable woman with 4 kids who are grew up wonderfully law abiding citizens who dont drink smoke or take drugs. All have respectable jobs. Thank God for Jesus Christ who said of woman caught in adultery. I forgive you. Go and sin no more. I am no longer the same person i was.

  7. Of course I’ll watch it. For people who still hate him then it’s because they didnt read the news often. They’re just too lazy to read (or maybe refuse) that it’s the ex who’s at fault. Not him. And the drama has nothing to do with the actor and actress personal life

    • Okey. But if this drama was flop please don’t hide just like park shi hoo fans. And people hate him not only in koala but also in Korea. You’re so blind to defend him, call him innocent and this all his ex fault. We can start war if this drama flopped hard.

    • Fine we agreed.. He can’t act but can people please stop hating on him nd move on like he did? Celebrities are human too.. I just feel so bad for him.. He was so cute in bof and playful kiss

  8. Waiting to see this series. Just finished watching Boys over flowee, miss him so much . After heavy Strom in his life, hope he will be shine again..we will always support you.

  9. People are so messed up,so jealous. They take joy in dragging someone’s name through the mud. if you don’t want to watch that’s your own problem. He was cleared of all charges but its bloggers like you that keeps bringing up the issue. Judge not, that ye be not judged

    • so what’s the problem of him being mentioned as a woman-beater regardless of all charges cleared? Isn’t this the TRUTH that he has ADMITTED to? I think those who cannot tolerate his past being mentioned is delusional. If you are a woman, I hope you can understand no woman deserves to be beaten regardless of the reason!! No one should be beaten in this day and age. BTW his acting sucks.

      • The problem with your comment is that it was already proven he never beat his ex. She lied about everything and he was blackmailed into admitting that he did anything to her. Her stories of being hospitalized and such are false as he gave proof she was with him and perfectly fine during that time. What he has admitted to is pushing her after she attacked him first, and trying to get her out of his house. She does actually deserve a good beating for all the shit ahe caused.

      • @Guest – your comment of “she does actually deserve a good beating” is seriously wrong!! No one deserves to be beaten ?

    • Even park shi will get another drama with tv chosun bable after flop drama lovely horribly. Don’t worry with them getting lead role in drama, it will be flop unless they get cast in kbs weekend drama and Kim eun sook drama.

  10. His acting never improve, he seriously keep same face emotions the whole entire time drama. Like male version Kim Tae hee.

  11. Please dont make such statements that reflect badly on the person in question when you dont know the truth of the situation. Firstly, its hurtful and secondly, its unfair. Unless you really know what happened, dont be making negative judgements about someone who currently stands proven innocent. If ur not convinced then dont take sides at all. Why do you believe Choi? I used to think you had good sense and reliable judgement. Now I’m not so sure. And no, Im not his fan, but I suddenly wanna be one after seeing some of these comments. They are nothing but cruel abuse from ignorant ppl who probably suffer from low self esteem and need to kick others who are down in order to feel better. Such superior ppl who like to hate ppl.

  12. And I think he’s making a wonderfully brave effort to rise on his feet despite having been stomped on as he was. He should be applauded for that. I have inside info that he’s actually really a good person and loyal friend, cares about other people and is making positive changes. So I wish that even the doubters would give him a chance. But its okay, even if you don’t. Because I believe you’ll be convinced one day.

  13. We are waiting for you!! Oppa!!past is past we don’t have to judge people from the past!! We hope your drama would be a super hit and your haters to give a slap in their faces with your hit drama and we would say that’s our oppa ..the legend!! We love you oppa..#Saranghaeyo#fighting!!✊✊

    • how do you define “a super hit”? How can web drama be a hit? You must be dreaming. You should be glad that such a bad actor can get job.

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