Go Hyun Jung Joins Park Shin Yang for KBS Drama Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho 2

I’m not quite sure if this is the most prudent casting decision but it certainly makes for popcorn watching from the sidelines fun potential. KBS has cast Go Hyun Jung to join confirmed leading man Park Shin Yang for the upcoming second season of Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho. I figured the original drama’s leading lady Kang Sora had moved on and wasn’t coming back to a drama centered around the male lead but it’s curious that KBS would cast the most drama-filming scandal plagued leading lady since Han Ye Seul ran off to the US during the filming of Spy Myung Wol. Who can forgot Go Hyun Jung’s physical fight with her PD on the SBS police drama Return which led to her getting fired and replaced with then very pregnant actress Park Jin Hee taking over. Park Shin Yang himself has had his share of onset drama drama in the past so this will be interesting to see two notably temperamental and hot-headed leads working together.


Go Hyun Jung Joins Park Shin Yang for KBS Drama Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho 2 — 10 Comments

  1. It’s sad that you chose to only mention the actress and her alleged fight but not the person, the director, who ‘was’ in news because of his controversial treatment of staff. And also how she was given minimum screentime and had another couple of issues about her role. We see this treatment everywhere though when people tend to cash on the rumors and decide to just write anything without checking the truthfulness in it. At least you could have decided to ‘not’ conclude as kind of projecting that she’s the one who was to blame for whatever happened. Anyway.

    • Koala has clearly chosen her side. She has forgotten all of the dirty SBS did to Go Hyun Jung. GHJ was known for being professional, easy-going and frinedly. I don’t know how she is in real life but I know she doesn’t work for the money but for her children. Last thing she wants is to malign her image.
      Even though her act of using violenece was unappreciable but we don’t know what kind of words PD used against her.
      Many people still don’t consider emotional violence as a crime right.

  2. Oh well SBS looks like your efforts to thwart GHJ career didn’t take effect since KBS obviously want her! She maintained a ‘dignified’ silence over her exit when all hell broke loose back then and still does to this day. A true legend don’t you think? I hope though her character in this new drama isn’t sidelined to play 2nd fiddle. Never saw the first one so yep will have an open mind.

  3. What a cheaply written piece! It feels like one of those trashy tabloids. I am not even a fan of the actress but the way this « article » is clear’y taking sides is making me disappointed since the truth is much more complex than that and she wasn’t the only bad guy in the story for sure.

  4. Not only is it a prudent decision.Its a dream casting and upgrade from the previous leading lady.KBS needs some revival in their weekday drama ratings.If the script and supporting cast of this drama is stronger.This could well be KBS’ saving grace.And please GHJ has worked for more than two decades without causing any ruckus, and suddenly because she stood up for herself(albeit not in the right way) when the production team of that drama, was playing games with her she has suddenly a real life villain? Gimme a break..there are way more problematic celebs than her.

  5. I hope this turns out well as both are really talented. I hope this script and drama works out for GHJ. I really don’t care about all the behind the scenes gossip (whose fault it was), I just want a good solid drama with effective acting and an intriguing storyline. Kdramas are just not as good as before, so looking forward to the return of this storyline.

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